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Artist Barbara Augustynowicz

I came across the work of Polish artist Barbara Augustynowicz today on Flickr and immediately knew I had to share it with you! Her art is created using several mediums — sometimes a piece will begin in a sketchbook and then watercolors, ink, pencil, pens and markers are used. In the end, Photoshop and Illustrator gives her work that polished, finishing touch.

Barbara Augustynowicz is the founder of Bachullus Design where she takes on freelance illustration and graphic design projects. Her art is rooted in her four key loves: fashion, design, photography, and art. Barbara currently studies at Modern Graphics in Krakow. She can be found on Flickr in two places: Here is where her illustration is (I encourage you to check it out) and here is where you’ll find her photography.

(images: barbara augustnowicz)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 09, 2010

The Crate Trend: Hot or Not?

I’m sure you see them popping up all around blogland, the crate trend is hot — and I don’t mean milk crates but gorgeous, rustic wood ones. Crates that range in size and color and are making their way to homes everywhere… There are lots of companies who sell them, even more who find vintage ones and resell them, and then there are homeowners who choose to make them.

Crate Trend

Kjerstis Lykke is a blogger who likes to use crates to store things in on the countertop in her kitchen as well as in her living room as a bookcase on castors.

If you want to make crates into something functional and good-looking try popping on some castors and roll them around as storage (great for magazines and kid’s toys), stack some for a bookcase, or mount one or several to a wall as shelving. If you can’t seem to find crates then try hitting a craft store or one of those natural wood shops. Retropolitan found her crates below at the Jo-ann craft store for $9.99 each (currently on sale for $6.99) and she shows exactly how she turned her boring find into a fab one with an A-Z how-to right here. Tip: You can also get sturdier crates from Target for $28 and make them look weathered by adding some stain, paint, sanding them in spots, hitting them with a chain or hammer… I’m not kidding! Crates that look vintage are all the rage.

Crate Trend

Crate Trend

Another homeowner who chose the DIY route is Ana White who happens to have a hammer on her hip for this tutorial. I love her crates that she has handmade shown above. Great work! Learn more here.

Crate Trend

Bailey’s Home & Garden and The Selby

Crate Trend

Three Potato Four shop

Crate Trend

Images above are from an unknown source but if you are clever and know their origin please tell me so I can give them link love. :) Looking for vintage crates? Take your pick here on eBay!

Zakkamate on Etsy has them too.

Ironically, I couldn’t find one single wood crate at Crate & Barrel. Did you follow Will & Grace when it was hot? I loved that show, Grace Adler was my idol at the time! I wanted to BE her, red hair and all. :) Anyway, Will said in one episode, “Do people not know how long it takes to pickle something? I had to buy a barrel, for God’s sake. Those aren’t easy to find. You’d think they’d sell them at Crate & Barrel. But, guess what? They don’t. They don’t sell crates, either. Hey, next time, save me the trip and name your store Ottomans & Wicker Crap!”

What do you think of crates? Do you have them in your home? Do you want them in your home? Love? Hate? Somewhere in between?

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in trends on December 09, 2010

Inspiring Danish Brand: Nordal

Have you heard of Nordal? Living here I’m exposed to lots of Danish design, especially in the magazines that I read, but also in some of our online stores and even retail spaces here in my own city. I found reference to them today in Le Souk, an online shop in The Netherlands where you can find their gorgeous butterfly chairs (I’m thinking to buy one). I thought you may like to check them out because this style appeals to me so perhaps part of it will appeal to you.  Nordal is yet another brand from Denmark that is a family-owned business and they design products that are functional but also very natural looking with the occasional playful chair or stool thrown in. This looks like a fun line for decorating!

Danish brand Nordal

They design most of the products that you see in Denmark but have them manufactured in the far east but only in good conditions so you can feel good about purchasing from Nordal, which to me is very important. We as consumers need to question where our favorite brands are making their wares, after all our money is directly supporting either fair employment or something entirely unethical – it’s something to think about it. Would you like to see more of their products?

Danish brand Nordal

Above you can see some over-dyed vintage patchwork rugs that I spoke of recently in this post. Do you like this trend? What are your thoughts? I love it, just in a more subdued hue because I’m not into bold brights in my home. Plus, I recently bought a neutral patchwork rug in Istanbul that is huge, it’s in my living room, and it has tones of gray and beige and cream with some bright pinks accents and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g to me at least. I can’t wait to show you once I pull my living room together.

Danish brand Nordal

And don’t worry, if you cannot find these exact items in your home country use posts such as this one to inspire you to be on the look out for specific pieces in your local area that have a similar look. I usually print out or circle things in magazines and then try to find something similar in my part of the world, especially since so many companies in the U.S. do not ship to Germany, I’ve had to change my entire approach to shopping and that is the best tip that I can give you.

For instance, if  you are shopping around for a similar look, try to scout rustic wood tables with metal bases. Rivets are also part of this look, so if your metal has rivets all the better. Also metal piping as the base is very current. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to invest in a good rustic table with a metal base as it will look great for years to come. You can find pieces that are new by furniture designers, ones that are from companies like Nordal (but made in China, India and Thailand for example), or you can scout for vintage pieces which may or may not be the most affordable option as dealers watch the trends and read blogs too so you can believe that prices go up when something in their stock becomes sought-after. Another idea is to try making it yourself, you can use an old barn door from a salvage yard and then find metal legs and in a single afternoon, you can pop those legs on that door and be good to go!

It’s all about developing your eye and really thinking about what exactly it is that you like about a piece and then if that piece isn’t available to you, try to find something like it elsewhere or even make it yourself if that is reasonable. I’ve seen lots of similar wares in stores all over the states, again, it’s all about shopping with an eagle eye!

I hope that you have enjoyed the introduction to Nordal!

(images: nordal)

Posted in Decorating Tips on December 09, 2010

Lonny and Traditional Home Partner On New Magazine

Lonny and Traditional Home Partner On New Magazine!

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