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Boxbird: Prints From Great Artists

I’m so sorry that I missed Etsy Take Five Tuesdays yesterday, I will make it up to you in a moment with an Etsy shopping post so stay tuned for that! Yesterday was not only a bad internet day (we had problems with our wireless router for 16 hours straight so I just gave up writing online and did some work around the house instead. It ended up being quite hectic around here, my new desk and work chair arrived and it inspired me to transform my guest bedroom into a working office until the other things that I ordered arrive for what will be my permanent work studio complete with crafting table and sitting area. It could be another month, and I got tired of working from the sofa and the coffee table over the past few months. In an afternoon I pulled together a space that I feel cozy and creative in, on a budget. Now I’m in my cute little guest bedroom with a huge window and great light. I blogged about it on Haus Maus if you want to take a peek. Speaking of peeks, do you want to catch a peek of the beautiful works of art found over at Boxbird in the UK?

Ruth Green on Boxbird
The work above is by artist Patrick Edgeley and I just love these bold, colorful graphics — don’t you?

Patrick Edgeley on Boxbird
These are by Ruth Green, another talented favorite of mine from the Boxbird collection of artists.

Hello Marine on Boxbird

More graphic color and pattern, this time from Hello Marine.

Back in a jiffy with more finds! :)

(images: boxbird)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 15, 2010

House Doctor Spring Everyday Collection 2011

I am so excited to debut the House Doctor Spring 2011 “Everyday” collection today on decor8! It’s a beautiful gathering of objects, furniture, lighting… I just had a flip through their new catalog and though I can’t show you everything I want to share some glimpses with the many House Doctor fans out there. None of this is even on their website or blog yet, and hasn’t been blogged anywhere, so you are indeed getting a very special glimpse. Ready? Good, let’s look!

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

First, the two lights that I want in my work room are shown above – the large and the smaller one — these are a big favorite of mine at the moment and the items from this collection that I predict will be a hot seller!

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

These green over-sized glass vases are gorgeous in a grouping of three and catch the natural daylight so beautifully. The wooden table with the metal legs is another favorite, I would use that as a cocktail table in my living room. I love the idea of having a mini bar with pretty glasses and such out on display and ready to go for guests. The white owl lamp is another favorite, in ceramic, that would be on my table in the guest room for sure. I bet the owl will be another popular item for them as well. Everyone loves an owl lamp, especially when it is subtle enough to use in a grown up room to add a bit of whimsy.

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

It took me awhile to warm up to baskets, most likely because my mother loved them so much in the 80s and displayed them proudly on the wall over our kitchen cabinets only to be replaced later by wallpaper border – ha ha – those of you who were kids in the 80s must remember the baskets on the wall trend, or the wallpaper border trend, right? So that is why I’m a bit damaged for life when it comes to dark brown woven baskets. But those with a more open weave, in a lighter wood, that are modern and truly have function (not purely nailed to the wall as decoration), I really like. The new baskets from House Doctor, and they have a ton of them, are modern, beautiful and functional to use as storage. Baskets are great to store bottled water in the kitchen, newspapers to recycle, magazines near the sofa, blankets in the guest bedroom on top of a tall wooden cabinet, or rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom if you don’t have a cabinet to conceal them inside of. Another great storage idea is to use vintage suitcases or at least, those that look vintage like the new ones that House Doctor has added to their Spring collection. My husband has three vintage suitcases and a trunk in his office that he uses for storage, my favorite is his pebbled black leather suitcase from the 1920s.

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

I love that they now offer this sofa table in gray now (along with black which they have currently). I also love this blue storage locker, it’s a favorite of mine.

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

Sawhorse style metal legs are a big trend and a favorite of mine so my heart went boom when I saw this pretty table. I imagine it would be great to work on… Lay out all of your crafty projects and pull together some beautiful ideas that make you happy! I also like their colorful new chairs for inside or out (I would use them on my balcony or wintergarten). Just the right amount of color!

House Doctor Everyday Collection 2011

Here are some close up product shots — new tea towels, a white ceramic pendant that can work well in a bathroom, their new clothing, and some of their new pillows.

Spot anything you’d love to own? What do you think of these glimpses from this collection, do you like it? The House Doctor Everyday Catalog for 2011 will be available soon on the House Doctor website here so keep watching their site to see all of their new offerings for Spring — this was just a glimpse. I hope that you enjoyed and felt inspired by seeing the latest from this popular Danish brand.

