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Spring Blog

I know it’s winter but Spring has sprung! I just got the news from Michelle, Life Coach from When I Grow Up (and a friend of mine, woot!) that her new blogging project just kicked off called Spring. What is it? It’s a collaboration of four creative female entrepreneurs who want to inspire others by talking about their passions, professions, and how they’re navigating it all.


Who are they? Life coach Michelle Ward, illustrator & pattern artist Jessica Gonacha Swift, author and blogger Carolyn Rubenstein and jewelry designer Jessica Constable.

They’ve just posted their first episode where they discuss Gratitude and you can watch them here. Enjoy and ladies — serious, great initiative – congratulations!

(image: Spring)

Posted in Bloggers on December 02, 2009

Darling Cookie Cutters

Tove Hedman is a student at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and check this out… she made these super cookie cutters based on the Didoni font. Don’t you just LOVE them? A, B, C, D, E……

Tove Hedman Cookie Cutters

Time to make Didoni cookies! We need more cool font cookie cutters in the world, don’t you think? What a terrific gift these would make, though I’m not sure where in the world they can be purchased…

Speaking of cookies… I have a slew of yummy recipes for you thanks to Susan Branch. You can click on the cookie names here and find their delicious how-to. I have my eye on the florentine’s…

(images: tove hedman)

Posted in Rooms on December 02, 2009

Fine Little Day Cutting Boards

Elisabeth Dunker from the Fine Little Day blog + shop wrote in with news about her sweet little cutting boards which are popular in Sweden for not only cutting but serving, too. Here are some of Elisabeth’s designs… there are five motives total. In addition to Sweden, Germans use these too only they are called Frühstücksbrettchen and used to butter bread on and prepare sandwiches and toast. You can cut on them too (if they are sturdy enough) though I am too shy to do this because I hate scratching them! After preparing your morning toast or sandwich, the board is then brought to the table and used as a plate too.

Fine Little Day

Fine Little Day

I like this as it’s very casual and the variety of designs you can find for these Frühstücksbrettchen range from wood to melamine and beyond in many patterns and colors. Some have a hold at the top so you can hang them from a hook or a nail on the wall, others are with a hole. My favorite cutting board from Elisabeth’s collection is this one, so sweet.

(images: elisabeth dunker)

Posted in Rooms on December 02, 2009

Crafts To Make & Give

What are you making to give to friends?

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