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Emily Gilbert Photography

Perhaps you are in need of some interior inspiration today? Oh yes, you say. You’d like to escape from your job for just a few moments and slip into the comfortable magical world of interiors. This is no problem and is precisely what I am here for — to inspire and share and make your eyes dance. Thanks to Emily Gilbert Photography in New York we can enjoy a few rooms together right now in fact…

Emily Gilbert Photography

About Emily: After her post collegiate career as a set dresser in the television and film industry, Emily developed a passion for photography. Don’t see a connection? Here’s how you go from a set dresser to a pro interiors photographer, “Her fascination with lines, space, and repetition coupled with her experience as a Set Dresser lead her to the art of Interior & Architectural photography. Her interest in environments both meticulously designed and those that exist in nature is what drives her to capture the essence of each space she sets out to photograph.” Interesting, right?

Emily Gilbert Photography

Do any of the spaces above speak to you? I want the pink bathroom! And I love the idea of wallpaper on the ceiling — the black and white stripe wallpaper is fresh!

(images: emily gilbert photography)

Posted in inspiration on May 10, 2010

Small Magazine

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy yourself? I am doing well… today I have some errands to run in preparation of my London adventure (I leave on Thursday) so I’ll leave you with these relaxing images from Small magazine and a link to their inspiring new issue. The first photo below is how I spent most of Sunday… lounging around with some of my favorite books + things. What about you?

Small magazine

Small Magazine

Small magazine is mostly geared towards kids and parents, but there are still many delightful highlights within to be touched or inspired by so please check it out until I’m back later on with more goodies for you. See you in a few hours!

(image: small magazine)

Posted in Rooms on May 10, 2010

Nest Dallas

Nest makes me wanted to decorate my home (again!)

Posted in uncategorized on May 10, 2010

Die Frau Im Haus

Die Frau Im Hausmakes me happy.

Posted in uncategorized on May 10, 2010


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