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Just a Note…

Hello and happy Friday to you dear friends! I hope that you have enjoyed your week visiting decor8 as I’ve been busy traveling and blogging from the road although some of my posts I wrote a little in advance so I also cheated a bit. :)  I started off in Belgium on Monday, ended up in Amsterdam on Tuesday and Wednesday and wrapped up in London and now I’m home — there is no place like home!

It was a whirlwind week but I’m happy to report that all of the homes for the book project I’m working on have been shot so I no longer have to hop on planes and trains — which is one part sad and another part great since traveling so often can be a bit difficult when you are trying to run your own business, can’t it? But I’ve managed to do it all with the help of my husband and friends, so now I can spend more time on decor8 again, my first love, as I finish up some of the text in the book and it gets sent on it’s merry little way to the powers that be who are in charge of designing it and making it sparkle.

So! I’m home now after my journey — my shoes have been kicked off, I’ve unpacked, and I’m chillin’ and happy to be here. I missed my husband quite a lot but being away with time to think at night is often a good thing as I have had a lot in my mind to sort out and often that sorting is best to do alone with lots of quiet time. As a result, I arrived home last night feeling like I had a very good sense of direction and that my compass had been reset a tiny bit which is a good thing as I was starting to veer off course in a few personal areas in my life. It’s nice to feel back on track emotionally. And how about you? Are you well? I will be back in a moment to share a lovely space with you from another blogger so stay tuned…

In the meantime, you may read about Jennifer Causey over at Real Simple today — where these two lovely photos came from above.

(images: jennifer causey)

Posted in uncategorized on August 06, 2010

Oh How Pretty…

How many shades of happy does this sofa and arrangement of things in general, make you? It makes my insides and my outsides tingle and smile and feel complete and utter bliss! The Dutch SO rock!

It’s the right marriage of old and new, isn’t it? It is truly an art to be able to mix periods and make it work – and it is not always as easy as one might think. You can learn it in design school but when it comes to having an eye for arranging things it really comes down to letting your instinct guide you and constant practice. When merging modern with vintage, you should start by looking for pieces that do not have competing shapes or patterns. This is good for beginners to remember, as you advance you can start to look for items that give tension but at first, keep it simple. For instance, if this sofa were very ornate with carved curvy legs, it would not sit quite as perfectly next to that shapely side table. If the side table were very plain though, it would still work but may be a bit boring. Decorating is totally subjective though, isn’t it? I mean, it’s 1/3 science but the rest is all art and how you see and interpret the world around you.

What do you think? Is decorating an art or science to you? Or both? It’s definitely both to me but I believe more on the art side when I decorate because often I’ll break rules simply to have what I want!

via: Yvestown via VTWonen

Posted in uncategorized on August 05, 2010

Samantha Pynn Interiors

Any Samantha Pynn fans in the house today? Throw your hands up and say, Oh yeah! I honestly know little about her, she hosts a show on HGTV in Canada called Pure Design, do you watch it? I read somewhere that she is soon to launch her own show in 2011 which may be quite inspirational. I just had a peek at some of her recent interiors and thought you’d be inspired by them so here are a few of my favorites from her online portfolio.

Do you like these rooms? Do you have a favorite? I like the kitchens because that is the one room that I’m thinking of now that I have to design mine and only have between now and mid September to decide and order what I want. We may do IKEA again, I’m not sure… but there is a kitchen designer living near to us that I may tap into for some help since the space does have some challenges and I want to utilize all of the nooks in the best possible way. I am not a kitchen designer by any means, but I do know what I like and I know how I want everything laid out!

I also love the color palette in the living room shown in the second image from the top. A little charcoal, some pink… yet something about that green pillow really gives that palette energy – it’s so unexpected, I love that. Yet in nature, this is completely normal to have fresh green with pink, isn’t it? Just look at your garden and let it inspire your next room design. Oh and you cannot deny the drama of that stunning over-the-top entryway in the large scale bold black and white pattern. Fantastic! You can really do something like this in an entryway as it’s not a room you plan to relax in so you can experiment with an use an energetic pattern in this space of a home, don’t you agree?

(photos: Virginia Macdonald)

Posted in Decorating Tips on August 04, 2010

Where Your Heart Is

Katrin is a twentysomething software developer by day who lives in Germany with her boyfriend and four pet rabbits! Yes, four! She authors a blog, Where Your Heart Is, where she writes about her interior transformations using mostly colorful paint, yarn (she crochets) and fabric — her hobbies include decorating and blogging which enable her to tap into her creative side after work and on the weekends.

You could describe her look as handmade living and a little Yvestown, a lot Cath Kidston and Greengate, Scandinavian Country (a big decor trend in Germany currently) and very, very girly and sweet. It may or may not appeal to your style but there is still something important to learn from lovely Katrin…

What I appreciate about Katrin’s style is that she buys furniture on eBay and transforms it into the cabinets and chairs that you see in her Flickr stream. Like the red cabinet, or the white one with the blue interior that was originally a depressing brown… or the brown chairs that she painted and they became the white ones in her kitchen with the pretty cushions that she upholstered herself.

Little changes like paint and fabric, can do so much to a piece of furniture — never walk by something you like at a flea market and turn it away because it’s the wrong color. If it’s the right shape and is made well, paint can give it the exact change needed to make it a cherished part of your home.

P.S. Love the stool!

(images: where your heart is)

Posted in Decorating Tips on August 04, 2010


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