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Etsy Handmade Gifts

I skipped Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week intentionally — I want to share the decor8 gift guide instead that I created from the heart, filled with handmade finds on Etsy to fill your shopping cart with… Today we will enjoy several shops with many lovely things that I’ve carefully selected. Some of these sellers are ones that I’ve featured before, others not, but regardless you are sure to find some pretty things. I hope that you enjoy my selection, this took hours to pull together so if you like this round up please let me know so I can feel motivated to invest the time in pulling together more shopping round ups in 2010. :)

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Be Still Shop mosaic linen cushion cover $56, 2. Sandra Suy Flora print $35, 3. Segment earrings by Lila Ruby King $18, 4. Pretty Little Thieves Not Quite Sure print $15, 5. My Wire Empire Houndstooth Chair print $12, 6. Ice Cream original pen drawing by The State of Things $120 and 7. Maramiki kitchen towels set of 3 $45.

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Lizzy Stewart Russian card $3, 2. Shelly Klein pug pillow $98, 3. Stockton veggie print $12, 4. Septembear Together print $15, 5. Me Plus Molly petite purse $27, 6. Crafty Folk Beatrix brooch $35, 7. Wooden deer brooch by Enna $15 and 8. Irena Sophia Girl with a Fan print $20.

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Sycamore Street Press La vie en rose letterpress print $30, 2. Amy Blackwell Portrait of a Badger print $18, 3. Slightly Grumpy original watercolor painting by Poppo Portraits $50 and 4. Little Love Blue mushroom $15.

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Love Petit Zakka Japan stripes tape $15, 2. mud puppy vase $26, 3. Bec Winnel Statue of Eve print $25, 4. Oh Hello Friend hair pins $5, 5. Sooooound Motherhood print $30, 6. The Paper Apartment We Grew Together print $36, 7. Wren Handmade crochet necklace $65, 8. White Square teacup brooch $10, 9. wiyomu doily necklace $42 and 10. Naomi Murrell love necklace $40.

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Paper Zoo Designs Doe print $28, 2. Vintage Jane green/blue stool $22, 3. Vlas Store my dreams journal $18, 4. Gemma Bear cat mart print $12, 5. Joanna Rutter little vixen fox necklace $80, 6. Under The Stairs Studio 3-D folding card $4, 7. Charmaine Olivia carnival print $20, 8. Tuesday Morning Love Is Spoke Here print $20, 9. Wren Handmade fabric flower hair clips $10 and 10. Pepperminte Bobby print $20.

Etsy Gift Shopping

1. Sarah Lucretia print $13, 2. Dozi 2010 pocket planners $11.50, 3. Miss Natalie apple box with lid $30, 4. Little Black Rabbit clutch $65, 5. Spoons I print by Amy Karol $18 and 6. The Vamoose pompom necklace $62.

Bonus item not shown: Vintage truck toy box from Ethanollie $49. Darling!

What are your favorites?

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Cox & Cox: Wish List

I’m such a Cox & Cox fan. It’s one of those shops that I feel sometimes like I sat there behind-the-scenes assisting them in curating their inventory. Do you ever feel that way when you look at a shop online — like it feels almost like it could have your name written all over it? If so, which one (please tell me!)? Cox & Cox comes pretty close for me… Ah, perhaps someday I will curate a little Holly shop but for now, I’ll play pretend and share with you some finds that I personally would love to own and/or give to my friends. My wish list, my ten things, if you would like to peek…

Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox

1. Deer notebook, 2. decorative display frame, 3. silvered milagros, 4. union jack doorstop, 5. yesterday’s news pencils, 6. usb computer light garland (love!), 7. mouse in a box, 8. owl sew kit, 9. storage bags and the 10th: paint your own russian doll kit.

What do you like? I think I may order the garland for my macbook and those newspaper pencils… Hmmm…

(images: cox and cox)

Posted in uncategorized on December 15, 2009

DIY Yarn Candelabras

What’s not to love about artist Katie Runnels, also known as the author of the Constant Gatherer blog and creator behind the lovely shop under the same name? Katie attended SCAD in Savannah and lives in South Carolina now where she works from her home-based studio. She’s so dedicated to her craft, very talented, a true craft goddess and source of creative inspiration which is exactly why I asked her to pretty please visit us to share a fun DIY project to dress up all those candelabras out there — crafty style! Katie will demonstrate how to whip up a yarn candelabra in no time. Go grab your favorite skein and your trusty glue gun, it’s time to start a-craftin’. But first, Katie would like to share a quick glimpse of her home studio for inspiration — you can see where all the DIY magic begins!

Katie Runnels

Katie Runnels

Katie Runnels

Katie Runnels

Now it’s project time!

*Safety Note: Be very careful to use candelabras in excellent working condition – no frayed or exposed wiring. Never leave yarn wrapped candelabras unattended and follow the recommendations for safe decorating!

* Materials:
Vintage (With Wiring in Good Condition) or New Electric Candelabra (photo candlebases), Yarn: Wool, Polyester, Acrylic or blends of these are recommended. Hot Glue Gun. Scissors. Millinery or Other Embellishments

Katie Runnels

1. Begin by tying the loose end of your skein of yarn in a knot around the cord and snug against the candelabra base.
2. Keep working the Yarn around in a spiral. Eventually it will begin to wind around the base. Dab glue in small bits where you need help keeping the rows tight.
3. Wrap right up to the first candle-add some glue to both sides-and working quickly draw the yarn up and down again and then directly wind the yarn under again and up on the other side in the very same manner. Repeat until you have cleared the candle and continue wrapping normally until the next candle. 
4. As you near the end of the candelabra you’ll need to add more glue to keep the yarn from slipping. When you reach the end and no more yarn can fit under the base  begin to spiral the yarn around until you’ve covered the entire end of the piece. 
5. When your base is finished begin wrapping the candles. Tie a knot at the base in the back of your candelabra, secure it with a little glue, and wrap your way to the  top.
6. If you haven’t already- Remove the light bulb and as your wrapping nears the top, add a few dabs of glue to the  outside edge (near the top-Not on The Top! Keep yarn & glue away from candle interior and bulb!). Cut yarn loose from the skein and press the end down into the glue.

Katie Runnels

7. Finish by embellishing with vintage millinery leaves & flowers!

Katie Runnels

I hope that you had fun and that you’re able to try this at home. Thank you Katie for joining us today and sharing your crafty project. :)

(images: katie runnels)

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New: Interior Styling Group

I’m excited to announce a new, inspirational group I’ve created over on Flickr called Interior Styling for both budding and seasoned interior stylists (maybe you?) who want to share photos, participate in discussions in the group forum, and participate in once monthly challenges that will begin in January – each challenge will be announced on the 1st of the month but you have to join the group to read the forum and participate!

Please join~

Challenges will include specifics that I’ll ask members to incorporate into one of their photos — colors, patterns, themes, etc. Members do not have to participate, the challenges are optional and meant to be fun giving you a chance to show your skills and stretch your creative legs a bit!

Photos should be styled and photographed by you and also show your best work – the goal is to build a group of stylists and stylists-in-training who can support one another, learn, grow and of course share their talent.

I just started the group a few hours ago, so there are not a lot of photos yet in the group pool but this one from Adore Vintage, a group member, really stood out as an outstanding example of what I mean by a styled shot. A photo where you’ve carefully arranged items and then photographed that arrangement. It can be of pottery you’ve arranged on a shelf or your entire living room — the goal is to submit photos that you’re proud of and that you took time and imagination to style and shoot.

Have fun, see you in the Interior Styling group!

(image: Adore Vintage)

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