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Sweet Bestiary

Flor Panichelli in London is the artist behind the whimsical works found in the Sweet Bestiary shop. It’s hard to not gush about Flor’s work, it’s truly incredible and so well done – from the color palette she works with to the way she brings all her little characters to life with her very detailed eye – it’s fantastic.

Sweet Bestiary

Sweet Bestiary

Someday, and I mean someday so please don’t start commenting to ask when I’m having a baby or if I’m pregnant (he he I get that every single time I mention anything about children’s rooms), but I would love to put work like this in a child’s room. But perhaps before then, I can even see something on a shelf or wall in a work studio and certainly in a pretty little shop.

(images: flor panichelli)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on February 05, 2010

Maria Kallin: New Etsy Shop!

Here is an encouraging feel good story for you… This past Monday I showed the photographs of Maria Kallin from Stockholm, do you recall? If not, here is the post. On Monday, she only had her photos on Flickr and today on Friday, she has a beautiful Etsy shop! Can you believe it? Now this is what I call inspiring — she didn’t wait, she got on it and now she sells her photos in a shop. I love this. Maria you’re so inspiring.

Maria Kallin: New Etsy Shop!

I was so thrilled when she wrote to me to tell me the news, here is what she said and I’m posting it because I think you all need to know that YOUR comments here and also over on Flickr REALLY encouraged Maria and how you helped her to make a difference in her life – to have the confidence to sell her work. Do you ever think for a moment that your comments do not matter to the artists and designers that are featured on blogs? They matter very much and this is a great example of how what you say on the blogs that you visit can truly make or break a person.

I just want to thank you so much for writing about my photos at your blog, I got a lot of very nice responses and the views at Flickr have never been higher than that day. :) So you really made my day and I was especially happy since I have been reading your blog for a while and like it alot, it’s a very inspiring blog. I just want to tell you I made a shop at Etsy now, I saw some that where asking about that and thought to myself, “alright I’ll throw in some photos for sale then” :)

Maria THANK YOU for “throwing” some in – they’re great! Congratulations.

(images: maria kallin)

Posted in Etsy Faves on February 05, 2010

Happy Corner in the Czech Republic

We always hear about beautiful homes in San Francisco, Paris, London… but how about giving the lesser known spots on this planet a little love, like Olomouc in the Czech Republic! If you have no clue where Olomouc even is, then visit this link for an overview. I recently talked to 26-year-old graphic designer and photographer Jan Skácelík via email about his great apartment which I found because he posted shots of it in my Interior Styling group on Flickr where he is a member. And since his home hasn’t appeared on this blog yet, I figured it would be fun to share something fresh with you today.

Home of Jan Skácelík

Home of Jan Skácelík

Home of Jan Skácelík

Jan says that he is inspired by design blogs like Apartment Therapy and decor8 and is a big fan of mid century modern design and illustrations from that era and his books from the 50s and 60s give him a lot of inspiration too. I think you can really see this in his amazing apartment. Don’t you love it? Someone recently posted on decor8 in the comments section that they have the impression that in Europe homes all have high ceilings and white walls and I just smiled because that is mostly what European blogs, at least in the northern parts, show the most but of course not everyone lives in old buildings here with white walls.

I personally love white walls and apartments that are flooded with light, particularly now because here in northern Germany the days are not so long and it can be mostly gray during the winter so the more light I can trap in the house the better! Plus where I live you can find lots of old buildings with apartments for rent and the standard look in most of them is white walls and high ceilings along with other things like large windows which are typical here. Especially in the buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Most northerners use either bright colors on the walls or white because it helps to brighten the rooms during the cold long winter. You can find some homes with really bright yellow and orange walls here too because these hues warm up a space and give the feeling of light and sunshine. But, because I personally like to have flexibility with my decorating and tend to pull in different colors each season, I usually change the prints on my walls and the cushions on my sofa to bring in new colors and so I keep my walls white though I have wallpaper that I am dying to hang in yellow so that should be installed within the next year or so when I find a new flat. I digress…

But yes, back to the clearly talented Jan who obviously is inspired by the mid century color palette so I can see why he has chosen such bold choices and think that they are quite lovely – a yellow sofa, bright red accents — it’s all just great and he does what some who have mid century modern furniture have a hard time doing — his finds look very modern, fresh and current because he mixes them with energetic colors and newly purchased finds. Some have similar pieces but mix in colors that make them look almost older and not so fresh but with all that white, bright red, yellow and blue he really injects spirit and makes his pieces come alive so that they fit this century. Great style, Jan!

(images: Jan Skácelík)

Posted in Home Tours on February 05, 2010


I love the Dutch brand Nooosugar! Have you heard of them? They wrote to me just yesterday to introduce themselves and the second I clicked over to their website it was insta-love because I find comfort in simplicity and balance these days and enjoy clean, modern design with a dash of bohemian ethnic style more and more. It’s very peaceful I think, it feels special — even a little luxurious and resort-like don’t you think? Nooosugar has all of that in one impressive shop. I was surprised to learn that they are decor8 readers, which came as a pleasant surprise because it’s really such a small world online, you know?




Anja Bas Backer told me about her company that she runs alongside partner Susanne Houx — they have had an online shop for only a year but they are growing and doing quite well. I learned that 90% of what you see on their site is their own designs and handmade by artisans in Morocco and all unique as there’s only a few of each product available in stock. These ladies are so talented with such a great eye for style. The cushions are handwoven striped cloth and one-of-a-kind for example. I love the striped curtains, I imagine them as a canopy over a bed or perhaps on the patio slung casually over a bamboo rod above a table for a laid-back lunch. So pretty!

If you are interested in ordering from them and you do not speak Dutch you can write to Anja via email in English and she’ll answer you – she is very nice and helpful (info AT

(images: nooosugar, taken by photographer Brigitte Kroone)

Posted in Decorating Tips, shopping on February 04, 2010


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