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Findelhof Flea Market

May 3, 2010

Good morning to you dear friends —  I’m so happy to be back because Friday I went missing but I must say that having Friday to work offline was very satisfying for me and now I feel like I’m ahead of my workload instead of buried beneath it. On Saturday I found myself with friends in a nearby village called Celle at a lovely flea market held on the grounds of an old farm built in 1478 called Findelhof and we were able to meet the current owner who has quite an amazing property that I imagine is a bit of a dream come true for him to own it. He’ll have more flea markets on his farm this year if you are local you simply must go (6/13, 7/18, 8/8, 9/12 and 10/10)!

Findelhof Flea Market

Imagine this — maybe 200 flea market tables and some food stands surrounding a farmhouse and carriage houses filled with beautiful, affordable vintage finds and some antiques which reminded me a lot of the big Brimfield show that I usually attended each May back in Massachusetts… only a bit better because this flea market was smaller and more affordable, less crowded,  and the grounds were much prettier and you could enjoy beer, wine, and other refreshments and in part of the house there was a beautiful setting to behold… a bakery with homemade vanilla and berry plunder (light and airy pastry dough filled with berries and topped with vanilla pudding) and sandwiches, tea and coffee, and attached to this rustic area where you order your afternoon bites there was a room that felt like something from a movie set with grey/green walls, a corner ceramic stove, high ceilings, antique wooden floors, rustic wood tables, and gorgeous afternoon light streaming in that made the space feel welcoming and cozy. I also enjoyed the outside space where you could lounge around at cafe tables (where we sat) to enjoy the fresh country air and sunshine. Around the farmhouse you could wander the grounds from table to table and shop for buttons, ribbons, oil paintings, vintage postcards and papers, teacups and other porcelain wares, linen in every weight and color from pure white to oatmeal, furniture, books – and much more. They even had a candy cart for the kids with freshly spun cotton candy. I will definitely return to this flea market in the summer!

In this photo collage you can see a glimpse of my day — though I was with friends and really did not want to be a journalist as sometimes you simply must live life without thinking of what would make for a great blog post, right? But yes, you can still see a glimpse of what it looked like there at the Findelhof and you can also see some of my loot. I came home with 5 vintage medicine bottles and 3 white enamelware measuring cups/pitchers all for about $24 USD. Not bad!

(photos taken by me and my husband thorsten)

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