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Amie Weitzman: Interior Designer

I want to work on regularly featuring the portfolios of interior designers in addition to the many photographers and stylists that I talk about. I think that as magazines fold it’s important to give designers an additional outlet in which to share their work until the economy picks back up and magazines begin to blossom and launch all over again (because I believe they will – they simply must!). Today we will look at the portfolio of New York City designer Amie Weitzman.

Amie Weitzman

Amie Weitzman

Amie graduated from Parsons School of Design and has also worked in fashion and fabric design and was the designer for the Ralph Lauren Home Collection at one time. She launched her design practice 11 years ago and her modern classic style has been featured in publications such as Elle Decor, Beautiful Homes, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, New York Home and more. I love the mid century living room in the lower right and also the kitchen eating nook in the top right corner — I love wire chairs (I only own one but would love a pair) in white — I never tire of them!

Sorry the image quality isn’t the best — her portfolio photographs are quite small and no photographer is listed so I’m unsure as to who took them. But they’re lovely still!

(images: amie weitzman)

Posted in design on April 07, 2010

Greige Blog

I’ve died and gone to heaven. Only it’s not white as I had thought, it’s greige! You know, I think the first time I heard the word greige was in a copy of Domino magazine. I think some market editor threw it out and it just stuck, sort of like those arrows that they put on everything to show you exactly where that IKEA cabinet is located in this room. The Domino arrows, who can forget those! Ha! Oh, the Domino days and the color greige!

Greige: Blog of the Week

But yes, greige — the color that is gray and beige combined — but take note: it’s not just some hipster word it’s in the actual dictionary. Greige is a legitimate color and it’s also a very legitimate blog that I found yesterday via Elle Oh and wow – it’s so great I’ve added it as my blog of the week.

Greige: Blog of the Week

Greige: Blog of the Week

In addition to the blog, Greige is also the design firm of Christina Fluegge based in Orange Country, California who also has a shop called My Sparrow. If you love beige, gray, greige, white, black… clean and sophisticated design well then this blog is for you. Your own slice of heaven awaits…

I’m on my way out to the farmers’ market now for veggies and flowers so I’ll meet you back here in a few hours. It’s super sunny and 60s here so I’m shopping outdoors today!

(images: skona hem, rum, roland bello photography and canadian house & home)

Posted in Bloggers on April 07, 2010

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Today you’ll find a slight red and blue focus, a little nautical and a little Scandinavian… and some very sweet scratch “save the date” cards and giant speech bubbles on a stick, too! Today is all about color, color, color and some cheeky fun.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Goldy Locks is a Danish-American designer who designs and makes party crafts by hand. She has a background in magazine publishing in the U.S. and recently relocated to Copenhagen to explore her Danish roots. Her work is available via downloadable PDF files in her etsy shop — small toppers for cupcakes or larger ones to hold in a photo, Goldy Locks is fun and fresh!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Suzanne Nicoll is an artist in Connecticut who runs a small design studio along with her husband. I imagine these mermaid prints would be so sweet in a child’s room, don’t you? Especially with bedding in sea tones and a sunny yellow ceramic lamp on the bedside table. Can you see that too?

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Samantha French is currently focused on painting swimmers both above and underwater. I can see these in a crisp blue, black and white bathroom with a black beaded chandelier. You can view more of her beautiful work here on her website.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Daniel and Valeria from the vintage shop Hindsvik live in a small town in Canada where they share their love of vintage wares through their sweet etsy shop. New items added weekly!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Scratch and save the date? Is this not the cutest idea in the world? Artist Leslie Hamer in Chicago is brilliant. See more in her shop, Unless Someone Like You

(images above linked to their source.)

Posted in Etsy Faves on April 06, 2010

Pottery Barn: 10 Organization Favorites

Yesterday, even though I was on vacation, I managed to sit down and write about some great storage options on Real Simple that I found recently in the Pottery Barn catalog. I’ve highlighted 10 of my favorites if you’d like to see them, you may click here. A teaser is below…

Storage Faves from Pottery Barn

And yes I want them both but Pottery Barn (wah!!!) won’t ship to Germany so I guess I have to watch you buy and enjoy them instead. :)

(images: pottery barn)

Posted in round-ups on April 06, 2010


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