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3 Great Etsy Shops

3 Great Etsy Shops!

Posted in uncategorized on December 18, 2009

Stylist Christine Rudolph

Interior stylist Christine Rudolph produces work that is very tactile and story-like, her aesthetic is quite cozy with lots of the great outdoors brought in to style spaces, along with gorgeous chalky and smoky hues like charcoal and indigo blue –  a palette I’m currently swooning over.

Stylist Christine Rudolph

Stylist Christine Rudolph

I really like Christine’s eye, she has been officially added to my list of favorite stylists… She is represented by Judith Miller Inc. and those rooms above are but a a glimpse of her enormous creativity. What a gorgeous winter inspiration for today, at least in parts of the world where it is very cold like here in northern Germany… Just looking at the arrangements of the things in each photo, the palette, the texture, the patterns and the lighting – a bit moody – really stir in me a need to relax and cozy up today with a mug of homemade soup. :)

(images: christine rudolph/judith miller inc.)

Posted in uncategorized on December 17, 2009

Talk It Out

For today’s Talk It Out topic I would like to hear your thoughts on a subject that will no doubt be discussed frequently amongst your circle of friends and family during the last week of the year. Magazines and websites are already a-buzz… This topic is meant to encourage and support you — it’s on New Year’s Resolutions — and I thought for a moment we could put them into perspective. So today, let’s talk about yours, not the ones that you plan to make, but the ones that you made last December for 2009.

On my desk today...

on my desk

on my desk

Stop for a moment and think back… you don’t have to list them all, but it would be really helpful to you and to the rest of us reading if you could highlight the resolutions that you turned into a reality and with what results.

Also feel free to highlight those that you made that did not see the light of day and explain why you think they didn’t lift off and whether or not you are glad about that or not. And if not, will you add it into your 2010 list of resolutions? You can also list some of your goals for 2010, but try to focus more on what you accomplished this 2009 calendar year because I believe that putting all this in writing, publicly, helps to give the new year a more realistic approach as you begin exploring what will come in the months ahead. While I’m not one to live in the past, I do believe that it’s important to look back with a view to learn from our experiences. I’ll join in on the conversation as well… So let’s get started in the comments section below, shall we?

By the way, these photos were taken today on my desk, where I am working by candlelight with tea at my side, waiting for the snow to fall…

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in real talk on December 17, 2009

Crafty Studio in Australia

I feel in the mood for a little interior inspiration, how about you? Today I want you to come along with me to visit the red and aqua blue home-based craft studio of mixed-media artist and mom Karen Andersen in Hervey Bay located on the southeast coast of Queensland, Australia.

Crafty Cute

Karen sews, quilts, embroiders, and creates jewelery, “I just cannot have idle hands — I am always making something!”, which is one reason why she just launched her new etsy shop to sell some of her wares – to satisfy her need to create. Currently, she has glass tile pendants but in the early part of 2010 she will expand her selection to include some of her original art, prints, beaded jewelery, totes and pouches, paper goods and more. Here are some things that she has made an a glimpse into her studio space.

How did I find Karen? On Flickr! I was looking at her inspiration journal set and then noticed that she had photos of her studio and I had to contact her to ask if I could show a glimpse of it here. I also asked Karen which artists inspire her, which she has so nicely answered below (thanks, Karen!).

Crafty Cute

Karen is inspired by many things, one being, “Independent artists/makers who are living their dreams of creating for a living”, like Elsie Flannigan, Rachel Denbow, Kelly Rae Roberts, Mati McDonough and Lisa Congdon. Also Australian artist Ken Doneis her all-time favorite. Thank you Karen for sharing a corner of your world with us!

(images: karen andersen)

Posted in Home Tours on December 16, 2009


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