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D. Porthault Luxury Linens

What girl doesn’t dream of owning D. Porthault linens? It seems like a very city girl thing to have, especially in New York and London, where I seem to see them in bedrooms the most. In fact, one of my dear friends just spent over $1,000 on linens for her bed and I must say, I was a bit green because I could never imagine spending that much on sheets but then again, I was raised differently than she was — my parents were not into luxury brands so I never gave them much of a thought.

d porthault

To me, luxury goods were part of someone else’s world, not mine, and I was okay with that. But after seeing her amazing sheets and spending the night in her flat (she dressed my bed in them as well), I began thinking that perhaps the luxury world does not have to belong to the rich and fabulous, perhaps I could hit a D. Porthault tag sale in London or New York in the near future or maybe buy one or two nice things vs. an entire collection, just to have some of the luxx in my life. Though I must admit, I’ve never spent $200 on a bath towel so I think I’d need a very strong cocktail to get the courage!

D. Porthault is a luxury brand made in France using the finest materials, designed by the D. Porthault team in Paris. It’s a very exclusive brand, the Rolls Royce of linens. That makes them very expensive, you can expect to pay around $200 for a 56″ x 48″ bath towel or $150 for a slightly smaller one measuring around 31″ x 51″. Not for the budget minded shopper. But there is a place for luxury items, we need them in the world, and so I support the luxury market because a little Chanel, Tiffany and D. Porthault goes a very long way!

Are you a D. Porthault fan? Do you own or are you like me, a secret admirer? I would love to own the Bouquet Eclate towels for my new guest bathroom or the lovely pink Coeurs towels OR (I know, right?) the yellow Mimosa pattern. For the bed, I adore nearly all of the patterns shown here, they are so feminine and the sheets themselves feel like heaven to slip between.

So tell me, do you buy luxury goods? If so, what do you buy and why? How much money would you spend on luxury items for yourself or for your home?

(images: D. Porthault)

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Smoke & Mirrors

You may not want to add smoke, but mirrors are great!

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Rooms Inspired By Corsages

You can be inspired by so many different things from the wings of a bird to a corsage on your blouse! is a small business that specializes in creating beautiful corsages and other decorative pieces to embellish your wardrobe — it’s exciting to peruse their website because you can always find something lovely but you also can find inspiration for your next decorating project! How so? Take inspiration from the colors, patterns and textures and translate those things into a room — it’s all about letting your imagination play and giving yourself the freedom to explore something new — who would have thought that a brooch pinned on a vintage dress could inspire a wall of plates? But it can.


These images above, paired with the corsages, were not inspired by work of — though I’ve paired them to appear as such. This is merely an example to support my point so that you get an idea as to exactly how this sort of thing works. Now it’s your turn. Here are some more lovely things from below. Perhaps you can use them to inspire a room in a your home now, or someday?



And a big P.S. — yes that model with the red hair is the lead singer Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy that I wrote about a few years ago after seeing her in concert. She is a doll, isn’t she?

Let your creativity run wild, inspiration is all around you if you pause for a moment to simply see it.

(images: plates: shannon fricke, bed with child: vogue living tear, all others:

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Anna Williams Photography

I want to immerse myself into something refreshingly beautiful for a moment to ease my mind and comfort the soul. It’s impossible to not feel inspired by the talented Anna Williams so I have selected her portfolio to highlight in order to accomplish my need for visual comfort food. Would you like to join me?Anna Williams

Anna’s photographs magically transport you to sweet spaces where cherished memories are made, where tables runneth over with delicious foods and ease delightful object beckons you to hold it, use it, run your fingers on each creamy smooth surfaces…

Anna Williams

I first discovered Anna in Real Simple but after finding her again online I learned that she is based in Brooklyn and has been shooting commercially for Martha Stewart Living, body + soul, O Magazine, Weddings, Whole Living, Food & Wine, Target, Williams Sonoma and many others for over 10 years, including Real Simple. She has shot 43+ covers — wow!

Anna Williams

Anna Williams
Anna Williams
Anna Williams

Stunning work — Anna is one of the reasons why we keep buying magazines, you can’t tear images from blogs and tack them on your board for inspiration, can you?

I hope that you will visit her website and slip away into her stunning portfolio for additional inspiration today. Perhaps you will come across some familiar images from some of your favorite magazines.

Wasn’t that a luxury, to enjoy her gorgeous photos for a moment?

(images: anna williams)

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