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Clare Plueckhahn Photography

I’ve been busy with some spring cleaning today, and I put a few new chevron pillows on my sofa to spring it up — but it feels nice to take a seat and visit you for a moment to share the photography of Clare Plueckhahn from CI Studios in Australia. Do you know her work?

Clare Plueckhahn Photography

I just spent 20 minutes wrapped up in Clare’s world via her online portfolio and now I want to make a big salad, have a glass of mimosa and some grilled swordfish and eat on the beach, and oh yes…totally redecorate my flat and buy some new clothes while I’m at it. That is what I call inspiration! Here, have a peek…

Clare Plueckhahn Photography

Clare Plueckhahn Photography

I particularly LOVE the store photos she took of the Midi Boutique – this delightful shop is owned by Jess Young in Lorne, Australia and it looks beautiful. I could move in and set up a little bed and desk and be all set. I see a rug and a scarf that I’d love to own, and so now I’m wondering how is the designer for both pieces. I’m referring to the rug that the model (or perhaps that is shop owner Jess?) is shown walking on and also the scarf on the white shirt against what appears to be a chippy white ladder.

I must confess a little something… I am dying to travel to Australia! I have to make it over there eventually… I really do. Seems the Australians are so sunny and creative! My travel must-see list includes Copenhagen, Sydney, Christchurch, Tokyo and St. Petersburg. What are your travel must-sees?

(images: clare plueckhahn)

Posted in Inspiration on April 09, 2010

Shop Tour: Beuteltiere in Berlin!

Today I’d like to share a lovely shop called Beuteltiere that’s so cute and is owned by business partners Barbara Mueller and Katrin Hufer who have knack for curating handbags and accessories – their boutique is like a gallery or gorgeous bags! Beuteltiere is located in Berlin’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg district at Raumerstrasse 19 and just so happens to be where many of my friends shop which is why I decided to write about them today — they are definitely the “it” bag shop in Berlin — especially for girls and guys who love good design.

Beuteltiere in Berlin

Shop girls Katrin (left) and Barbara (right)

I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara a few years ago and we’ve kept in touch since — she’s a great lady and terrific business woman. In fact, the blogging event where I spoke at in 2008 is what helped motivate these ladies to get started with a blog, shop and web shop (you can watch their video in German about it here. It’s great!). This really pleases me — it’s nice to know that so many ladies are being inspired and started a business — and living their dreams. I’m heading to Berlin soon to visit them, the high speed train gets me there in an hour and 25 minutes (not bad!) and I really need to buy a bag for myself for Spring/Summer… and they have some great ones as you can see in these photos!

Beuteltiere in Berlin

Beuteltiere in Berlin

Beuteltiere in Berlin

Beuteltiere in Berlin

I want to mention that recently Nicole from Nicoletter visited Beuteltiere and picked up this gorgeous 100% recycled Matt & Nat bag… it’s a great one, isn’t it? I’ve become obsessed lately with leather bags, sunglasses and umbrellas so you’ll have to excuse me!

If you are a decor8 reader (which you are if you’re reading this, right?!?) you can tell these shop girls when you visit and they’ll give you a 10% discount off of your purchase to celebrate their one year anniversary. If you buy a bag online you can use your discount until the end of April by entering code “BGdecor8″ at checkout.

Thank you ladies for sharing your shop with us today! I feel like I went on vacation without leaving the house. :)

(photography: tim adler)

Posted in Fashion + Accessories, Shop Tours, Travel on April 09, 2010

Dessert Tables by Amy Atlas

Looking for a little party decor inspiration? Look no further than the portfolio of event planner extraordinaire Amy Atlas in New York who specializes in dessert tables — a growing party trend that I think is just great. Amy recently created these dessert tables for Brides magazine and she has so generously detailed each below along with some “behind the scenes footage” which I loved seeing. I hope that you enjoy them!

Amy Atlas

Vintage Table — We incorporated aqua and magenta birds and blooms throughout the design of this table. We made feed sacks by sewing vintage fabric, made homemade preserve favors, and created a bird and bloom bunting banner. We included a birds and bloom ruffled wedding cake, nostalgic candy such as salt water taffy, maltballs, ribbon candy, an old fashioned buttercream cake and dahlia cupcakes. We also made favor boxes with handmade fabric dahlias.

Amy Atlas

Chocolate Spice Table — We incorporated spiced chili and naga curry infused truffles, rosewater malban, pyramid-shaped chocolates, sesame candy and a macaron tower, all on bronze and rattan vessels filled with whole spices. For decorative elements, we included Moroccan lanterns and a pussy willow branch display. We also sewed together burlap fabric to create spice sacks to give the table a “Moroccan-market” feel and filled up Moroccan tea glasses with spiced hot chocolate and cinnamon sticks.

Amy Atlas

Citrus Chevron Table — For this table, we incorporated a bright citrus color palette of tangerine, lemon and lime with a modern chevron zig zag pattern. We created a ribbon garland, clementine centerpiece, as well as chevron patterned popcorn cups and favor bags. We included a modern chevron cake, which we placed on zig zag vessels. Other great treats included passion fruit marshmallows, chevron patterned cupcakes and citrus meringue buttercream sandwiches.

A little peek behind the scenes… More on Amy’s blog here.

Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas

Thank you Amy for sending this to me to share with decor8 readers!

(Photography: Andrew McCaul)

Posted in Decorating Tips on April 08, 2010

Mini Modern Dollhouse via The New York Times

I love me a good dollhouse but not always the Tudor or Victorian kind… so of course I jumped on this article today in the The New York Times and swooned over every bit of it because it’s all about modern mini furniture for dollhouse hobbyists. If you love the idea of a dollhouse filled with min modern design then this article and slideshow just may steal your heart…

miniature modern

If this intrigues you just a wee little bit (pun completely intended) then you can also view the Modern Miniatures group on Flickr or follow the blog Miniatures by Annina. Enjoy!

(image: David Azia for The New York Times)

Posted in Rooms on April 08, 2010


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