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Good morning! I’m certain that this will soon be on every single design blog out there, but I’m going to post it anyway because c’mon – look at this furniture – how can I resist? These beauties (stool, table, wallpaper and lampshade) are from Irish design studio Superfolk who just launched their new range of products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair currently in progress. I’m betting they’ll be a huge hit.





Superfolk is an independent design studio established by Gearoid Muldowney in 2008. The studio’s heart is in the craft of production, be that hand made or industrial. Superfolk’s products are a tribute to Ireland’s heritage of object making, playfully referencing a way of life rooted in the land, its animals and its weather whilst also striving to emulate the sensitivity and sustainability of the vernacular approach. The studio is focused on working with locally sourced Irish materials and strives for innovation in its approach to natural resources such as wool, wood and leather.”


When I see this furniture I imagine a modern Irish pub with these tables and stools, something very streamlined, social, friendly, but not as traditional as the classic Irish pub — a bit of a nod to it with a more modern take. Wouldn’t that be grand? Or perhaps placing the stools in an entry way or using the table as a desk in your office — these pieces work in so many different environments! What do you think?

(images: superfolk)

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I’ve talked about Danish home brand Bloomingville by TrendKompagniet before, but it’s been awhile and with Spring and gardening on my mind a lot lately I’ve been looking for some inspiring products that bring a breath of fresh air into the home. Bloomingville is a brand that you can find in Germany, and it is gaining in popularity like many other Danish and Swedish labels that are starting to find many loyal customers here.



This is the time of the year that I enjoy because Winter melts into clear, warm days and slowly you begin to find clothes and home accessories that fill you with the promise of flirty sundresses and brightly-colored wellies. Over the weekend I bought the cutest pale gray shoes and visited Noa Noa where you can find some of the loveliest Spring fashion ever. My white narcissus also bloomed on my windowsill after waiting several weeks though the transformation from bulb to bloom is always a pleasure to watch… I think it is because of being a gentle reminder of the patience we need to have in order to grow and blossom – beauty does not come overnight!

Don’t you enjoy the product shots from Bloomingville above? I do, though they are a bit too country for my taste I see many that I can mix and match into a more modern home with clean lines and that is what I live about Bloomingville, there is something for everyone. Did you notice the dresser in the top left photo? It looks like it was painted with light grey chalkboard paint. I love the idea of pale gray chalkboard paint, many tend to go with black chalkboard paint on the walls which is lovely but upon seeing this I think gray appeals to me a bit more right now I think. What about you?

I need to run off to teach a class for a few hours, so I’ll be back a little later…

(images: bloomingville)

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Good Morning, Monday!

Well here we are again, meeting up virtually for some inspiration and decorating ideas. But before we get started, how was your weekend? Did you accomplish all you had hoped? I had a nice weekend but ended up not finishing all of my work because I started watching French films and once I start I cannot stop! I love French movies and have several favorite actors from Paris — one being Romain Duris, do you know him? He was in both “Paris” and “Molière”, both are films that I highly recommend for the atmosphere and acting, but also the ability they have to lift you from your seat, transporting you into another place and time.


Paris was a film that I think all who complain about life should watch because the story is very touching and surely will make you cry but also may help you to value your life a little more. We need films like that now and then, don’t we? It’s so easy to whine and fall into the habit of complaining, feeling as though enough is never enough. All it takes is Romain Duris in this film to realize that so many of us have it really, really well.

Romain is such a gem to watch, what a talent… and I loved his apartment, especially the scenes from his balcony shown above where he cultivates a few plants and flowers. You know what? I’m one of the few who has been glad that the weather is so gray because I’ve finally had the time to watch some of my DVDs and through them I have been gaining inspiration and encouragement – a few movies I suggest from my most recently viewed list, French and other, include: Paris, Molière, The Reader, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Coco Before Chanel (love), Miss Potter, Priceless and The Science of Sleep (so creative!).

I’ll be back soon with some Monday inspirations for you, so I’ll see you soon. xo

Oh and a BIG P.S. – It has been confirmed that I’ll be in the April 2010 issue of Myself magazine, a woman’s magazine in Germany published by Conde Nast. It will be on newsstands March 17th and the article is about “pro” bloggers in Germany, I’ll be profiled along with Nicole from Delicious Days and I believe one other though I’m unsure of whom so I’ll have to wait until March 17th.

(photo: cinemovies)

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Happy Weekend!

It’s about that time to sign off for the weekend and wish you farewell until Monday. What plans do you have? Anything fun? Remember, you have to fit in some play into the mix. I am going to work but on things that are really important to me like the materials for the class I’m teaching, a downloadable PDF for my students, and I’m going to work on a secret project that I have collaborated with three other local designers on to hopefully make a dream come true here later this year.

Happy Weekend

The Happy Home & Dora iz Londona.

I also have a little surprise that I’m working on for those of you who love Paris, I should have that ready next week too. :) Of course, I will do some fun things in addition to all of my work including a flea market visit in the morning and tomorrow night is date night with my husband. Hubba Hubba. Hey ladies what can I say? You have to keep the magic alive. :)

Happy Weekend

Trisha Brink Design & Miss Melba.

Don’t you think these images above set the mood for a relaxing weekend? I WANT that blue tub. Oh yes, I do… I had a tub like that only once in my lifetime and I wish I had appreciated it back then the way I would now. It’s so pretty, don’t you think? And deep. There is nothing like a deep tub that leaves nothing above water if you know what I mean! And bubbles. Must have bubbles. And candles and music and relaxing oil. But there is something you may not do in the tub that I do. I listen to Justin Timberlake. There’s nothing like a little Justin by candlelight in the tub. And Sia. Must have Sia in the tub, too. Do you like her? She just announced her tour dates so if you do, make sure you go see her live if she’s coming to a stage near you. I hear she’s a magical performer. Death by chocolate is one of those songs you just sink into. Kind of like that tub.

Okay so I’ve shared my plans, what are yours? I hope you have a lovely weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday! Schönes Wochenende!

xo, Holly

(photos: linked to their sources above.)

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