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Blogging Your Way – Registration Time!

I’m happy to announce that the Blogging Your Way class is ready for registration! You can go to this page, enter your blog url, and register to participate in the upcoming 7 week class kicking off on Monday, January 18, 2010 that I am teaching in partnership with the oh-so-fabulous Leslie Shewring.

Blogging Your Way

Remember, all must have a blog and camera to take part… a little blog, a big blog, whatever size or shape — this is fine! Just make sure you have a blog! :)

Leslie and I cannot wait to meet our new students and work with you on blogging your way!

(images: leslie shewring)

Posted in My Classes on December 07, 2009


Are you ready to fall in love and burn hours on a single website? Yes? Oh goody (rubbing my hands together) because I have a real treat for you. It’s a special place called Odosketch where you can sketch with little colorful virtual pencils and play, play, play! There are so many talented illustrators who draw the sweetest things there and then they save them (you can save yours too!) and some make it to the front page as a featured sketch. Here are a few that made it to their homepage


I love that when you are on the site and click on a drawing that you like, a new window opens showing you the drawing from start to finish so you can see exactly how the artist composed the piece, even when they erased certain bits. So inspiring!

When I have some free time later this week I plan to give this a try… This looks like fun!

(images: odosketch)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 07, 2009

Happy Monday!

It’s a new week and I’m happy to have a fresh, clean slate to begin my work. I think most of us dread Monday mornings but I’m starting to take a different approach and appreciate them as being a new start to work on things that mean something to me and to reach specific goals before end of day on Friday. I’m working very diligently at becoming better organized, not so much in my home because I do well on that end — but in my head, you know with scheduling and business management and such.

chandy love

But looking back, I had such a nice weekend, did you? What did you do? I had much to prepare for my upcoming e-course in January (registration begins today at noon EST here) which I’ll be teaching with the wonderful Leslie Shewring who writes and styles her column on decor8, Color Me Pretty. I also had many errands to run, and of course I set aside time to play by reading and decorating around my home. I also attended an amazing festival. To say it was grand is to to call it simple. It was lavish. Beyond expectation, really. Imagine shopping in a very old castle in rooms such as this one shown below. That’s exactly what I did with my husband and cousins. Here is but a glimpse.

Fest in the castle

Fest in the castle

Fest Highlights

chandy love

This all took place at a gorgeous castle which hosted a spectacular indoor/outdoor shopping and interiors show along with plenty of tents for eating, drinking, horse show-watching, fairytale-listening and other fun activities in nearby Bückeburg. Imagine the air cool and fresh, maybe in the 50s, with the smell of cinnamon, burning wood and fresh baked bread in the air and twinkle lights everywhere. A few of my impressions are shown above. I couldn’t stop drooling over the assortment of chandeliers. And I really love how the plates are arranged over that cabinet and imagine doing something like this someday if I ever have the ceiling height to do so. It’s so nice. I wish I had taken more photos but it started to rain and indoors the castle was packed — plus, I didn’t want to ignore my family by playing photographer/journalist.

driving home

And this is very random, but nothing I ever saw in the states (at least on the east coast, though we have one in Boston now), fields filled with wind generators. Here are a few, they make me think of giant pinwheels… I remember seeing them for the first time about ten years ago as I flew into Germany. I looked down from my plane and saw fields of them and thought they were so beautiful. I know, it’s weird to talk so sweetly about a wind generator… but I think they’re quite amazing. And if you’ve ever stood next to one, they are so enormous. I took this shot above yesterday from the car. It’s also fun to the watch the license plates when I drive here. Yesterday I played a game, Guess the Plate. It’s common to see plates from the Netherlands and Poland on the roads, but yesterday there were a few from France. The first thing shown on a plate is the colored strip with the abbreviated country name. For Germany it is D. For the Netherlands, it is NL and so on… The one on this BMW is German, the first 1-3 letters shows the abbreviation for the city where the owner lives (MYK which is Mayen-Koblenz), then a space with the rest of the plate number. If you live in Berlin, it would be B, if in Hamburg HH and in Hanover just H. I hope I’ve not bored you, but it’s a good thing to know for when you are traveling in Europe and wonder where the drivers are from.

Cozy Winter Decor

And finally here we are in my cozy living room on Saturday morning where I put up my winter garlands which will stick around until Spring… These are handmade by Lobster & Swan. I took this photo after my morning tea and book reading ritual that I regularly participate on the weekends. I didn’t bother to straighten the blanket or style the photo, I like to sometimes capture a mood and to me, this worked.

So happy Monday to you my dear friends. I’ll be back shortly with some inspiring posts for you today.

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Happy Weekend!

I think we’ve spent a nice week here together, don’t you? I’ve really enjoyed the comments on this post, I read them all, some twice, and I appreciate each thoughtful response. I feel a deeper connection to you, and have clicked on all of the links to your various blogs, and am surprised by how many came by to take part in the discussion. So thank you very much. :)

Toast UK

And on Monday, for those who have asked, I will post the link to where you can sign up for the next Blogging Your Way e-course, which will be open for registration on December 7th at noon EST (7:00 pm here in Germany), and I’ll announce the name of my partner-in-crime who will be teaching along with me for this session. You will love her, just you wait! :)

Now it is time to begin the weekend… it is after 5pm here now so I need to wrap up blogging for the day. What will you do this weekend? I will be visiting our relatives who live in the countryside and attending yet another market and shopping event tomorrow along with having dinner at the new apartment of friends who recently purchased a flat in an old building and gut renovated it. Of course, I’m excited to see what they’ve done and I’m trying to decide on a nice little housewarming present. Any ideas for me?

See you on Monday, enjoy your weekend! :)

(image: toast – you simply must order their winter catalog)

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