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St. Jude’s Prints

I wrote about St. Jude’s Prints today over at Real Simple thanks to my current partner-in-crime Jo Copestick who is writing Decorate with me. She went to their gallery in Norfolk, England a few weeks ago and told me all about her visit so I had to learn more…

St. Jude's Prints

Here’s a link to the post on Real Simple, enjoy!

(images: st jude’s prints)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on July 23, 2010

Art as Life

I’ve talked about Art as Life before on decor8 and have had Debee Campos as a Flickr contact foreevah but I thought today I’d give her the spot as blog of the week because her work continuously inspires me… And well, when people give you a positive reaction, share so many great ideas and inspirations and well, make your day so often then it’s not a bad idea to shout them out once in a while, is it?

Art as Life

Art as Life

So Debee this post is for you. Thank you for bringing your art, talent and beauty into the world. You rock, girl.

You can follow Debee’s inspirational blog, Art As Life, for a weekly dose of gorgeousness too. She has an etsy shop under the name Bella Drummer as well. Enjoy!

(images: debee campos)

Posted in Bloggers on July 22, 2010

Kate Spade

When I was in New York a few weeks ago (so fun being there for July 4th!), I spent 8 days mostly working but whenever I could find a free second, I slipped out to hit this or that design store — so many great places to shop, omg! I hit Kate Spade one afternoon after a shoot, the homeowner actually brought me there to go shopping with her and then she pointed me over to ABC Carpet + Home where I fell completely in love with their ceramics, pillows, jewelry and the Madeline Weinrib Atelier. There are no words to describe that store, right?!?

Kate Spade

But Kate Spade was such a highlight for me, the store was so decked out in all its colorful amazingness – a little quirky, a little retro, and a lot of style and color! I wanted to buy everything I saw but I only had a pair of sunglasses in my budget so I picked a pretty pair and now I can’t stop wearing them – so comfy and no lines across my nose – yeah! They came in so handy too – we were in New York during the heat wave and it got up to 103 F one day so my little purchase really got me through that crazy weather – and in LA too – I wore them on Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica and felt like a million bucks because well, that’s what a great pair of sunglasses can do for a girl, am I right!?

(images: kate spade)

Posted in uncategorized on July 22, 2010

Artist Sarah Ogren

Today I’m loving the vibe coming off of the work created by artist Sarah Ogren

sarah ogren

Well okay, I guess I was also feeling it yesterday to when I wrote about her here on Real Simple. :) Love her eye and the meaning behind her work… super intriguing to see a counselor translate her work into art.

(image: sarah ogren)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on July 22, 2010


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