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Hamburg Bound: Tips?

My new friend at TineKHome in Denmark is traveling down to Hamburg on Thursday and would like some advice on what to see there. She’s looking for some stylish shops and cafes. I have a little list below of some of the places I suggest… If you’ve been to Hamburg what suggestions do you have?

Milchmädchen in Hamburg


  • Habitat – Downtown near the water and old town hall – and by the way, you cannot go to Hamburg WITHOUT seeing the old town hall. My goodness, it’s amazing. Wow.
  • While you are downtown make sure you go to the store/cafe Flamant. Very, very nice and quite large so plan to spend at least 30 minutes browsing. They also make their own paint in some of the best chalky colors. If you have time for cake and coffee, visit their cafe.
  • Stilwerk: a large building with design shops, mostly Knoll and big names, but also a great tea cafe/shop with Hamburg’s specialty tea brand, Samova. It’s also near the port and all the yummy places for fresh seafood.
  • milchmaedchen: small shop owned by a nice lady who has lots of independent brands). I visited and photographed the shop here in 2008.
  • craft2eu: small gallery shop with mostly ceramics and contemporary art and sculpture. Nice.
  • Die Wohngeschwister – furniture and home accessories.
  • TH2 White – Gorgeous! That’s all I can say! Go!
  • Eden Living (I loved this store – typical “Hamburg style” which is a good thing!) It’s also nearby to other nice cafes and shops — pretty area.
  • Lütt & Fien – shop for mostly children but very unique and special. Also happens to be in a very nice part of the city with other shops and cafes nearby. I wrote about them recently here.
  • Andreas Linzner – shop with mostly plush animals but also very original and he is just the nicest man, I met him a few years ago at his shop. He is also located in a very busy area with lots of stores.
  • Charlotta’s – Lots of Amy Butler fabric, patterns in English, Amy Butler books, and fabric from all over the world, lots from America. The shop owner, Karin Fuchs, is a delight and her store is stocked with beautiful things. It’s near craft2eu so you can hit both at the same time.
  • Herzallerliebst – More pretty things, fabrics and notions, gifts, but most of all they have gorgeous leather bags and wallets that they make. They even sell my favorite tea, The o dor, from Paris. This shop is around the corner from milchmaedchen so you can see them both easily.
  • Dedon – Gorgeous furniture showroom.
  • Patio Antiques – came suggested to me by my friend Yvonne as a “must-see” shop.


  • Personally, I’ve not dined out too often in Hamburg but when I have I found East to be exquisite for dinner and cocktails.
  • I also loved TH2 for breakfast and lunch, it’s near the shop Eden Living so you can hit both at the same time. TH2 is such a pretty cafe and is owned by a couple who are both named Torsten and who happen to be designers who own TH2 White.
  • I’ve also been told by the owner of Milchmaedchen to try Bistrot Vienna (cozy and great food) and
  • Rocco (Italian)

Okay so I know I’ve missed a ton of shops and cafes — and I personally would like to know what you do in Hamburg — so please comment with your suggestions below!

(image: holly becker for decor8, taken of the milchmädchen shop)

Posted in travel on March 30, 2010

Patch NYC at West Elm

I’ve been meaning to ask your opinion on the recent collaboration between West Elm and Patch NYC. What do you think about them teaming up with design duo John Ross and Don Carney? I personally think it was a good move on the part of West Elm and I hope that they continue to go in this direction by bringing more small firms under their wing to not only diversify their range but to spotlight the work of talented designers out there who may be interested in taking that next step to become more of a household name. John and Don are so talented, they got started in 1997 and have been producing hats, scarves, handbags and jewelry ever since. Their new home collection for West Elm is quite nice I think… Here are their designs as prints, pillows and plates.

