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Heather Lins Home

Heather Lins Home has bold contemporary designs for the home that I’m guessing you’re going to like if you’re a typography fan. Heather is a graphic designer in Madison, WI who decided to give screen printing a whirl and launched a home accessory collection a few years back that is both modern and classic — so crisp!

Heather Lins Home

Heather Lins Home

Heather’s background as a graphic designer is very evident in this line — my favorite is the numbered edition collection with a ruler on the placemat and numbered napkins and coasters in cream and black. I also like the speech bubble pillows – that’s another popular motif (the speech bubble) and typography motifs are still all the rage… Love them both!

(images: heather lins home)

Posted in Objects on March 19, 2010

Buk & Nola

I had such a fun day! I was invited for an interview about decor8 today by Radio FFN and I had such a fun time! I kept wishing I had brought along my camera because I would have liked someone to snap a photo of me with the sweet lady who interviewed me. She had such a great personality — and it was a very exciting experience. I can’t wait until it goes live though no date is set yet. I’ve had a very exciting week because I’m in a very big German fashion/woman’s lifestyle magazine called Myself (April 2010 issue, see the article here) that just came out yesterday and then today the radio interview so… well, it’s just great stuff. It’s nice to feel accepted in a new country.

Buk & Nola

It’s very rewarding to do work that gets attention from the right places but also that serves a greater good — it’s not just all about me, it’s about this community and opening more eyes up to what’s going on online. It’s such an honor to represent this community, even if in a small way in my own corner here, but it’s something and it certainly touches me quite deeply. I never imagined that I’d leave behind a corporate job and end up being successful doing work that I love. If you are pursuing work that you love, you must “get” it – it’s very rewarding stuff.

Buk & Nola

Enough about me. Time to share some inspiration. Let’s peek in on this lovely Montreal-based home and gift shop called Buk & Nola. If you are visiting Montreal anytime soon this appears to be a must-see stop. I found out it about earlier this week because artist Kim St Michel (she doesn’t have an online shop yet but you can contact Buk & Nola or email Kim to purchase directly from her bonjour AT Kim sells her handmade banners or “Les guirlandes de Fanions” at Buk & Nola and sent in photos of them in-situ. Aren’t they charming? So many seem to be creating these banners, or bunting, nowadays and I see that they have established themselves as a trend because you can even spot them in graphics — from cards to posters — and also on clothing like t-shirts as a motif. I think they’re so popular because they feel very joyous — bunting always means Party Time and who doesn’t love the festive feel of a good soiree.

Buk & Nola

Buk & Nola

I like seeing motifs that promote positivity in some way, not because I am a goody two shoes but because things haven’t always been sunshine and rainbows in my life and I’ve had tough times like everyone else but find that the only way to really rise above the muck is to focus on the good things in life. To push towards goals and dreams no matter what. I also recognize the need for social activities  — networking, parties, markets, fests, anything that can bring people together to melt away fear and jealously and to instead, foster creativity, community and an overall sense of belonging and meaning. Yeah, I get all of that out of a bunting motif (ha ha). But hey, if you really think about some of  the common motifs out there that you find yourself drawn towards, whether it be birds, rainbows, retro 80’s, whatever — if you explore why you are so drawn to them you can actually learn a lot about yourself. I like bunting because they remind me of celebrations and good times.

Do you like seeing this as a motif? What do you think?

Lovely work Kim and beautiful shop Buk & Nola!

(images: Annie Michaud)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 18, 2010

Samantha Robinson Ceramics

I’ve featured the work of Australian ceramicist Samantha Robinson before but I keep going back to her work because I find it so simple yet so very captivating. I can’t stop looking at her coffee cups today in these pretty Spring hues…

Samantha Robinson

I imagine arranging a single grouping on my windowsill with a pretty, large bloom in each… a rose, a floppy peony… Nothing complicated because often the simple things are the best things.

(images: samantha robinson)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 18, 2010

Me in Myself Magazine

I’m featured in German magazine: Myself!

Posted in uncategorized on March 18, 2010


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