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Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bookends

I am still thinking about that pretty vintage puppy party that I featured yesterday… oh that was just so adorable. And now that I’m thinking about dogs, I thought I’d share quickly those bookends that I ordered from Barnes and Noble last year (post here) because I realized this morning that I never showed you how they look in-situ. It took about a month for them to reach me (int’l shipping is always slow), but now that I have them I can’t imagine owning any other bookends.

Dachshund Bookends

These white dachshund darlings were designed by Jonathan Adler for Barnes & Noble and you can buy them online (they ship to Europe, too). I ordered them in October and they arrived around the holidays but I was so busy that I forgot to tell you how cute they are! I’m not in love with the lumpy bumpy wallpaper in the flat we are renting right now but it’s not bad either…. you have to appreciate and work with what you’ve been given sometimes, right? And so I have learned to live with the lumps. :)


And these are just snapshots from my day today, but above I’ve shown some loot from my weekly farmers’ market visit this morning. Not styled to perfection, just informal snaps — but this is my life and my typical days are casual and relaxed just like the flowers shown on my coffee table. In addition to tulips I found some yellow flowering branches (though it will be a surprise to see what will blossom as I have no clue what the flower lady called them in German), a little wooden doll for a euro and a pretty bread basket with ceramic blue and white handles for a few euros that I will now use for my mail.

Dachshund Bookends

Here are the flowers now that I’ve arranged them. Again, no frills — they are wrapped with green floral tape to keep them together as tulips can sag and I’ve placed them in a white ceramic canister from IKEA. But the over all look is warm and welcoming just how I like it — I believe that real beauty doesn’t need to be put on, are you with me on that? Style should be effortless because that’s when you know it’s authentic, and uniquely you.

How is your day? Did spring visit your part of the world today as it has for me?

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 10, 2010

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I need to be brief, I’m on the fly and it’s getting late… but I could not miss Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week because there are some real gems to share. No detailed descriptions this time around boys and girls… just pure sticky sweet eye candy glowing from the screen. Here you go — my five picks for the week. I do hope that you enjoy them. The first find is a riot.. I want the lemon print AND the pink heart ‘cos Home is where the heART is!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Dear Colleen has bright and cheery stationery for spring. Gotta love the wisdom in this print, “When life hands you lemons make a gin and tonic.” A woman after my own heart.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Bella Drummer art, gift tags, and other pretty things…

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

One Canoe Two has loads of letterpress goodness but this amazing DIY town blew me away when I read about it on Handmade Charlotte today.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Wicked Mint in Brooklyn has some wicked awesome pillows.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Gingiber prints are quirky and colorful and well, they just make me smile.

Spot any insta-faves? (images: linked to their source above)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on March 09, 2010

Who’s That Girl? J.Crew

Inspired by J.Crew Who’s That Girl?

Posted in uncategorized on March 09, 2010

Jeremy Harwell Photography + A Vintage Party

It’s party time! Don’t you love to hear those words? I do because who doesn’t love a good party? Photography Jeremy Harwell in Atlanta (the brother of the talented artist Anne Harwell) wrote in recently to give decor8 first dibs on sharing a party he recently shot. But not just any party, but a vintage themed puppy party for his beautiful daughter planned and styled by his creative wife Karrie.

Jeremy Harwell Photography

I was excited to hear about and share this vintage party because Karrie went beyond the basics and had each girl in attendance make a pillow out of recycled fabric and vintage buttons. They also made their own book out of vintage prints from the 40’s. All of the fabrics used to decorate are vintage and the sweets were all handmade. Charming, right? Have a look at these beautiful photos as they may inspire a party of your own in the future, the palette for a piece of art you plan to begin, your wedding palette, or even how you imagine decorating your craft room.

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Jeremy Harwell Photography

Thank you so much Jerry for contacting me and sharing this party with decor8 readers. I think it’s just adorable and super inspiring — you really captured the moment so perfectly with your gorgeous photographs! And readers don’t miss Jeremy’s portfolio — it will make your day!

Doesn’t this party bring out the little girl in us all?

Psst: Jeremy has a beautiful blog, too.

(images: jeremy harwell)

Posted in Rooms on March 09, 2010


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