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Budget Decorating Checklist

Here’s my budget decorating checklist on Real Simple.

Posted in uncategorized on March 12, 2010

Bungalow From Denmark

I’ve been wanting to share Bungalow with you for months now because I see them in decorating magazines often over here but I kept forgetting to write about them… but no more! You deserve to know about this beautiful Danish decor company if you don’t already because they specialize in a wide range of products that feature mostly Indian hand-blocked prints – like bedding for adults and children, tea towels, cosmetic bags, clothing for kids, and more only with a twist — a touch of clean, modern Danish style. They have something for everyone!





If you have time, please take a moment to look at their inspirational slideshow that captures the true spirit and magic of India and some of the beautiful people who live there.

Here is their store and web shop locator. (images: bungalow)

Posted in Decorating Tips, Objects on March 11, 2010

Moonbasket: Lighting + More!

Oh, oh, oh! This is hot. Moonbasket in South Africa has some mind blowing crochet designs on their website like crochet pendant lamps, cuff bracelets, stools, and votive candles made out of cotton string and jute twine. Cape Town designer and artist Dani Le Roy launched Moonbasket and works alongside business partner Laura Summs to design and make pendants and other home accessories out of mostly natural materials. Stunning!


So tactile, and very grandma’s house gets a mega modern makeover! And you know what I learned about crochet today that I never once thought about? This.

Crochet is one of the few crafts that cannot be replicated by machine. The unique quality of each handmade item produced becomes the most essential part of its luxury.”

Is that not the coolest factoid ever? I think yes. I mean, it’s like crochet is untouchable, it’s the ultimate handmade product. I really like the simple, modern styles of Moonbasket. What do you think?

(images: moonbasket)

Posted in Objects on March 11, 2010

Warren Heath Photography

Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to sit down today and write a blog post? Literally all day and it’s 11 pm and well, better late than ever. So. How are you? How was your day? Mine is nearly over because remember I’m 6 hours ahead of the east coast now, but my day was good overall. I have some exciting plans in the works and I should be able to make a formal announcement soon — but both are things that I think will benefit you in some way so no… I’m not pregnant and no, I’m not moving though I’m still hoping I find an apartment. I’m still looking, I “drive by” the big craigslist equivalent over here at least 4,000 times a day — I’m obsessed! I find myself in the shower looking forward to whether or not any new property will hit that dang website by the time I’m back at my desk. Lame! But it’s still fun!

Warren Heath Photography

Okay so let’s look at some inspiring rooms for a moment, shall we? I thought we’d step into the world of Warren Heath. I found out about him because my friend Tine sent me this great bedroom photo and I asked her to tell me where it came from and she said she thought it was someone named Warren Heath. I googled him and found his website and there was the photo. Stunning! Then I noticed in google that my friend Emma wrote about Warren recently too after she found him in a copy of a design mag she was flipping through. Emma pretty much shared his entire portfolio here so I steal her thunder, but I will share a few of my personal favorites from his portfolio that really speak to me.

Warren Heath Photography

Warren Heath Photography

Warren Heath is represented by South African agency Frank Features and his work has appeared in top design magazines such as Elle Decoration. Definitely a photographer whom I’d love to observe in action, I imagine on his shoots he really takes a lot of patience as it’s obvious from the natural lighting that he really waits for the right moment to capture it in order to convey the mood he’s setting… And these locations, wow — I look at them and wonder why I’m not living in Australia, Cape Town or L.A. as this entire coastal aesthetic really speaks to me and I like all of the clean, modern lines. And by the way, how cute is that Blythe portrait? (images: warren heath)

Posted in Inspiration on March 11, 2010


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