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Happy Weekend!

The day has slipped through my fingers like sand! I woke up at the crack of dawn today to prepare for a trip up north to shop with my friend Anne — and shop we did! We hit HEMA and had the best time. It’s my version of Target over here, only with a bit of a “Am I in Tokyo?” aesthetic — things are so kawaii in that store — the product packaging is adorable.

Frazier & Wing

I’ll photograph some of my loot and share it on Monday… I’m home now but have had quite a full day — it’s nearly 9 pm, so if you don’t mind I’m signing off for the weekend. I had such a nice and refreshing time and the best part, even above the shopping, was the quality time I had with my friend who is a product designer and shop owner. We were able to talk about some of the topics that we’re most passionate about and these are always the conversations that I walk away from feeling positive, stimulated and bursting from the seams with creative energy.

I’d like to wish you all a lovely weekend… I am attending an opening party tomorrow at a new store in my neighborhood (this lady has set up shop), then taking the train out to a nearby town to have dinner at a friends house, and on Sunday I plan to work on styling and shooting some parts of my home along with having my photo taken for a magazine in Australia. There is much to do! And what about you? Any plans?

Frazier & Wing

And by the way, you simply must read the comments on this post. Word. You are all something else. Talk about inspiration. xo

(images: the lovely frazier & wing, whom I wrote about today at real simple.)

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The One Thing

I spent a good portion of my day considering several topics for today’s column… I even asked for advice while out social networking earlier! Then it dawned on me that perhaps with all the rush & stress of the season that today’s topic should be one that offers you a chance to let it all hang out and not be based on one particular topic like marketing or decorating the mantle. I hope today’s theme strengthens and encourages you to reflect on something that “clicked” personally in your life. So… I’m asking that for just a moment you can leave behind what’s next on your to-do list and join in here to see where this topic takes us… Ready?

Talk It Out

What’s the one thing you’ve read recently (online/offline) that has resonated with you and made you think? Why? Go into as much detail as you’d like. I will participate in the comments section along with you.

If you haven’t found anything yet, actively search for something in places where you trust to find wisdom, understanding and/or inspiration. Or think back earlier this year, did you post something to your inspiration board or blog on a topic that really clicked for you? Then come back and leave your comment if you’d like to participate in this open discussion. I wonder how many others share your one thing?

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Bison Australia Shop Tour

Would you like to travel to Sydney for a moment to view brightly colored stoneware ceramics and tour the light-filled store of Bison with me? Photographed by the talented Jillian Leiboff, prepare to be transported to sunny Australia! Jillian photographed Bison’s brand new shop recently and is sharing her visit with all of us today… are your ready?


Bison, which was founded by principal designer Brian Turks who trained in archaeology, first discovered his love of ceramics from his Greco-Roman excavations in the Middle East. Fascinating source of inspiration! You will love all of Bison’s brightly colored stoneware ceramics — I see so many things that I want to buy and use in my kitchen. The store design is quite lovely and simple, the neutral foundation highlights the colorful vessels and the natural light that floods the space is breathtaking. I also like the shelving and the remarkable height of the overall space — it feels airy and inspiring!







Bison will soon have an online shop opening up later this winter so bookmark them and return early next year if you’d like to purchase a few of their beautiful wares. I sure do — especially after seeing Jillian’s mouth-watering shots!

(photography: jillian leiboff)

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The Home of Jo Kornstein

Jo Kornstein is the co-owner of a boutique antiques store in northwest London called Howie & Belle and also a talented set designer who was recently profiled in British Vogue. I peeked at it recently at the Virgin store in our train station and was pleased and surprised to find that my friend Susannah also fancied this cozy home describing it as, “my dream home” and shared scanned images on her blog. Here’s a glimpse:

Vogue UK

The photography is by Hugh Stewart, please look at his online portfolio because he will surely provide you with an ample dose of inspiration today. Here are some of the photos that he took of Jo’s home below as well, I like this space because it is lovingly curated and not so carefully edited — that wonderful “real life lived-in” charm is still very much part of this home. It feels cozy and inviting, evidently a place that Jo spent a good amount of time pulling together. I like how Vogue described it, “More Dash Than Cash“. How appropriate! I support this way of living very much… creative touches, recycling, upcycling, thoughtfully curating, yes — more dash than cash or as I’d say it, creative authentic living. And it’s also obvious that Jo is a set designer… her home feels like you’ve just walked onto a film set.

Hugh Stewart Photography

Hugh Stewart Photography

These authentic and welcoming homes are the best homes, aren’t they? Ones that reflect the heart and soul of the dweller, a home that feels and smells and matches the person/s living there so well that you’d walk in and say, “Oh this is so, you!”. Has anyone ever said that in your home? To me, it’s the perfect compliment.

(photography: hugh stewart for vogue uk)

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