If you want to see the House Doctor brand in person, and you are visiting Berlin in January, there will be a special House Doctor pop-up shop there. I’ll give you more details as the date draws nearer. Stay tuned!

(images: house doctor)

Posted in shopping on December 13, 2010

Atelier Charivari: Making Old Furniture Look New Again

Hello and happy Monday to you! It’s the last big week before the holidays, so I bet lots of you are running around trying to get everything prepared in time. Hopefully you are allowing yourself some blog reading breaks. :) I have something very inspirational to share with you today that came from one of my lovely readers who told me recently about Atelier Charivari, which is a blog but also a shop in Rouen, France that specializes in making old furniture new again and she right, I love the work of owner Soizic Menut! Wow! I feel really inspired seeing how he brought back to life pieces that would have otherwise been passed by at a yard sale, flea market or second hand shop — but when you have a good eye and can see the potential, and if you have the knack and patience for restoring things, then you can do anything.

Atelier Charivari

The thing to really look for when you find old furniture is quality — I don’t mean surface scratches or even small dents or missing hardware — that is not a problem. Most of the time, it’s the dents and scratches that add charm but if charm isn’t what you are looking for, you can sand the item down and paint it to look new. What you have to look for, above everything else, is first do you like it (of course) but next, it needs to have good bones — it must be sturdy and made well. Here is a very helpful article that may help you when it comes to choosing quality wood furniture, How to Check Wood Furniture for Quality.

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

This above is exactly the dream cabinet that I am on the prowl for, I want this cabinet so badly because it has four doors and shelving inside so that I can store all of my fun crafty things in — I could get organized and finally empty my boxes — the ones that have been packed since June 2009. Oh yes, gulp is right! I wish they had another or that I could find something just like it and soon — because I want to get my work room finished so badly it really hurts at this point. You know that feeling?

Atelier Charivari

Atelier Charivari

Metal lockers, metal tables with exposed rivets, wood tables with metal tops, metal bookcases with wood shelves, these are all quite the rage currently, have you noticed? I love this look shown above – mixing metal lockers with old painted furniture. My husband has a wood locker with a metal base and hardware, all in black, where he stores his photo equipment in his office and I love it. It’s my favorite piece in his office in addition to the gorgeous old bookcase he picked up in Berlin that looks exactly like this (only his has ball feet) and the outside is black with a cream interior.

Another tip, when you paint a piece of furniture use the best paint that you can afford. Farrow & Ball is a personal favorite of mine. If you like what you see in these photos, choosing a color from this palette would help you to re-create the look on your own piece of furniture in one day or less!

I love Atelier Charivari and hope you do too! If you are interested in ordering from them and live in mainland Europe, you may contact them if you see something on their blog that you are interested in purchasing.

(images: atelier charivari)

Posted in Objects on December 13, 2010

Enjoy Your Weekend!

I’m signing off for the weekend, lots to do and plan, but I’ll meet you back here again on Monday. I hope that you enjoyed your week visiting decor8, and that you go into your weekend feeling inspired and ready to work on those projects, decorate, clean, brainstorm, and whatever else busy little you plans to do! This time of year always makes me think about how thankful I am for my family, my friends, this community, the love, the energy, the support and how grateful I am to have my health and a nice apartment that took me a year of pounding the pavement to find. I feel so safe, at home and cozy here. And though I am still blogging from my coffee table until my desk arrives, I feel thankful.



Inspiration from Lonny Magazine

To leave you with a dose of positivity, I was researching quotes the other day, and I took my work to Twitter and asked what quote was a favorite and I’ve selected below a few of my favorites. I put them together to resemble those little papers you receive in fortune cookies. I’d love to know what is YOUR favorite motivational quote? What thought sometimes gets you through the day?


I wish you a wonderful weekend, I have many projects coming up for 2011 that I need to start planning, so most of my weekend will be dedicated to that though I’m definitely going to hit some more weihnachtsmarkts here in Germany — I plan to take the train to Oldenburg tomorrow to hit one there and HEMA, of course, and Sunday there is a party in the house where I live, I can’t wait to go upstairs and mingle with my new neighbors and enjoy some of their Danish goodies that they will make. Cheers!

Psst: Have you see the December issue of Lonny? It’s real nice.

(images: lonny)

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