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Simply Photo Pop Up Shop

November 12, 2009

It was nice to hear from Jennifer Causey today, as I’ve followed her work since the beginning when she was just a wee budding New York based photographer and now she’s working for clients like Chronicle Books, Real Simple, Anthropologie and Time Out NY to list only a few. She just opened a pop up shop for the season to feature the work of some of her favorite photographers who do not sell their work elsewhere, Molly Wizenberg (New York), Brian Ferry (London, I recently wrote about him here), Shari Altman (Vermont), and Laina Briedis (New York), along with her own Simply Breakfast 2010 calendar.

Simply Photo Pop Up Shop

Looking back in my blog archives, I found this post back from the summer of 2006 where I praised her work. It was fun to go back and read that… And it made me realize that so many of us built our careers before an audience of people online and how supportive and wonderful this community really is. I mean, think of your favorite bloggers — especially the big ones. Did you know about them before they started their blog? Most likely not. And most likely, they were not even in their current profession back before their blog launched. It’s so interesting to follow one another around online and to witness this growth. This, to me, is why blogs will always be different from a magazine. In a magazine, you see ONLY the best work. The pruned, the stuffed, the polished… And a lovely flipside too but…

Simply Photo Pop Up Shop

Online it’s a different world. You see the not-so-polished become polished over the course of months, years even. You witness the birth of new names, watch their success grow, and then attend their book signings. Go back to some of your favorite blogs and find their very first post. Read a few posts from their first 6 months blogging. You will get a different version of the person you know today — maybe less secure, more vulnerable, a bit afraid even… I think this is a great reminder that we all start somewhere, usually at ground level, and build and build until we reach higher grounds. And then we build some more. On a macro level, it’s why we love Oprah and others in the spotlight who grew due to their supportive fan base. And on a micro level, it is why we love some of our favorite bloggers who are moving on to explore other avenues or who, like Jennifer, are opening up pop shops to support her friends — photographers that she believes in. Jennifer is such a rock star.

It’s exciting and motivating to consider all of this, don’t you think? And I think it is inspiring to new bloggers and those just entering creative fields for the first time to focus on this fact: Everyone had a first moment in this community so if you feel scared or unsure please don’t. If you’ve ever looked at someone else and their success and thought, “Why Bother?” then I encourage you — yes, bother! Muster up the courage and do your thing. Go for it. We all deserve a place and for those who jump in a go for it, you’ll find it. Don’t worry. :)

(images: simply photo)


Stylist Randi Brookman Harris

November 11, 2009

I really enjoy browsing the portfolios of photographers and stylists online, I find them to be very inspirational and packed with decorating, color and placement ideas. Today I’d like to share views from the portfolio of Brooklyn-based stylist Randi Brookman Harris. I’ve been waiting for her portfolio to go live (the site wasn’t ready last time that I checked) so I was excited to click over today and see it up and running. It looks great!

Stylist Randi Brookman Harris

Randi’s work has appeared in numerous publications and in ad campaigns — she once styled for Kate Spade and has worked on numerous shoots for Martha Stewart Living and Weddings magazine. Aren’t these colors sublime?

Stylist Randi Brookman Harris

I don’t know about you but I’m currently inspired by red, white and raw linen and for a more jazzy palette – I’m loving jewel tones, too. It’s funny, I’m not a “red” person. I think it competes too much with my personality so I tend to shy away from using it in my home. I remember reading once in one of Shannon Fricke’s books that she had red in her extroverted daughter’s room and it affected her quite negatively, though her son didn’t mind the color at all. She removed the red and her daughter’s mood improved significantly. I believe color can have a strong impact on mood, and when I studied color theory I become even more aware of this fact — it’s not some decorator’s myth or something, it’s true. And so when I have red in my home, I feel very uneasy and my brain starts to race and I cannot concentrate. I’ve noticed this because I had red pillows and lamps several years back and really, really disliked them and stayed out of my bedroom (where they were) as much as possible. Then in my class, that same year, I learned about the power of color and so I purchased softer hues for my bedroom and instantly felt better there. In fact, it became my favorite room in the house once the colors were softer. I could think more clearly, my breathing slowed, I felt great and very peaceful.

But back to being inspired by red, white and raw linen… I tried to figure out why this is based on my own experience with red and well, I guess it has to do with shops I’m visiting here… it’s everywhere! But aside from that, red, white and raw linen seem to be a good match for me as the color doesn’t stress me out nearly as much when combined with white and raw linen. I guess the white cools down its heat and the linen adds a natural, relaxed feel to the palette. But I think I’ll refrain from decorating with it so I don’t go bonkers!

And I bet your favorite color is red right? And you think I’m hating on red now? he he. Well I’m not. I actually like it very much and find it to be very lovely but I cannot live with it in my home. And I wish I could. But no chance.

In additional to red, the seasonal themes here seem to be jewel tones, red/white/linen, purples and greens with brown, and another palette is gold and white. It’s all so very pretty! I remember growing up, all you could find in stores in November and December… well take a guess. Pine green and bright red. That was it! Now, there are colors for every taste and style and I really appreciate this as I don’t like to feel confined to use certain colors. And goodness, we need variety. Life is more exciting when you try different types of experiences!

So tell me, what colors are you seeing out there lately that really inspire you? Any specific palettes that have your attention?

