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Happy Weekend!

H is for Hedgehog in English but it also stands for Have… as in Have a great weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday morning because I’m running out the door on a slew of appointments… If you happen to wonder where this beautiful image is from below then you’re in for a treat because it is from the Tear Jerker issue #7 of online magazine Utterly Engaged.

Utterly Engaged

The first image was shot by Gabriel Ryan and the bottom photographed by Max Wanger.

And for a little feel good Friday, check out the video embedded in page 59 of their magazine — adorable! Love is a beautiful thing…

See you on Monday! Schönes Wochenende! Byeeeee!

(image: utterly engaged)

Posted in uncategorized on January 29, 2010

Made By Girl: New Prints

In the advertising world bold typography is often used as a key ingredient to create an unforgettable ad. In modern homes, typography displayed in the form of prints are used to create an unforgettable room — lots of people display prints that rely solely on text to convey a particular message, always something meaningful to them.

Made By Girl

I just heard from Made By Girl founder and designer, Jennifer Ramos, about a new line of Love and Hello prints  (16 x 20″ and $25 each) that she just rolled out — I’m sure they’ll be a hit with their sleek charcoal background and white lettering with your choice of either Hello or Love in multiple languages. There is also something quite subtle about these posters that you may not notice upon first glance. In each of them either Love or Hello in English can be found hiding in light gray. Did you catch that?

How did she select the languages? Jennifer picked the top fifteen countries where her readers tune in from to read her blog each day. How thoughtful!

(image: made by girl)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on January 29, 2010

Jeltje Photography

I just heard for the first time about Dutch freelance photographer Jeltje from Irene Hoofs who wrote about a photo she’d taken showing a swing indoors. While I love the idea of a swing I nearly fell down when I clicked over to Jeltje’s portfolio and was saw some of her work – she is only in her twenties and has accomplished so much already. Have a look for yourself.

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje Photography

Jeltje has had her work featured in popular Dutch decorating magazines like 101 Woonideeen and Ariadne at Home, both ones that I really love and find so creative and approachable. I realllllly like all of these spaces above — so fresh and light, and ones that I can really imagine living and working in. I love the mood board with the mostly gray palette, gray is one of my favorite colors and looks so good with just about any color no matter what the tone – it’s so versatile like white or black but not as strong. Gray is soft, enchanting, moody… a bit come hither.

(images: jeltje photography)

Posted in Inspiration on January 28, 2010

Half Empty, Half Full

As I was out shopping for flower bulbs earlier and I started to think about my post yesterday and how so many of you connected with what I said, and how nice it was for me to hear that and to make the connection. And then I thought that perhaps you could use a little free space to just talk to me, one another, to the universe… just to vent I guess — to vent your frustrations and then to end your comment with a note like… I hate how isolated I feel working from home BUT I love that I can wear bunny slippers and have my dog lay on my feet all day.

tea cups

I will call this space the “Half Empty, Half Full” corner today. It’s where you can literally dump what makes your life, or job, or anything “half empty” but make sure that before you end your post you include your “half full” feelings, too.

Okay, so why don’t we get started. Who will go first? I can’t wait to see your half + half comments, this could potentially be a lot of fun!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Ramblings on January 28, 2010


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