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A Beautiful Bed

Ah… a lovely bed greeting you as you enter your sleeping quarters. Bliss! One that is dressed simply but beautifully making it a gorgeous focal point but also a cozy spot to curl up in and leave your cares behind. Would you like to see a beautiful bed? This is Danielle’s bedroom in her gorgeous country home outside of Amsterdam, she shot a photo of it because she just received a limited supply of vintage bedspreads in white — no two are the same — and she offered me one and this is what I selected…

vintage bedspread

It just arrived today and I scooped it up out of its box like a newborn baby  — holding it up into the air smiling like a total dork from some cheesy fabric softener commercial. But when you find something so lovely you cannot help but feel a sense of pride overly a newly acquired gem.

vintage bedspread

If you like this one, Danielle has about 8 more in different sizes and patterns that she will list on Ebay this weekend. You may want watch this page (currently there is nothing in stock but that will change!) to make sure that you do not miss your chance because trust me — you really will love one of these on your bed!

(image: danielle delange)

Posted in Rooms on January 28, 2010

The Poster List

I love a good positive message now and then because, though it may seem on my blog that I’m all rainbows and unicorns the truth is, I have moments when I want to throw stuff at my computer screen. Let’s face it, as much as we freelancers love to well, freelance we still face the same emotions in our home offices as we once did in our corporate ones. And today, I felt one of those moments when I came home from a fabulous ladies luncheon only to realize how much work laid before me and after all that fun with the girls, how little motivation I felt to actually DO any of it.

The Poster List

And when you work from home you have to continuously pull from the deepest part of yourself to stay motivated and on top of things. In a traditional work environment, you usually have people physically in your face to remind you that there is work to do. At home, alone, you can simply shut your laptop and THEY ALL MAGICALLY GO AWAY. Poof! And some days, like this afternoon, I shut my laptop. Hard. And it felt good. I went out and bought a very tall, very vanilla, very delicious latte and circled around on foot a bit aimless for about 30 minutes to sort of burn off how truly unmotivated I felt.

Then when I was less of a crab with a serious case of poor me, I returned home, opened my laptop and the motivation and joy returned because a few of my friends who I think must be psychic, sent some hilarious emails and well… those positive messages made everything that was black feel very, very light and white again. The rainbows and unicorns are back in my heart. :) And so, here are some positive messages in the form of pop art for you today from The Poster List.


(the poster list)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on January 27, 2010

Ideas For Odd Nooks

Have an odd little nook? Try a new look!

Posted in uncategorized on January 27, 2010

Jayme McGowan

If this doesn’t inspire paper lovers out there, I fear nothing will. Jayme McGowan of Roadside Projects in California is an amazingly gifted artist and 3D illustrator known and loved for her intricately cut paper and whimsical characters who, lucky for us, makes some of her originals into inexpensive prints available here online. You may even be lucky enough to find a few gorgeous originals.

Jayme McGowan

As I look through these I cannot help but to imagine seeing her work turned into pop-up books based on her magical visions or even bigger, life-size theater sets or stop motion animation. Of course, her art is simply lovely as is, but it can’t help but make one dream which is what makes her work so special — you cannot help but look at it and see movement, stories and well, life!

(images: jayme mcgowan)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on January 27, 2010


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