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Kate Spade Bureau

The creative minds behind the Kate Spade brand are super inspiring. When I went to visit the website today I found the sweetest bureau where you can click around and view the many details – how fun to spend a few moments playing with the little things on and inside of this bureau! My favorite surprise was when I clicked the bird near the white lamp… Go on, you have to see what I mean!

Kate Spade

I love it when companies do things like this on their website, it makes the online experience so much more fun and less flat don’t you think?

(images: kate spade)

Posted in uncategorized on April 23, 2010

Sofie Lawett

Hello everyone! Yesterday I took a break from posting because I was so busy with some other projects that I felt like I was being stretched in every direction! But today is better, so I want to spend some time with you to share some recent inspirations.

Sofie Hewett

The day for me started off very nicely because I went to view a potential home for the book (thank you Tinna!) I’m working on and it was very beautiful so I took some quick snapshots and sent it off to the publisher. We’re trying to coordinate everything as we want to begin shooting locations this summer which is only a few months away but I’m not stressed as I know we’ll be able to organize everything just fine. I’ve learned that stress only complicates things and most of the time, everything works out in the end anyway so why stress over it! Okay so enough about me, let’s get inspired by some talented people today, shall we?

Sofie Hewett

One is a company called Sofie Lawett in Sweden run by creative duo Sofie Anderrson and Marcus Lawett. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Everyone in Sweden must be so stylish!” and yes, I think you just may be right as it does seem this way because there certainly is a lot of talent there! Sofie Lawett provides interior design and styling since 2006 for both residential and commercial clients with tasks that range from 3D design to building environments for styling, sketches, and decorating spaces.

Sofie Hewett

Sofie Hewett

These photographs, taken by Marcus Lawett, shows only some of their work. You will need to visit their online portfolio to see more. Some of their clients include Hus & Hem, Elle Interior, VTWonen and IKEA to name a few.

(images: marcus lawett)

Posted in Decorating Tips on April 23, 2010

Pottery Barn Gift Card Winners!

I’d like to thank all who entered the decor8/Pottery Barn $100 Gift Card Contest! With 1,605 entries collected in less than one week (wow!), the only way to choose winners fair and square was to use and so here are the 5 winners — each will receive a $100 gift card to be used at Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Gift Card Winners

Drum roll please…

Winners who will receive a $100 Pottery Barn gift card are:

  • #991 Cary, Atlanta, GA
  • #608 Nicole, Savannah, GA
  • #372 Kate, Boston, MA
  • #24, Susan, Orlando, FL
  • #1289, Lisa, Austin, TX


If your name appears above, I will be contacting you for your complete name and mailing address today. Please reply to my email to claim your prize by April 29th. If I do not hear from you by then, another winner will be selected at random in your place and contacted and you will not be awarded with your gift card — so please reply asap! I’d like to thank ALL who participated in this giveaway, and a special thanks to Pottery Barn for making this all happen!

(image: pottery barn)

Posted in contests on April 21, 2010

Emma Jeffs: New Window Films

I’ve talked about window films before and I’ll talk about them again and again because I think they’re fantastic! I was so pleased when Emma Jeffs contacted me yesterday to share some of her latest designs which are now available on Emma’s website for UK and EU customers and over at 2Jane in the USA. Would you like to see how nice they look installed?

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Emma Jeffs

Whether you have a terrible view of a dumpster or some freaky peeping Tom neighbor, window films (also known as window vinyls or stickers) can be a great solution to hide from the ugly, cruel world. Ha. Kidding. But let’s get real here — sometimes urban living isn’t what Hollywood movies make it out to be with sweeping views of Central Park so one needs to have a practical solution to hide the fire escape and views of panties drying in the wind on the neighbors balcony and window films can be a good one. They’re also helpful if you need some privacy (in a bathroom, for instance) but would like to still let in the light OR if you simply want something decorative to spruce up your space — these come in some pretty patterns that look great without drawing too much attention — which I like in a window film — simple, understated, modern, white.

Would you consider adding these to your windows? Have you ever used this product before, or something similar? Where else in the home can you see using them other than windows? I picture them on interior transom windows and glass cabinets and doors — like those large IKEA closets with frosted glass sliding doors. They are so versatile!

(images: emma jeffs)

Posted in Decorating Tips on April 21, 2010


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