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Weekend Inspiration

I’d like to wrap up this beautiful week with some final inspiration! It’s always fun to celebrate the arrival of the weekend so I’ve carefully selected some special places for you to see that I feel celebrate home, relaxation, friendship and beauty. All things that I love… And hopefully some in which you will connect to and enjoy as much as I do.

Weekend Inspiration
{Joo Joo, Samantha Hahn, MAV, Fine Day Press.}

Weekend Inspiration

{Glimpses of Rachel Ashwell’s London apartment in Lonny mag. These are all objects I would use to decorate my own home.}

Weekend Inspiration
{The always inspiring Skona Hem. The gray/almost periwinkle cabinet is lovely and I love the abstract floral painting too. The colors! Oh my! They are so warm and inviting.}

Weekend Inspiration

{These are some beautiful photos that really look but also feel like how a weekend should be… This amazing photography is by Catherine Gratwicke.}

Weekend Inspiration

{My favorite views from the home of Cath Kidston as seen in Lonny mag. I love the mantle most of all.}

Weekend Inspiration

{Oh, and this image also from Lonny… I love what Cath says here, “It’s very nice to be called the queen of something, isn’t it?.” So true!}

I hope these lovely images make the beginning of your weekend a lovely one. I will meet you back here on Monday with more inspirations and decorating tips and ideas for a brand new week of eye candy just for you!

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See you on Monday!

(images: linked to their sources above)

Posted in uncategorized on August 20, 2010

We’re Movin’ On Up

The movers came! The movers came! They gave us an estimate on our October 1st move and I’m thrilled because it’s a little under budget and that is always a good thing. So it’s done, we are packing during the month of September and heading around the corner to our new place. I can’t wait. Okay that’s the understatement of the year. I CAN’T WAIT. That’s better. It needed to be all in caps because I’m in an all caps mood today. I feel like screaming from the rooftops, but I’ll scream out into blogland instead — I’m moving! I’m moving! Yay, yay, yay! Are you moving soon too? Are you equally thrilled?

Interior Styling Group on Flickr

{images: ethanollie, mes petites curiosites, jessalyn hope (notice the kitty on the bed? cute!), a few things from my life, jardino Me and Live Bohemian}

It feels so good to know that I’ll be living in my big new pad soon with lots of decorating projects to work on, a shiny new office to call my own, and a guest bedroom and guest bath for friends — I feel like my life is starting to come together after living in Germany for a year now and being a bit in limbo. I am not homesick at all, but I am tired of living in our former vacation apartment because it was never meant to be our full-time digs. I furnished it for vacation purposes only, so lots of IKEA and stuff from big box stores, and then flea market finds and things from local shops but still — it’s mostly IKEA and though I don’t mind a piece or two, I really miss the feeling my former home had because I had accumulated lots of mid century pieces and some pretty Room & Board stuff over time, along with Eames chairs and lots of art and stuff… So my home felt more like home, with feeling and warmth because it took time to pull it all together and lots of searching for the “right” piece. In my next place, I plan to take time to furnish it and slowly sell off the IKEA stuff from this vacation flat and slowly build my life back up again — my home decor life anyway. It took us a little longer than I expected to find the perfect place to move into, but the wait and frustration are over and the time has come to start packin’ (insert celebratory gesture, like a fist pump, here) and plannin’,and  decoratin’ and shoppin’ (mostly flea markets and eBay)… we’re movin’ on up people!

Interior Styling Group on Flickr

{images: Kristena Derrick, Studio Meez, Les Tissus Colbert, Dottie Angel, l’aria and Mundo Flo.}

If you’ve followed this blog for some time you’ll recall that back in June of 2009, I packed an entire house in New Hampshire, minus the furniture which I sold, to relocate to Germany and my boxes arrived in October 2009 and guess what? Those boxes are still waiting in our basement to be unpacked. I don’t even know what is in them anymore, I mean I know my wardrobe is down there, and my art work, and all the things that I love and need — but I badly want to open them and organize my life because I crave to have places to put everything and to have some kind of inventory system. When I need a stamp and envelope, I want to go to my mail drawer. When I need supplies to make cupcakes, I want to refer to my baking cabinet. When I need to find a back issue of Domino magazine, I want to go into my office, open a cabinet, and find them neatly cataloged there. Are you with me on this? It’s nice to know where your stuff is!

