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Mini Modern Dollhouse via The New York Times

I love me a good dollhouse but not always the Tudor or Victorian kind… so of course I jumped on this article today in the The New York Times and swooned over every bit of it because it’s all about modern mini furniture for dollhouse hobbyists. If you love the idea of a dollhouse filled with min modern design then this article and slideshow just may steal your heart…

miniature modern

If this intrigues you just a wee little bit (pun completely intended) then you can also view the Modern Miniatures group on Flickr or follow the blog Miniatures by Annina. Enjoy!

(image: David Azia for The New York Times)

Posted in Rooms on April 08, 2010

Inside Out: Desktop

I’m crazy about the 10th Anniversary Issue of Australian interiors magazine Inside Out. It just arrived in the mail 3 seconds ago (I subscribe but sadly I didn’t get the tea towel designed by the Rob Ryan with mine — wah!) and I’m already drooling on the spread called Desktop featured on pages 151-157 styled by Vanessa Colyer Tay (a favorite style editor of mine). Desktop shows how to create a space on your desk that reflects your own personal style but that also inspires you — it doesn’t give tips in text as much as visual inspiration showing a natural theme, a vintage-inspired one and finally a feminine approach — and all are stunning! In case you do not have access to the magazine, here is a glimpse of what I’m talking about… you may click to enlarge each image below to see some of the details. Because people, it’s all about the details in life — am I right?!?

Inside Out Magazine

Inside Out Magazine

Inside Out Magazine

Inside Out Magazine

I love both the natural and feminine desktops the best. The photographs were shot for the magazine by Sam McAdam who has one of the most beautiful portfolios that I’ve ever seen online — her work is styled to perfection but not fussy and it’s just gorgeous….

Isn’t this inspiring? LOVE. IT. In fact, something as simple as a few pages, expertly done of course, can give me inspiration for weeks to come…which is what makes Inside Out such a treat because with each issue I know I’m going to find plenty of goodies to satisfy the cost of my foreign subscription to their delightful magazine. If you are able, definitely pick up this issue –or subscribe —  you will adore everything in it though their 10th Anniversary Issue is by far my favorite to date. The spread on Lee Mathews and their Art Market article are also faves of mine along with the colorful home of fashion stylist Nicole Bonython-Hines – her black “Japan” flooring is stunning.

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Books + Magazines, inspiration on April 08, 2010

Donna Wilson

Designer Donna Wilson in London is no stranger to this blog, I’ve talked about her work twice before (first in 2006!) though it’s been awhile… Let’s check in on this talented lady for a moment to see what she has been up, shall we? Yes, we shall. :)

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

Donna has lots of quirky home accessories in her collection but my favorites include the girl pillow, house blanket, trays, and most of all the hand painted pups! Playful, tactile, colorful… her work covers everything from art to knitted monsters and ceramics so I encourage you to check out her site as there is truly something for everyone. You can see more of her work in-situ along with some of the shows she has been in by following her blog, Leaves and Twigs.

(images: donna wilson)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on April 08, 2010

Elle Decor + Christine d’Ornano

Someday when I become rich and famous I want a townhouse in London. I mean, who doesn’t? And surely it’s the in thing to have when you are of the upper class… for all wealthy folks have a townhouse in some major city — and for me it shall be London. If you were rich and famous where would your townhouse be? Well dreaming aside for a moment, let’s peek at the home of Christine d’Ornano in London’s Notting Hill who comes from a truly royal cosmetics family… Her grandfather co-founded Lancome; her father launched Orlane, and later he and his wife started Sisley.

Elle Decor

Christine currently oversees the operations as Executive Vice President of Sisley in the UK and her modern eclectic townhouse is in the current issue of Elle Decor (April) and is fantastic in every way. Have a peek and read the article and see more photographs here.

Elle Decor

I love the splashes of bold color, the combination of red, pink, royal blue and green in the living room, and all of the gorgeous books and flowers. The massive windows are also to die for. This place makes me think of the summer when I was a nanny many, many years ago for the daughter of the CEO of Laura Ashley and how much I loved hanging out in their exquisite townhouse in Boston’s Back Bay. That summer was the closest I ever came to townhouse life and let me tell you… it was everything you’d imagine and more. All three floors and a roof deck more.

(Photography: Simon Upton for Elle Decor)

Posted in Books + Magazines, inspiration on April 07, 2010


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