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Swarm: New Finds From Leslie Oschmann

I woke up this morning thinking about Leslie Oschmann of Swarm, no clue why really, and so I thought I’d check out her website to see what she has been up to since I visited her atelier over the summer (read about that here). Well first things first, Leslie is blogging! I’m thrilled because now I can keep up with her work as she goes.

Swarm, Leslie Oschmann

Above are some of her latest creations… “Myriad” necklaces! When we were chatting in person, Leslie was talking about some of her ideas for jewelry making so it’s exciting for me to see the results above. I love how she used wooden discs and applied mini paintings to them on both sides so that you can flip them over to change the look of the necklace. Beautiful work, Leslie!

Swarm, Leslie Oschmann

Her new “Altered Ego” chairs are clever as well. Something once old and considered boring even is suddenly desirable again and has a quirky twist, I like that. It’s inspiring to see Leslie working on new projects and I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for her.

(images: leslie oschmann)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 22, 2010

Joon & Jung Design Studio

After writing about Store Without a Home earlier, I had to further investigate those amazing paper alarm clocks and now I’ve discovered their maker, Korean design studio Joon & Jung. Also based in the Netherlands, Joon & Jung is a conceptual product design studio based in Eindhoven. Their designs are intriguing and so very special because their work is abstract yet practical and there is an obvious story behind each and every design. Joonsoo Kim (Joon) and Jungyou Cho (Jung) met while they were students at the Design Academy Eindhoven and they’ve been working together since 2008.

Joon & Jung Design Studio

Joon & Jung Design Studio

Joon & Jung Design Studio

Joon & Jung Design Studio

Joon & Jung Design Studio

“Our experiences of studying design in Korea and the Netherlands give a unique affection to concrete our philosophy and aesthetic. Especially, the influence of Dutch Design made us a storyteller with a form language and our design identity more strongly.”

What imagination! You can purchase many of the Joon & Jung creations at Store Without a Home in Amsterdam.

(images: joon & jung)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on December 22, 2010

Listening To Amy Seeley

Going forward into the new year I plan to toss up a quick weekly post called, “Listening To…” with the goal of sharing some of my favorite tunes with all of you. I think there is just so much amazing talent out there and because I get so much of my inspiration through music it seems like a natural fit to work it in somehow on decor8. So this week I’m listening to… Amy Seeley.


Above is the stunning cover of her new album, Plum Coulee. I just adore the room… so let us look at it again, shall we?


Oh yes, I still love it… beautiful. But I think I prefer seeing her in the room as the contrast of her gorgeous black dress looks so stunning in this white setting with that gorgeous concrete floor. Lovely. But beyond that, the music. Ah yes, the sound of Amy Seeley is perfection, like melting chocolate, raindrops against the window, the feeling of velvet on bare skin. I have her last album, Eight Belles, playing right now in fact. I’m listening to I’ve Got Ideas. Here are the lyrics…

I’ve got ideas that might make the paper someday
Got folded up maps showin’ where I’m gonna be
I’ve got dreams that could sail a boat to the east
Pages and pages and pages of drawings….
But that don’t mean so much
If you’re not in my story with me

(images: amy seeley)

Posted in Inspiration on December 22, 2010

Maartje van dem Noort + SWAH

Oh my, you’ll love this shop and the things in it…Amsterdam is a direct train ride from where I live, only 4 hours away, and yet I rarely make the time to go there. This year I only visited once and stayed only 3 days — clearly more time is needed in such a diverse and lovely city. Since discovering recently the lighting of Maartje van dem Noort sold in a shop called Store Without a Home or SWAH), I have vowed that next year I will definitely make time in my schedule to visit Amsterdam a few times and linger a bit more… There are so many creative people who live there and some have the sweetest ateliers and shops. I think I’ll show you one now called Store Without a Home.


Maartje van dem Noort



Store Without a Home is located at IJburglaan 354 in case you are currently in Amsterdam and want to catch a peek, though they are moving locations in January so check their blog for updates next year. I love how quirky and creative it looks – their products are whimsical and I imagine in person, a real delight to behold. I especially love the Hang Me Lightly pendant, Cloud stools, and the Paper Alarm Clock.

(images: store with a home)

Posted in Shop Tours, Travel on December 22, 2010


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