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More Kitchens To Love

Weeee! I have to tell you the good news. We get the shiny new keys to our place on Tuesday and our names are already on the doorbell. And the moving company brought over all of our boxes this morning. It feels so real suddenly – we move in 3 weeks!

Kitchen inspiration

I wonder what it will look like now that the bathrooms and kitchen are renovated? We have white tiles on the wall and a white tile floor and the bathrooms are both totally white but hey, I think it’s a great base to work from and gives us loads of options for the space, so I won’t complain. It’s a brilliant rental until we buy, so most likely our last rental, and I plan to enjoy it quite a lot. My husband is already talking about potentially buying it someday, he loves it and we’ve not even moved yet. It’s nice to see him so excited and cute about it, that is how you want a move to be — full of excitement and new possibilities…

Kitchen inspiration

If the light is good on Tuesday I’ll snap some photos and show you the space if you’d like to see it totally empty. I don’t want to bore you with this stuff…. but if you really care to see it then just let me know. Say the word and I’m ON IT.

Kitchen inspiration

Kitchen inspiration

With moving on the brain, I thought we’d continue talking about kitchens. I’ve collected some more inspiration… This time from Sköna Hem magazine, a Swedish decorating magazine that I love and have been enjoying for several years now. Perhaps these beautiful Sköna Hem kitchens will spark some of your own ideas. I loved reading through your comments on my last kitchen post — it was so encouraging and you have some great tips.

(images: Sköna Hem magazine)

Posted in Rooms on September 10, 2010

Rifle Paper Co.

I keep seeing Rifle Paper Co. popping up around blogland and I’m loving their stuff. And well, like all things I love, they end up right here on the blog as they should! Rifle Paper Co. has the best product styling and the photography is just divine — so fresh and clean. I really like what they design — the colors are so vibrant against crisp white. From cheerful cards to playful posters and recipe boxes (my favorite), it’s hard to not fall in love with something on their website.

Rifle Paper Co.

Once I move and come out from under this packing cloud (ha!), I can finally think about things like buying pretty paper again. I really look forward to that because my stationery supply box is looking soooo lame. I opened it the other day looking for a suitable card and nothing worked so I had to make one — I had about 5 minutes — and then I raced out to give it to my friend. I still wonder if she opened my card once she got home to view my cut and paste Holly version and thought, “I thought this girl had taste!”. Moments like that one, scrambling to find a card, reminded me of the importance of keeping stock as I did in my more organized days, which I really want to get back to once I have a dedicated office space again. Chaotic work spaces are such downers, man!

(images: rifle paper co.)

Posted in stationery on September 09, 2010

Greg Hatton Handmade Furniture

I just heard about Australian furniture and landscape designer Greg Hatton because one of his photos popped up on the main page over at Pinterest.

Greg Hatton

Side note: I love seeing birch logs in fireplaces stacked, standing… it’s gorgeous. I keep thinking that I need to buy a “faux” fireplace so I have an excuse to display birch logs. :) But it needs to be vintage or something like this (though I’d need to tile it or paint it inside to give it a more authentic vibe). I digress…

Now back to the wonderful world of Greg Hatton. Once you start browsing his website, you may recognize his willow bench and birch headboard from Sibella Court’s recent book, Etcetera Etc. Greg also goes by Twiggy, a name that is not only very sweet I think but best describes his rustic furniture and lighting.
Greg Hatton

Greg Hatton

I know it’s just a close up of wood, but I had to include this picture – to me it’s just gorgeous. I’d love to tack this on my inspiration board. The texture is lovely – so simple and pure.

His work is very casual and free-spirited which, I think, best highlights the natural materials that he uses. I’ve shown just a tiny glimpse of his work, you can see more on his website or in his Flickr album maintained by his studio assistant, Leila. So inspiring!

(images: greg hatton)

Posted in Objects on September 09, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

After writing my last post about kitchens, I tried to quickly collect some images to inspire me. You see, what I’m hoping for here is that seeing them will kick my rear into gear as I embark on putting mine together before the big move.


Truth is, kitchen design intimidates me so I need to see some nice (affordable) ideas that can help put me in the You Can Do This mood. I want stuff I can’t afford! My husband wants me to do it in one day and just be done with it! I want to spend 3 months finding the perfect solution! The things I love are too expensive here! I don’t know where to find vintage cabinetry and old farmhouse sinks! Eek, eek and more eek. Well, I think I’ll do what I always do when overwhelmed… run screaming towards a pile of neatly stacked magazines (like Livingetc where I grabbed the images you see in this fine post) and books and try to see what my options are.


Love me some open shelving but could not live with it under the counter because I’d always be dusting and washing everything. I currently have open shelving over my sink and I’m not such a fan of the dust so I’ve only placed things on it now that I use daily. Wine glasses are in the glass cabinet now — those little dustaholics!


More inspiration that makes me swoon. I love the toaster and blender…. and the counter is just grand. I can see myself plopping toast onto that beauty, buttering it, sipping a big glass of OJ as the morning sun streams in… Wait! What happened to the cookies in my clear glass cookie jar!!!!


My new kitchen is no where near this size so having a bar with stools will remain a dream. BUT I don’t like this as much as I dig the more rustic kitchens, it’s a bit too sleek for my taste. What do you think?


This is styled so nicely. And that tilework is full on rad. But could I ever commit to tile that is so bold and graphic? No way. I sometimes envy people who can make long term decisions, and be happy with this, like the folks who own this kitchen. I just don’t have THAT gene. You know, the completely organized I always know what I want one.


Maybe this is a bit wonky, I don’t know, but the idea is cute. I just don’t know about the frame around it, it looks too fancy for me. I’d dig this frame-free and mounted on the wall. I love the thought of having all of these perfect squares to put things in. I could waste hours rearranging and arranging these babies.


How delicious is that tile? I think there is just too much white in here for even me though. I need some natural wood. But hey, if someone gifted me with this exact kitchen I would be such a show off nah nah nahhhhhing it to everyone. Nah, nah nah nah my kitchen is awesomerrrr….

So yes, kitchen design. I know about the triangular work flow thing that all kitchens must have, I know where I want my sink, oven, stovetop and fridge… but what I don’t know is how to find what I see in my mind’s eye over here. Back home, I’d know exactly where to drag my patient husband. I guess it’s time for me to stop whining and start working. I have a long way to go…

(images: livingetc)

Posted in Rooms on September 08, 2010


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