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See You Next Year~!

Just a little note to wish you a lovely evening, however you plan to spend it, and please be safe and enjoy! I’m preparing for guests this evening… as the snow falls and the sky starts to darken at only 4pm… it’s amazingly romantic and calm although I know that very soon the sound of fireworks and celebration will fill the streets…

almost a new year!

“A new year is beginning to peak through, softly beautiful and different like new falling snow, each day unique and shaped just for you. Your life adding something as each day does grow. My wish for your new year is beauty and softness with surprises thrown in for delight. Love for each day bringing happiness to you, making your life a scene of sparkle and shining sunlight.” – Unknown.

We burn a lot of candles in my home during this time of year since it gets dark very early, usually around 3:30. But I don’t mind, it forces me to enjoy the moment a bit more. Candles make things cozy with such little effort.

Thank you for a lovely year and I’ll be seeing you on Monday morning my friends, much love to you!



(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on December 31, 2009

Old Soul New Heart

With it being new year’s eve, I thought I’d color outside of the lines a bit and show some fashionable hair accessories that I came across recently in case you need a little party inspiration… Wanna see?

old soul new heart

I have long hair but I feel like I either need a serious haircut or I should learn how to do things with all this madness. I’m a bit bored as I mostly curl it and with the exception of adding a bobby pin or clip now and then. I’m not as creative with hair accessories as I’d like to be. That’s why I started searching online for some hair styling ideas and that search brought me to Old Soul New Heart where I found these gorgeous handmade hair accessories above.

Do you use girly extras in your hair like these pretty things? If so, I envy you! I need to put more time and effort into this because when I look at these gorgeous arrangements of clips and headbands I’m thinking it may be totally within my reach — how hard can it be? So lovely!

I hope you have a fun evening whatever you are up to — I’m told German new year’s eve (called Silvester) is unlike anything I’d ever experienced back home and that street fests and fireworks are being shot from every direction — rooftops, sidewalks, streets… I can’t wait to experience Silvester outside of my home country — this is my first time. What do you plan to do tonight? Anything exciting?

(images: old soul new heart)

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Six Ways to De-Stress

Six ways to go into 2010 stress-free.

Posted in uncategorized on December 30, 2009

Cozy Sheets + How To Layer Patterns

I want to mix and match my bedding more in 2010, how about you? I need to live on the edge a little (smile) because there is nothing sweeter than slipping into a gorgeous bed after a long day, especially one that is alive with pattern and color. In addition to giving you a few how to tips for layering patterns, I’d love to share with you a few of my bedding favorites at Anthropologie. Aren’t these sweet? Lemons, pears, limes… I can feel Spring just looking at these despite the cold temps and snow outside.

Layering Linens

Do you ever wonder if there is a secret to mixing patterns so that it looks good versus goofy? I wrote a little pattern mixing how-to nearly four years ago, but it’s still relevant so feel free to browse my suggestions here. I’ll leave you with a quick and dirty version below in case you don’t feel like reading the rather lengthy original post.


  • Use patterns that coordinate somehow, working off of the same color palette. Let’s experiment with three patterns in this example.
  • For your first layer, incorporate either a solid or a small understated print into the mix for a foundation.
  • For the next layer go for a favorite pattern, perhaps something floral or geometric. Make sure you have at least one coordinating color from your “foundation” pattern in this one. You can go as bold as you’d like with pattern or simple – opt for medallions, a check or a pin stripe. Look for a mid to large size pattern.
  • Now for the third layer, this is where you’ll play with scale a little. Look for a pattern that complements your second layer but on a smaller scale (at least 50% smaller).
  • Example: I like to start with my solids first, so a solid or tiny understated pattern on my fitted sheet. Next, either use the large or the small pattern for the top sheet, then add your pillows in the pattern that is left. I usually go with a large pattern for the top sheet and a smaller one for the pillows. But you can mix all of this up however it appears to you visually. You can even layer in four or more patterns with many different pillowcases and throw pillows.
  • I use solid color duvet on top, usually white or cream, with a floral or geometric pattern of the same color (white or cream so that it’s understated) or I find a cover with some texture – which I think makes the overall mix look pulled together and neat.

If you would like to explain how you layer patterns on your bed, please comment as I’d love to learn of your technique and may find it to be much easier than my own!

(images: anthropologie)

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