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Cellardoor Magazine

I found out about the lovely e-mag (yes, another one!) called Cellardoor magazine today on twitter when I read a tweet from Caitlin over at Nice etc. — she was featured in their latest issue. Intrigued, I clicked her link and found a lovely e-magazine primarily focused on fashion but that also contains a bit of interiors inspiration, too.


Launched last year in the UK by Amy Power and Jade Cooper-Collins, Cellardoor is a quarterly e-magazine geared towards the young and stylish. In it, you can find mostly fashion along with music, art, beauty, interiors, culture and more. “Cellardoor has a feminine but edgy quirkiness that will make you want to keep flicking through, discovering new talent, hidden treasures and classic gems that we want to let everyone know about.”


A highlight for me was learning about illustrator Emma Block – you should seriously visit Emma’s website. Drool! I love it ALL.

Check it out!

(images: cellardoor magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 20, 2010

Faux Fireplaces: Your Thoughts?

Okay I seriously need YOUR help – yes the tables have turned! :) To faux or not to faux, that is the question and currently my new home dilemma. I move next week on Friday and I’m starting to think about decorating and how I seriously want to put a faux fireplace in this room below… but is that tacky? I was reading one of my favorite decorating books by Mark & Sally Bailey, Simple Home, over the weekend and they are seriously against it – that one must be true to the home and its history. I’m sure this home had a ceramic stove at one time, it was built in 1900, but that was long removed so now I’m trying to figure out if I should add a faux fireplace or not. This will most likely be my living room, though that is still under discussion as I have 3 different rooms that could all easily be a living room due to the incredible floor plan. But for the sake of keeping things easy, let’s go with this room being the space for the living room.

My new place!

The wood herringbone floors are original (110 years old!), as is the ornately carved ceiling — you cannot see them too well in this picture but there are flowers carved in two rows across it along with beams… so it’s a pretty lovely living room. There are no windows on either side, but where I stood to take this photos there is a wall of folding glass doors leading into what will most likely be my office.

Anyway, what you are seeing in the back there are double doors leading to a very large tiled “wintergarten” that happens to be heated so I can use it year round… and out there I plan to cozy it up with plants and a place to read and relax. But back to the idea of a faux fireplace. I would look for something vintage — not new — but I think the real draw is to have a focal point but also to create something cozy — a mantle with a mirror above it and space below for stacking wood and some candles just seems like the right choice. But Mark & Sally Bailey would be against this decision, and so would a slew of other designers out there, yet I still want to do it. What do you think? Any tips? I guess I could also just buy a fabulous dresser or low cabinet and put a shelf over it and a big mirror on top but I have this fireplace idea stuck in my head.


(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Decorating Tips on September 20, 2010

Nani Iro by Naomi Ito

I heard about Japanese textile designer Naomi Ito (she designed the Nani Iro fabric collection) for the first time today from Leslie — she pointed me over to Heather’s blog to learn more about Naomi as well. These are such gorgeous patterns, and I love the watercolor-y deliciousness of them all and had to post them for a little visual inspiration for you today.

Naomi Ito

You can buy some of her prints, patterns and books at Super Buzzy in case you like what you see… You can also search for Naomi Ito or Nani Iro on Etsy and you’ll find sellers who have her things too.

I wish you a lovely weekend! I am going to a fabric market with my friend tomorrow and then I’ll be reading, writing more of my book, and packing for the big move in two weeks. I also have to work on my kitchen design this weekend — almost forgot about that — oh my! Busy! And what about you, anything that you have planned?

Also, I have quite a lot of shiny new books to read. Here is what came in this week. I bought some of them online, I went on a little book shopping spree and yes, I indulged quite a bit…. First up is Home is where the heart is and also Sensual Home both by Ilse Crawford and I can’t believe I’ve never read them!! Oh and the new issue of Jeanne d’Arc magazine, I bought a second copy of Simply Home by Mark & Sally Bailey because I forgot I already had one (oops!), American Modern by Thomas O’Brien, Farrow & Ball Living with Color by Ros Byam Shaw, Harmonious Home by Judith Wilson, All in the Detail: Over 400 Finishing Touches That Make a House a Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Old House New Home: Stylish Modern Living in a Period Setting by Ros Byam Shaw, Contemporary Country by Emily Chalmers and Pattern by Orla Kiely. Yes I know, that’s a long list and very indulgent of me but it feels good having this great stack before me to enjoy and refer to for ideas and inspiration over the years to come. I love books.

Have a lovely weekend and if you can, spoil yourself a little – okay?

(images naomi ito)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on September 17, 2010

Rue Magazine

There are so many great e-magazines out there right now! If you don’t believe me, read my complete e-mag round up and prepare to drool in delight. The next digital mag premiering on computer screens around the world is called Rue and is available for your perusing pleasure…

Rue Magazine

I’d like to thank Rue founders and fellow bloggers Crystal Gentilello and Anna Sage for featuring me in Blogger Side By Side on pages 40/41. I loved the illustrated stick thin and stylish version of me (I wish!) that the amazing Dallas Shaw pulled together, so cute! And it was fun to see illustrated me holding my favorite wallpaper and surrounded by two of my favorite things, perfume and lip gloss. I also liked learning about some of Ronda’s favorites too. You can see it below…

Rue Magazine

And here are some favorite glimpses from this beautiful magazine… I love how many bloggers I spotted in this issue, it was a really nice mix of my favorite people online and how excited I was to read that the fabulous Will Taylor from Bright.Bazaar in London works for Rue now – I love that guy (Will you soooo rock).

Rue Magazine

There is Joy in the navy/white spots having fun!

Rue Magazine

Great bed, love this frame and that gorgeous pink spread.

Rue Magazine

Victoria always gives a good home tour. Beautiful space, V!

Rue Magazine

More pretty views of Victoria’s home.

Rue Magazine

Happy Friday everyone!

(images: rue magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 17, 2010


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