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Drill Design

Last week Irene introduced us to Drill Design, a Japanese “plywood lab” that designs sustainable paper-wood furniture and accessories that are quite remarkable! I would love to own these stools and I really like all of the little details in this simple, yet intricate, work. Have a look and see what you think.

I hope that eventually this collection will be available to order in the rest of the world because I imagine a lot of us would delight in owning something special from Drill Design. Oh those stools!

(images: drill design)

Posted in Objects on June 04, 2010

Hicks Paper Goods

I love the preppy green, blue and white in the cards that I’ve selected today for this spread showcasing the work of Hicks Paper Goods. With great weather comes lots of invitations to everything from weddings to patio parties and if you plan to host something special soon then you may want to consider sending a pretty invitation to set the stage for your event. It may feel a little “old school” to mail out invitations these days but in my opinion sometimes old school is the best school because there is nothing like opening an invitation sent by mail.

I am invited to many events via Facebook and for smaller things, like a picnic or coffee with a friend, this is absolutely fine… but I hope to never live in a world where this becomes the norm for all events – especially formal ones. I really like receiving something paper by mail as a keepsake but also because it makes the occasion feel more “important” and there is also the element of surprise – who will be there? On social networking sites you can often see who has confirmed attendance and who has declined which sometimes, for me, takes the fun out of it.

What is your take on mailing paper goods for special events vs. emailing digital invitations or sending invites via social networking sites like Facebook?

(images: hicks paper goods)

Posted in Stationery on June 03, 2010


There is this online shop that sells many beautiful Japanese paper products and books called Uguisu that you must see! In fact, the moment I found it my jaw dropped and I felt as though I’d entered Japanese crafty heaven. You simply must spend some time today clicking around this gorgeous website and bonus! It’s all in English! Yay!

Uguisu stocks things that are either designed or made in Japan (or both) and they carry books, stationery, paper balloons, linens, craft supplies (like masking tape in pretty colors), magazines and many other inspirational products that you are sure to enjoy. Hiki, the shop owner, is based in Japan but don’t worry – she ships globally and has built up a cult following online because her service is great and her products are so well curated. Have fun!

(images: uguisu)

Posted in Inspiration, Stationery on June 03, 2010

Annette Joseph Photo Stylist

I’ve been following the work of Atlanta-based photo stylist Annette Joseph for several years, she is both a stylist and producer who specializes in lifestyle editorial images for American print magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens. Annette has been doing this for over 15 years and is currently working on her first book and a television show based on her book about style and entertaining.

When I read her bio I enjoyed learning more about how she produces editorial images, “Her special production products include conception of projects and storyline. This can include anything from simple craft projects to decor tips and recipe and entertaining ideas. From presenting the initial story idea to producing and styling the final product. Annette can handle it all bringing style and creativity to your projects.”

Do you recognize her work? Some of these images I’ve had tacked to my inspiration board over the years from time to time. I particularly like her pages that involve craft layouts and floral arrangements because they feel casual and creative — when I see her layouts I feel like doing something creative too which is a sure sign that I need to surround myself with more of this person’s work!

(images: tear sheets from annette joseph)

Posted in Inspiration on June 02, 2010


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