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Photographer Anitta Behrendt + Turquoise

Let’s dive into the week with the inspiring work of photographer Anitta Behrendt who lives in Copenhagen whom I found back in September 2008 in German decorating magazine Living & More (blogged here).

Photographer Anitta Behrendt

I recently saw her on someone’s tumblr site and now I cannot remember who… but anyway if you read design magazines in this part of the world chances are you may be quite familiar with her work already. And if not, perhaps seeing these photos today will be a fresh glimpse into some very lovely interiors shot by a talented lady who makes beautiful rooms even more radiant. While peeking through the photos shown please be on the look out for buttons hand sewn onto a sofa. You’ll want to run home and duplicate the look!

Photographer Anitta Behrendt

With turquoise being the “it” trend color for 2010, some of these rooms may even give you a few ideas on ways to introduce it into your home if you don’t already have this breezy blue… one of my favorite colors. Especially since you will likely find it readily available in most stores so if you’re out shopping it should be easy to find.

Photographer Anitta Behrendt

How can you bring turquoise into the home? You can paint an accent piece, like a cabinet, bookcase or table in turquoise, even something smaller like a picture frame or a stool. Or if you’d like to be subtle, paint the inside of a cabinet with glass doors and inside, place all of your china and/or white porcelain so that the white really jumps out from the turquoise background. You can add a print from Etsy to your walls which lots of turquoise in it, or look for solid or patterned throw pillows to toss on the sofa or bed. Even glass bottles and vases, or pots, turquoise is nice as a bold statement or as a simple accent. You can even use clothes, jewelry and handbags as decorative accessories so pull out those turquoise beads and place them on a hook over your dresser. It goes with so many other colors from red to black, yellow to green, and looks especially nice with chocolate brown though I tend to prefer it with white and black and a touch of lilac and pale lime. In my home, I use turquoise in all of my rooms as an accent, for instance my taper candles are a light shade and my candle holders are white and silver.

Photographer Anitta Behrendt

Aren’t these rooms beautiful? I hope that you’ll take a moment today to look at Anitta’s online portfolio where you can be exposed to more of her lush interiors. Some days I just want to move to Copenhagen because I’ve not been and for a small city it certainly seems to have a lot of talent living there… Perhaps I’ll drive up this Spring or take the ICE. I need a mini break and I just have to see this city to believe all the hype for myself. Since moving to northern Germany I’m exposed to Danish life + culture so much more, time to get up there and shake a tail feather! Ha ha! Does anyone even say that anymore? I feel so behind with American slang it isn’t even funny!

Anyway, enjoy Anitta and I’ll be back with more goodies in a few…

(images: anitta behrendt)

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Laura Walker

Laura Walker’s ceramic buttons make me happy…

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Happy Weekend!

Thank you for joining me on decor8 this week, as always it was nice to play hostess and share inspiration and ideas with you. I have so much going on this weekend, including another place to go see (we’re searching for a new flat) and a lovely little local ladies meeting here in my neighborhood with some designers I admire as I’m baking an idea that I want to share with them to promote creativity and design locally. And to get me in the mood for Spring, I went out and bought some flowers at the market, though tulips are all I could find and a few sprigs or this and that, but they make me happy so I went with them again… I tried to create a little Spring in my home this morning, and thankfully the sunshine is helping me out.

Spring in here..

Spring in here..

I also have materials to write for week two of the class that I am teaching and a podcast to record, and of course date night with my husband. Like most of us, I’ll be busy again until we meet back on Monday but it is a good busy and fingers crossed that the place we look at is THE place and I can put aside my apartment hunt and get on with my life because really… isn’t it the most consuming task ever? My goodness! So with that, I wish you all a cozy and wonderful weekend and I hope that you can find something that will bring in a little bit of spring to your home this weekend too.

Bis spaeter!

(images: holly becker for decor8)

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Racks + Books

From my title you may assume this post will be about some dumb new American reality show where beauty competes against brains to win the bachelor or something. But no, I’m simply pulling together inspiration for my next apartment (we’re currently on the hunt) and I thought I’d share some from Skona Hem in Sweden and they happen to include a rack and some books and I am simply making an attempt at being clever with my quirky title.

Skona Hem

I love the pendant above, though I wonder if little Greta is missing her ballet tutu and hasn’t thought to look up? And I’m digging the clothes rack in the home below, not because I’d ever consider doing it now (my clothes are not nearly as hip as this homeowner), but because I had one from an old store in my bedroom in Boston for years and my friends would laugh at me for not having a proper closet. They thought it was so tragic that I had a vintage rolling clothes rack in my bedroom. I wish I could have pulled out this exact photograph below to prove to them that I wasn’t only too broke to afford a proper closet, but apparently I was hip and cool to have even used one in the first place. Plus we all know that once the Swedish give something their stamp of approval that things we once saw as strange suddenly become Oh My God desirable.

Skona Hem

Skona Hem

What do you think of books with pretty covers displayed as art? I see this idea in lots of decorating magazines here where a series of 3 shelves are installed, usually slim ones with lips created specifically for leaning art against the wall, and instead of photos and prints you see cookbooks or artsy books. I loved this idea when I first spotted it a few years ago and the more I see it lately I’m considering the idea for my kitchen. Would you do it? Anything in these images that catches your eye?

(photos: skona hem)

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