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Tara Donne Photography

Photographer Tara Donne has one of those oh my portfolios that makes you sit absolutely still with eyes locked on your screen, a slightly lowered lip… you know, that pre-drool expression that only comes from stumbling upon the most beautiful imagery ever.

Tara Donne Photography

That is exactly how I describe my experience this morning as I first flipped through her virtual portfolio. With each image, a new sensation, thought, even a few fresh ideas. Her photography is moving, inspiring and though art is subjective and I realize your experience may be different — I absolutely connect with her style (especially the still life photographs) and think there is a good chance you may feel a connection too. Here is but a brief glimpse into her world.

Tara Donne Photography

To view additional photos kindly visit her website.

(images: tara donne photography)

Posted in inspiration on March 03, 2010

Oh, Hello Friend!

I’ve refreshed the new blog of the week, did you see it? It’s Oh, Hello Friend! This blog is by the talented Danni Hong in California who has a beautiful etsy shop and who is such a sweetheart… I just love her soft, feminine aesthetic and all of the pretty things that she produces. I think you will really enjoy following her blog — here is just a glimpse of her beautiful photos which capture bits of her life that she shares on Oh, Hello Friend.

Oh, Hello Friend

You can find Danni at her blog, Oh, Hello Friend and also on Flickr, her website, and her pretty etsy shop.

(images: oh, hello friend)

Posted in Bloggers on March 03, 2010

Snug is Online!

Remember the sweet little shop tour we took last week when I introduced you to snug in my neighborhood? Well shop girls Berit and Kerstin just let me know that their little snug shop is open for business and that they will ship worldwide so if you see anything you like, show them a little love. :)

SNUG - open!

I plan to buy some of the candle holders shown above — they are so cute, you should see them in person! I want to line some up on my dining room table. :)

(image: snug)

Posted in shopping on March 03, 2010

Cotton Idea Studio – 50% off

I was so sad to hear from Cotton Idea Studio today because after three years they have decided to close up shop. I wish them the best of everything… and hope that their road leads them to happy new places. Let’s send them off with a smile, shall we? Why not help them clear their shelves — they are offering a 50% discount valid until the end of March on their website. Please go have a look — products are limited so don’t think to hard about it, now is the time to be spontaneous! :)

Cotton Idea Studio Discount

Wishing you well Cotton Idea Studio!

(images: cotton idea studio)

Posted in stationery on March 02, 2010


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