Patch NYC for West Elm

I imagine bringing on Patch NYC for a limited time was a big move for their brand but it’s a smart choice and I think it’s fun to see a collection that merges the talent of Patch NYC with the clean, modern aesthetic of the West Elm brand. I hope that this is the start of more collaborations in the years ahead; I’d like to see them work with other small to mid-size names.

From the Patch Blog about this collection John says, “After many months of design and development, we are very excited to introduce our first collection of home accessories created exclusively for West Elm!  We worked from Don’s ink drawings to create a cohesive group of new designs: small rectangular dishes and serving platters, metallic silkscreen on linen pillows and letterpress prints in lacquered frames.”

What do you think about this collaboration?

(images: patch nyc & west elm)

Posted in design on March 29, 2010

A New Week!

Welcome to a new week of decorating ideas and eye candy! Before we get started, how was your weekend? Did you accomplish all you had hoped and more? I hit the flea market and found a few pretty things, and I bought some new inline skates and a tennis racket for Spring! I did a bit of organizing but ended up spending so much time outside of the house that I didn’t quite accomplish all I had hoped to indoors. Oh well. I guess I will just to have chip away at it again in the week to come! I found these beautiful images this morning on the Die Frau im Haus blog that I thought were just lovely — I love the entryway of this blogger who lives in Vienna. It’s quite nice, don’t you think? A nice “welcome” to a new week, too!

Haus Frau

I also like this nook in her kitchen, she shows it before and then after some rearranging below. Aren’t her tiled floors a dream?

Haus Frau

And finally, I love this shop tour of Mutterland in Hamburg. Hamburg is just an hour from me so I have to go to this shop when I’m there in May to see Sia with my friends.

So friends, welcome to a new week — things to do, places to see and inspiration to be found!

(images: Die Frau im Haus)

Posted in blogs on March 29, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Did you have a nice week? Was it a productive one or do you feel a bit behind? Let’s make a deal. Whether you had a good week or a not-so-good one let’s agree to make this weekend great, okay? Find some time to play with your children, mend a hem, watch a film, paint something pretty, doodle in your journal… but let’s all carve out some time to give something back to ourselves and to be kind and caring to those we love, maybe even a little extra. I will organize my little house as living in such a small temporary space takes constant editing — the moment I have extra things around it starts to feel as though the walls are closing in!


I can’t wait until we find a permanent place to live but for now we must continue searching and exercising patience, something I don’t have much of so I assume this is good training for me. He who holds his breath the longest wins, or so the German expression goes. I personally think that he who holds his breath the longest turns blue and collapses! ha ha! And that is sometimes how I feel as I’m a bit obsessed with this whole house hunt. But this past week I’ve decided to just let go and make the best of my current home until a better one comes along. I plan to do a lot of measuring this weekend because I know I could be utilizing this space much better than I am and since it could be months before we find a place, even a year, I need to still live my life in the interim so I’m planning to do some shopping for a few new pieces that will better organize our nest.

I also plan to spend time with my friends and to enjoy the final weekend in March reflecting on the winter behind me and the spring ahead. April should be a relatively low-key month for me, I have plenty of work to do but nothing crazy but then once May rolls around I will be running non-stop until November at least and I’ll be going into detail later on what I’m up to in the months ahead but it will include travel and lots of weekend spent working so I’m going to bask in the still of April and enjoy every drop — because it won’t stay calm for long. I recently signed on to a spa nearby where I’ll go in April for the month — I won’t be staying there but simply visiting for a few hours in the early morning to exercise, take a sauna, lay on the deck and read (if the weather permits) and do some yoga. April for me is all about restoration and building up my health and energy so that I can be 100% come May.

You know what I did the other day? I bought some beautiful little olive trees for my windows to celebrate spring and now I’m on the hunt for some kitchen things… a blender, a hot water “cooker” as they are called here, and I need a few flower pots for my pretty trees. So in addition to organizing things, I plan to do a little shopping in the morning at the flea market and also in the city.

What will you do this weekend? I do hope you enjoy yourself. I’ll see you on Monday…

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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