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Barbara Coupe Pillows

I spotted these gorgeous pillows today from Barbara Coupe, a textile designer in London who specializes in hand-embroidered goods that are made in England, and had to share them. The typography-as-decor continues to be a strong trend here on this side of the pond — in fact, it has enjoyed quite a long run both in parts of Europe and in the US. Certain trends definitely have staying power and end up running a lot longer than others, which is of course largely due to supply and demand so if consumers are drawn to a certain trend and don’t tire of it easily, it can endure for some time — and rarely, though it has happened, even becomes a classic style, a must-have in every home.

Barbara Coupe

Other trends disappear forever once they’ve had their run, but then others circle back — like the revival of wallpaper. After it’s popularity waned in the 1990s, it made a huge come back about five years ago and today it’s a staple in some of the most drool-inducing rooms in the world. With growing options from hand-blocked to hand-painted, eco, and beyond wallpaper seems to have staying power so if it is does start to lose its mass appeal in a few years, no doubt it will circle back again for the next generation of young designers to embrace as a hot new trend all over again.

Barbara Coupe

Barbara Coupe

I find trend watching quite fascinating, especially now that I live abroad, because lots of what we see over here makes it to the states a year later but also vice versa as the US starts many trends on its own — like the whole blogging trend and handmade market trend — I credit them mostly as being largely promoted in the states before the rest of the world caught on so it’s not always Europe dictating movements in fashion, art and design like so many assume, America plays a huge role in up-and-coming trend movements as well.

Barbara Coupe

But back to lovely Barbara Coupe, who made these stunning cushions that definitely have anglo-appeal. Many people, even those who have no English ancestry, love the Union Jack as a motif and of course this has been a trend in decor as well hasn’t it? I’ve seen Union Jacks popping up in design for some time now. I don’t think we have a US-equivalent using the flag, if we put a US flag on anything it is usually attributed to either the Fourth of July, being a fan of the New England Patriots or associated with the Ralph Lauren/Polo brand. To me anyway. It would be cool if a designer could modernize the US flag somehow, if that is even respectful to say, and make it more interesting to show in the home because currently it just doesn’t seem to find it’s way to sofas in our favorite magazines as cushions or wall hangings like the Union Jack, does it?

Lovely work, Barbara!

I’d like to thank new blogger, Emily Peck, for writing about Barbara Coupe and pointing me to her blog today – it was nice to hear from you! Thank you for the tip!

(images: barbara coupe)

Posted in Trends on November 15, 2010

At Your Leisure Zine

I have to show you some peeks of Jonathan Lo’s zine, At Your Leisure, that I just received in the mail today. It’s amazing! I love it and highly suggest that if you like small, unique publications with interesting articles, beautiful photography and snazzy layouts then you’ll adore lifestyle zine At Your Leisure. Jonathan is an editor (Happy Mundane) and an art director (J3 Productions) and has the most exquisite taste — he should be doing magazines and books for a living in my opinion because he has such a great eye and there just isn’t enough great stuff on the newsstands these days that is by men that doesn’t include the typical man-fare out there (gummi-boobs, blood and gaming). Ha ha!

At Your Leisure Zine

Jonathan Lo has such a unique vision, it’s very forward and his zine doesn’t duplicate what you already see a million times but it raises the bar. When I look at his work through the pages At Your Leisure, I see a very fresh, forward-thinking guy who isn’t afraid to take risks and I like that. Nothing about it says mainstream snooze-fest and that, these days, is quite an accomplishment.

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

Jonathan I applaud your efforts, adore your blog (for years now) and love your zine – the second issue is just great and I can’t wait for the next, and the next and so on! I hope everyone who reads it “gets” your vision and loves it as much as I do because seriously dude, your rock.

P.S. Hottie Alert! The man candy in this issue (shown also above) is model/actor Joshua Kloss. He is in the Katy Perry video, Teenage Dream, in case his face looks familiar but if you’re like me… well, I didn’t even notice his face… :)

To get a copy of At Your Leisure, click here.

(images: j3 productions)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 12, 2010

Interior Styling Inspiration

This morning I must share with you some inspiring imagery from my Interior Styling Group on Flickr which currently has over 2,580 members worldwide! It’s quite a dynamic group of talented decorators, that’s for share. Don’t believe me, well see for yourself some views of homes from just a handful of the submissions I’ve seen this week! I’d love for you to play the “spot toilet paper rolls” game with me for a moment. When you look at the images below, spot the toilet paper rolls and tell me what you think of them – you’ll “get” what I mean in a moment. This is the best DIY project ever!


Dottie Angel

Saídos da Concha

Wood & Wool Stool

The Happy Home


wood & wool stool

Les Tissus Colbert

The Happy Home




See any ideas for your home? Will you be decorating this weekend at all? I am unpacking now that I’m back from Africa and Turkey, I have been traveling so much since I moved in on October 1 that nothing has been done in my house! Tomorrow our kitchen will finally be installed so I will be able to whip up meals now and enjoy morning breakfast in my kitchen — I am so excited about this because it’s truly the little things — tea by the window with toast and honey — that make me often the happiest. I miss having breakfast in a normal breakfast space, I miss having a kitchen sink, I miss having cabinets and places to store and I miss being able to make a pot of tea and drink it from a ceramic mug vs. a Styrofoam cup! I feel like I’ve been on a really long camping trip and tomorrow it will officially end! Plus, last night, I finally decided on the arrangement of my front rooms – where I will put the living, dining and my work room — which is a huge relief because I’ve been turning this over in my head for weeks and now I’ve made a decision so I can start to furnish them and work on a floor plan. Yay!

What about you? Anything new? I have missed you guys so much! I’m not going to be traveling this month or next month, with the exception of maybe Hamburg and Berlin but those are weekend trips that won’t disrupt my work schedule so you can count on seeing me each day. In January I will go to Maison & Objet in Paris for a week to post on decor8 and I’ll be at Domotex, the big rug fair in Hannover, but I’ll be online and blogging daily as usual so you can expect me around during normal business hours going forward. :) I am happy about this because I’ve missed being here daily – I have so much to talk to you about! Oh and next week Leslie will be back with her November edition of Color Me Pretty. Yay! I can’t wait. And a big P.S. — she’s going to be continuing her column here for 2011 too, so you have more Leslie in the new year! Yay for us!

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on November 12, 2010

Nicola Cerini Australia

Australian textiles designer, Nicola Cerini, contacted me this morning to share her line of products and textiles and so I thought I’d share the link to her site and a quick peek of her gorgeous fabrics (and rugs). I put her fabrics together in an inspiring mosaic below, can’t you see how well so many of these prints and patterns could live together in a single room? I spot a few that would look great together, especially the pinks and blacks on a patio or guest bedroom. I also think the folk print with the orange and pink would be fantastic in a mid century style living room or even a kid’s room. Lovely!

Nicola Cerini Fabrics

Nicola Cerini Fabrics

Nicola Cerini Australia was established 15 years ago by textile designer Nicola Cerini. She is dedicated to Australian design and textiles and built her brand using high quality eco-friendly materials that reflect her natural surroundings — Australia’s flora and wildlife. She produces a range of rugs, fashion, handbags, accessories and designer homewares but also many prints are also available to purchase by the meter for a home decorating project so email them if you see anything above that you like!

P.S. I am obsessed with floor rugs lately! What are you obsessed with?

(images: nicola cerini)

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