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Gifts: 8 Things To Avoid

8 Gift Ideas to Consider Avoiding

Posted in uncategorized on November 23, 2009

Frank Schillo Ceramics

This weekend was such a fun one! I can’t believe all that I managed to fit in on Saturday and Sunday (movies! brunch! shopping! dinner! street fest! flea market!) but I’m so glad I did because I got up this morning feeling refreshing and ready for a new week. One highlight was the Ausstellung craft show (Markt für Kunst und Handwerk) in the Künstlerhaus in Hannover and it was simply lovely. I didn’t even know about it until I walked by and saw the signs so the sheer surprise of finding a random craft show that happened to be such a great one was quite nice… It was held in such a gorgeous space (built in the 1850’s by famous local architect, Conrad Wilhelm Hase) with herringbone wood floors, massive windows, soaring ceilings, a cafe, a live jazz band and five rooms of German designers displaying and selling metal, wood, textiles, jewelry, paper and ceramic arts and crafts. Bliss!


I fell in love with only a few designers though as is typically the case with shows that I attend since I’ve grown to become quite selective over the years – I know what I like and what likes me — it either speaks to me or it does not. The work of ceramicist Frank Schillo spoke to me (more so in person than on his website). His vessels come in an all shapes and sizes, mostly in gray, white or black, were altogether lovely — as sculptural as they were functional. I picked up a vase that has a doily pattern in white, you know how I love doilies and this was the perfect marriage of function and form along and a great example of modernizing grandmother’s doily.

nice show

Other highlights from the show: textile artist and Kristiina Karinen from nearby Celle, Maren Giloy who had the most unusual and genius idea — she uses found costume jewelry rings and links them together to form bracelets, and the ceramics of Sabine Kratzer. Their cards are shown above.

There were also a few other jewelry designers though their names escape me and they didn’t have a website anyway so I guess sharing their names won’t really make a difference. But wow – the work I saw was beautiful. Had I known about this fair I would have brought my camera and photographed it for you — so sorry! Next time… there is another (different and larger fair) coming up this weekend that I will attend and if they allow photography I will snap some photos just for you. :)

(images: top – bottom – holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 23, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It’s Friday and time for me to wish you well and thank you for joining me this week on decor8. It’s nearly 2:30 p.m. here and I try to sign off midday on Fridays each week in a quest to become more balanced — plus the weather is gorgeous and will be this way until Monday so I hope to get a lot done including another trip out to IKEA, a visit to the flea market, and my friend is having a shopping event on her street with other indie sellers so I plan to visit that too. AND I need to get my hair cut, it’s a giant monster and my morning bed head is so extreme that if I glued google eyes on it you’d think it was alive!


I hope that you’ve enjoyed all of my posts this week as I was quite the writer pouring out my little heart for all to hear. But I felt social and chatty and so thank you for listening and for discussing so many interesting topics along with me because a conversation isn’t a conversation without another person involved. Only crazy ladies talk to themselves and while I’ve been know to do that too, I certainly do not want to blog without any participation from you so thanks for making my week so much more interesting to me. And I love that you aren’t lumps sitting there scrolling and moving on to the next blog, you really get involved and even start conversations with others within the comments section which I think is really cool. I read everyones comments and enjoy them all immensely. I received a number of private emails this week and many expressed to me how some of your comments really changed their outlook and mood — one lady even went on to tell me that she was feeling like giving up and just pulling the plug on her blog and etsy shop until she read the comments on one of my posts — so I appreciate you so very much!

I will see you on Monday — Leslie has her Color Me Pretty column prepared and it will go live on Monday and I know you will love it. We’ve been working on color themes together but for those who have asked, all of her work is hers alone and I did nothing but assist with color themes. She takes the lead and does quite a lovely job. Also next week I will also post some special discount offers from decor8 sponsors in a series of 3 posts throughout the next week or two. Each post will give you the name of the shop, the promotional offer, and the link and shopping code so stick around. I’ll also pull in some non-sponsors too so stay tuned for that!

UPDATE: I almost forgot, I have a fun yarn DIY coming up soon too — not sure if it will be ready next week or the following but stay tuned. It’s from one of my favorite craft goddesses and I’m sure, yours too. :)


(image from the Fine shop by the talented Elizabeth)

Posted in uncategorized on November 20, 2009

FRYD+ Design Blog

Before I wrap up for the week, I simply must share a very lovely blogger and peeks of her home in Norway! I first heard about FRYD + Design this morning when BoligLiv sent an email showing some of the new content that they just posted on their site. Immediately my eyes were drawn to Jeanette Lunde of FRYD + Design, a graphic designer and blogger in Norway and thankfully for most of us, who writes her blog in English.

FRYD + Design

Jeanette’s world is such a sweet escape so I invite you to get lost with me today in her dreamy Norwegian wonderland. All these photographs were taken by her of her welcoming and charming home in Skien.

FRYD + Design

FRYD + Design

FRYD + Design

Psst: Jeanette also has a darling shop where she sells some of her own unique creations, including prints! Enjoy!

(images FRYD + Design)

Posted in Bloggers on November 20, 2009


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