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Soraam Pillows & Totes

Soojin Yum is a Korean designer who lives in Seattle where she makes silk-screened pillow covers and totes under the name Soraam (Korean for “Please have a look with a smile”). That is such a sweet shop name, don’t you think? I like the white bow pillows and totes…


“Pillow covers are 18″x18″ and silk screened on pre-washed cotton and have a zipper closure along the bottom edge or some with an envelope closure. Tote bags are made of pre-washed black canvas with kona cotton lining.”

Soojjin wrote such a delightful email to me saying that decor8 has, “So many beautiful designs featured — it has been the biggest source for my inspiration. Now I started my own design business, I’m hoping my work can motivate someone to just start creating something. Starting out was the hardest part.” I thought that was really sincere and so true. Often just getting started, taking that first step, can be terrifying! But I believe that if you have passion, talent and courage that success will follow.

Congratulations Soojin on your exciting new business!

(images: soraam)

Posted in Etsy Faves, Objects on September 23, 2010

Simple Flower Arrangements

I love casual flower arrangements. I don’t feel comfortable fussing with things too much. In fact, the more I fuss the worse things usually look anyway because then my original vision gets lost. I’ve learned to just go with my first instinct and to be happy with what comes the most natural to me. I tend to like flowers in a variety of containers and I enjoying mixing blooms so that there is plenty of texture and color, even if I’m using mostly pink flowers I find that the many tones give such depth and personality to an arrangement.

Constança Cabral

I also like white carnations and find that they get such a bad rap for no reason, a carnation is a feminine flower with lovely ruffled layers. I think the carnation is a tricky bloom though, it doesn’t play well with others and looks best when it’s paired with other carnations and in my opinion, looks best with others the exact color — a carnation can suddenly look so sophisticated bunched together. In addition to flowers, I also love flowering branches in my home and recently I’ve been getting more and more into plants like olive and rosemary topiary trees and succulents. What about you, do you like simple flower arrangements or do you tend to spend a lot of time putting yours together?

Constança Cabral

One lady in blogland, Constança Cabral, does such a nice job arranging casual bunches and displaying them in her home. She just may inspire you — her many lovely photos are shown above. She is from Lisbon but currently living in England where she has an apartment in the countryside with a small garden where she picks most of her lovely stems. Constança makes things by hand and sells them in her etsy shop and she also blogs quite frequently so if you like flowers you will love her blog.

(images: Constança Cabral)

Posted in Decorating Tips on September 22, 2010

NEW! Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

I was thrilled when I opened a box today to find the new Pattern book by Orla Kiely inside. It’s big, beautiful, loaded with color and right up my alley!

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

It’s a beautiful (huge!) book and quite lovely for Orla fans because it contains her life story, inspirations, full pages of her colorful illustrations, home products, collections, and more. I was really excited (and surprised) to see my blog in the book where Orla wrote a very nice piece about bloggers showing a selection of them that featured her products in the past. I am so honored!

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

If you love Orla then you have to pick up a copy of this coffee table book — it’s such eye candy and interesting as well, I liked learning about her childhood and educational background, how she got into the industry, what inspires her collections and so many other bits I’d never known before.

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

New Pattern Book by Orla Kiely

In the book, Orla says a few encouraging words about blogs that I’d like to share since I agree with her words, “As a creative forum where images can be gathered, designed and posted, blogs are an endless source of amazement and inspiration to me. Immediate and instantly accessible, they serve as a platform on which anyone and everyone can express their likes and dislikes, share their interests and passions and interact with the world.”

She also mentions that seeing her work on blogs is a compliment and thrill and that she is inspired by blogger’s and what we do.

Her final thought is quite lovely, “It’s a powerful medium where directness and honesty override all else. Genuine and endlessly creative, the blogger’s voice is loud and clear.”

Amen! :)

You can pre-order it on Amazon here if you’d like. I’m an Amazon affiliate and earn 6% on all books sold.
(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 21, 2010

Manolo Blahnik for Liberty

I love the Manolo Blahnik for Liberty accessories collection — it’s a shoe lovers dream, is it not? My favorite from this collection is the Bouton de Rose candle. Check out these beauties…

Manolo Blahnik for Liberty

Fabric, umbrellas, paper products, candles, pillows… ah, yes. Sadly, they do not ship outside of the UK. Boo hoo! I really wanted that candle for my new house but I guess I’ll just have to dream…

This collection will be around for three months so if you are in London anytime soon, stop by Liberty to check it out in person.

(images: liberty)

Posted in shopping on September 21, 2010


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