(images: randi brookman harris)


Aniek Meelijk’s Tea Time

November 11, 2009

I was so blown away by the gorgeous tea time set created by Dutch designer Aniek Meelijk that I saw today on Design Spotter. Wow. “One warm spring afternoon on the garden table she sees more than her own tea set. She discovered that its shadows could not be separated from the shapes of the set and that they constantly played their own game with them.” This was what inspired her Tea Time collection! Don’t you love this rather mundane observation turning into something so grand?

Aniek Meelijk’s Tea Time

What innovation and creativity…

I wonder when and where it will be available for sale? I think it’s perfect for Alice in Wonderland! :)

If you want to learn more about Aniek, you can visit her blog here.

(image: aniek Meelijk)

Handmade, Objects, Stationery

Bailey Doesn’t Bark

November 11, 2009

I received news this week from Bailey Doesn’t Bark that Re Jin Lee, founder and designer, has decided to branch out from tableware design to include home accessories, stationery and jewelry. Yay! Congratulations to Re Jin and her team! Using 100% recycled, reusable or biodegradable elements in her lines and packaging, Bailey Doesn’t Bark is committed to eco-friendly design in addition to producing beautiful things with purpose.

Bailey Doesn't Bark

“To keep an eye on quality and costs, she prefers to apply and fire decals on her porcelain pieces and package her products in-house. Re Jin not only wants to creatively inspire with the new pieces she’s been developing this year, but also hopes to inspire with the principals she’s infused in the production.”

I love all of these beautiful things, great work Re Jin! Her tea bag mugs, plates with gold accents, and her cards are beautiful – love how they shimmer!

You can find her latest collection here and also live at the Union Square Holiday Market in New York City between November 25 to December 24, 2009.

(photos: bailey doesn’t bark)


Mimi la Rose

November 11, 2009

Want to meet a designer and an interior architect whom I’ve been exchanging some very long, inspirational emails with for the past week? Her name is Barbara Moser and she is a German designer who splits her time between a spa town here called Bad Mergentheim and also Paris — oh the lifestyle!

Mimi la Rose

Her mother who was a costume designer from Hannover, obviously installed in her a love of textiles and inspired her creativity and interest in design. In Germany, she has a home in the country and in Paris, she rents a very small city apartment with her husband which they adore. Spending time in both countries gives her access to all the things in life that she enjoys — her personal dream come true. One thing that she likes is searching for vintage textiles for the pillows and handbags that she designs. She sources most of her rich and beautiful fabrics in France and Belgium at the flea markets there, and from them she cuts and sews one-of-a-kind cushions for her brand, Mimi la Rose.

Mimi la Rose

Mimi la Rose

About her bags Barbara says, “Each bag and pillow in the home collection is 100% handmade by a professional seamstress and I, most of them are one-of-a-kind as I use vintage fabrics and combine them with new high quality designers’ fabrics. As in my interior architect work, I love the idea of mixing old and new… the feel of vintage silk, the amazing colours of the trims that were made in older days.”

Mimi la Rose

I think Barbara’s luxurious bags and pillows are perfect for those who love vintage textiles, faux furs, decadent trims, and rich beautiful colors and textures. With a pair of jeans, a vintage leather jacket and pair of cute heels, a bag or clutch from Barbara’s collection would be the perfect accent. That’s how I would wear it. But I’m not a fashion writer and so I’ll stick to giving decorating advice. :) Her pillows are the perfect sofa accent and could do wonders for a settee in the hallway.

Psst: Barbara has an etsy shop, too.

(images: barbara moser)


Wild Wednesday!

November 11, 2009

What a wild and crazy day! I’ve been so busy but couldn’t wait until this moment when I would sit down before my computer and talk to you. I really love connecting with you each day through this blog, it really keeps me going… Especially now as I’m living in a totally new country — I find I need my blog more than ever because the connections I make online give me so much positive energy and motivation to get things done.

Wild Wednesday!

So, how are you doing today? All is well in my corner, I’ve been a bit nutty with my schedule this week and tomorrow I will go to see a property I’ve had my eye on for a second viewing… and my husband is coming with me this time (he sends me out for the first rounds knowing how particular I am, so this makes it easier for him!). I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of what I’ve found… If he likes it I will be jumping up and down. If he doesn’t, well… I’ll move on to the next property and perhaps it will be even better. I always say, Thorsten knows best and 99.9% of the time, he does.

And though I’ve just moved here, since we are living in our vacation apartment which was never meant to be a place of full-time residence, I’m already feeling cramped and ready for my own home office space again so I want to move soon. Working at the dining room table is very demotivating as I’m not one who can easily focus like this and finding space to take photos is also a challenge. I do so much better locked away inside of a room alone! Plus I want my mommy! I am dying for her to come stay with us and she’ll need a bedroom because I’m hoping to host her for at least a month next Spring or Summer. Oh I can’t wait to have her see my world here… Our big appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so we shall see! But I tell you this… when we move I will not be going anyway after that for a long, long time. You know this feeling, right? You just burn out from packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. After the next move, I’ll be done for about 100 years. :)

So what shall we talk about today? Well I want to first and foremost thank Carolin for interviewing me for her article, Zeig her Deine Zimmer: Wohn-Communitys und Home-Style Blogs, all about design blogs that appeared today in a German newspaper called Badische Zeitung. It was fun to have an interview with a journalist here, and I like how the article turned out. It was in the newspaper this morning and online too so it’s great exposure for decor8 in Germany, that’s for sure!

I’ll be back soon with some things to blog about… stay tuned! :)

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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