Interior Styling Group on Flickr

{images: Les Tissus Colbert, Les Tissus Colbert (what can I say, I love Karin’s work!), Emma Lamb and Jutta.}

So yes, very soon my chaotic two room apartment lifestyle with both of us working full-time from home will come to a happy ending. My office is currently in the living room, his is in our bedroom – a real romance killer all around because candlelight dinners have been replaced with my laptop and piles of paperwork! Today is a very good day friends because of those darn movers — the move is on – and I say bring it!

Interior Styling Group on Flickr

{images: ish & chi, ish & chi, wood & wool stool, Facily Sencillo, Miss Vu, jardino Me, ATLITW and Wood & Wool Stool.}

Okay so what is this post really about anyway, besides me, me and more me? Ha! I know, right? Well it’s about home and the importance of feeling at home, having a space that supports you and your lifestyle, and being productive at home — which usually involves being organized because the more organized you are, the less time you spend wondering where something is and the more time you spend on using it to create stuff (a shelf, a piece of art, a cake).  Do you agree?

In this post, I’ve rounded up some spaces from the many creative contributors to my Interior Styling group on Flickr (over 2,350 members!) to share some inspiring rooms and nooks with you today. Perhaps these corners will get your wheels turning for the weekend — a new project to try, a cabinet to organize, a flower arrangement to pull together as a centerpiece for your table. No matter what little improvements you make at home, they all add up and serve as real well-being boosts so why not make some time this weekend to give your home a chance to make you a bit happier? I have about 10 minutes to myself this weekend, but I plan to sit down and draw up some floor plans for my new place so I can get a sense of what I have, what I need and just so I can have crazy fun playing around with ideas because isn’t it exciting to move and decorate? Weeee!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Decorating Tips on August 20, 2010

Raquel Alves Mixed Media Art

I just received the September issue of Sew magazine (UK) because I am featured in it on page 49 (see it here) thanks to the lovely Nikki. Yay! I’ve never been in a sewing magazine outside of Selvedge before, so it’s an exciting new group of readers to be introduced to. While reading the issue I discovered a collage artist who uses photographs, paint and textiles for her mixed media work and I just have to share her creative mixing… Her name is Raquel Alves and she lives in London.

Raquel J.Alves

I’d love to see more of Raquel’s work because I found little of it online, but what I did see looks very nice… I think she has a good thing going here by combining all of her favorite techniques into a single piece – photography, then paper, fabric and finally stitch work. It’s inspiring to see people who experiment with new combination’s and who break their own rule book. It’s one of the things I love to see the most — creative exploration.

(images: raquel alves)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on August 20, 2010

Take What You Need And Leave The Rest

Take what you need and leave the rest. Let’s discuss. I like this expression because in an effort to live a bit more simply, some of us work extra hard to tame our wild shopping ways. It’s a challenge to purchase only what we love, what we need and what matters (and not something because it is trendy or on sale). Take What You Need And Leave The Rest. Words to live by, not just a casual expression but also a dreamy painting by artist Lizzy Janssen as you can see below. The colors captivate me and the message is inspiring.

Lizzy Janssen

More and more, I’m learning that the best shopping days are ones where I allowed myself to buy one or maybe two of my favorite things and to leave the rest, no matter how much “the rest” had been marked down or how I imagined I may use “the rest” someday. I buy only what I love now, even when it comes to mundane things like a veggie peeler. I buy the veggie peeler that is the best quality but also within my budget and that matches my kitchen so when I open my drawer and see it there, it looks nice resting next to the other things in the drawer because hey, why shouldn’t your veggie peeler look decent? As a result of buying the best, which also means buying less, I am shopping smarter and with more confidence and joy. Funny how upping your standards changes how you feel and how you live, all for the better.

Lizzy Janssen

What do you think about Lizzy’s work? I’ve shared here some gorgeous paintings — I see watercolor-y prints and patterns everywhere these days, from graphic design to fashion, art, housewares, it’s all so lovely don’t you think? And what do you have to say on the subject of buying what you need and leaving the rest? Do you believe in this? Or are you a bit of a shopaholic unable to really put on the brakes? What are some ways you have learned to shop smarter?

(images: lizzy janssen)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on August 19, 2010


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