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Blogging Your Way: Winter Session

For those of you asking… yes I am teaching a second Blogging Your Way e-course this winter! Yay! Registration for the winter session has been postponed but will begin on Monday, December 7th. This e-course will run from January 18 – March 8, 2010 (7 weeks, though students will have access to the e-course until March 30 to review materials a second time, post in the forums, etc.) and there is a special bonus! I’ve invited an assistant teacher and I’ll tell you who and more about her on Monday… but you’ll be thrilled I’m sure!

Blogging Your Way

This class will be focused on blogging but will also feature coursework on styling. You’ll learn about styling objects and spaces for photographs that will help you to make a more personal space out of your blog, one that reflects your unique vision and passion. You’ll also learn a few tips on taking photographs and how to best present your life and work in order to create your unique online space. This is not a photography class, but having a camera, basic knowledge of how to use one, and a blog that you’ve been writing on for at least a few months are both requirements so please do not enroll unless you have both or we will not be able to accept your registration.

Please note: If you took the first BYW class you will not be able to enroll in this class. However, a BYW Part Two is being discussed for Spring 2010 and will last for 3 weeks and will include the styling/photography coursework that you missed in Part One, so don’t worry — you won’t miss a thing! That class will be ONLY for BYW grads from Spring 2009.

Stay tuned – registration and course details will be posted here on decor8 December 7th!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

It’s Etsy Take Five Tuesday time and though Miss Holly here is battling a head cold (I nearly went a full year without a cold, oh well!) on this very crisp December day I am still going to bring you today’s picks! I plan to put on another pot of tea in a moment but first, as I sniffle and sneeze my way around Etsy, I simply must share a few of my finds with you. Pastel prints, gorgeous jewelry, lovely paper goods and gift wrap supplies and soft, girly photographs that will have you dreaming of vintage open toe shoes with tights and Paris, my love. Enjoy!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

The simple modern aesthetic of Olive Manna will no doubt charm your little socks off. Love her paper goods which includes gift wrapping supplies and DIY paper balls, coasters melamine plates, textiles and more!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Elephantine is a collection of handmade jewelry that would be a most cherished present in case you’re looking… it’s by Settle-based designer Rachel Chew.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Leaves and Feathers is the work of Faith Evans-Sills in Brooklyn who is a mother, wife and artist with a dreamy style that will carry you away in a pastel breeze… Notes, prints and more!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

If you’re looking for jewelry with a bit of an edge, Laura Lombardi is your lady with lots of runway-esque glam happening here. Love it. Especially the feather.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Lola’s Room in the UK is talented budding photographer Cassia Beck. She has such a soft, feminine vintage touch to her body of work. So very easy to love.

(images linked to their sources above)

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Shanon Gass Photography

Looking for a little special something? If you’ve been reading for awhile then you already know that I’m a fan of the photography of Shanon Gass of My Fine Garden. Not only does she have a lovely aesthetic and is a complete natural but as a person she takes the cake — she’s a genuinely nice lady who is warm and charming. We’ve exchanged emails and are somewhat penpals and I really enjoy our notes — they’re meaningful and encouraging. I feel so lucky to meet and maintain friendships with so many good people like Shanon. And speaking of good…

Shanon Gass Photography

If you’d like to add a photo of hers to your home or would like to give one as a gift to a special person, she is offering readers a promotional offer until December 13. Visit her shop here and purchase any photo and you’ll get a second one for 1/2 off! Just enter “PNSHoliday” in the note to sellers box.

My favorite: taken saved (love!)

(images: shanon gass)

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Line Klein Photography

It’s time for a new blog of the week, what do you think? Yes? Okay good so let’s examine another lovely, inspirational space. This week we’ll visit the space of Danish photographer Line Klein, whom I discovered thanks to Sidsel. I did not know that Line had a blog – which delighted me on this gray Monday with gorgeous views of places she has been and things she has seen. It’s a very special honor to view the world through the talented, trained eye of Line…

Line Klein

Line Klein

Line Klein

I hope that you will enjoy her blog along with me this week and if you haven’t already, please take a moment today to enjoy her portfolio online. It’s pure eye candy.

(images: line klein)

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