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How Does Art Make You Feel?

How does YOUR art at home make you feel?

Posted in uncategorized on May 10, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I’m popping in for a moment to say so long until Monday — I’m signing off for the weekend and wishing you well until we meet again! I thought I’d leave you with an image today that I simply love. I saved it in my “inspire me” file on my desktop and I cannot figure out where it came from… but I love it so much! If it is familiar to you, and you know who the photographer is, please comment below so that I may edit this post and link to the photographer’s website. But seriously… is this room not heaven? At least it’s MY heaven, I could live in this space and imagine it as the perfect summer cottage along the coast. So let’s all pretend it’s ours and that we’ll be escaping there this very weekend!

Happy Weekend!

Speaking of cottages, it seems lots of people I meet locally either own or rent cottages in Denmark along the coast since it’s so close by. Does anyone know much about Danish cottage rentals or have any contacts because I really, really, really want to find a place to rent on a regularly basis – once or twice a year – as an escape space. I feel left out with friends going away to their summer cottages, maybe I need to rent a little one too.

Oh and by the way… next week I’ll be posting 4 days Monday-Thursday only because Friday I’m taking a holiday!

Make this weekend a great one!

(image: if you know, please tell  me!)

5/8/10 Update: Photographer found! It was taken by Trine Torsten. You must check out her website!

Posted in uncategorized on May 07, 2010

Crate and Barrel Lamps

Lighting is so vital to good design, without proper illumination the entire space — no matter how pretty — can make your home (and even you) look less that the best. Crate and Barrel has some great lamps out this season, some are quite mod and the colors are all very lively and there are some fun shapes in the mix, too. My favorite is the Lasso black desk light because it looks very Scandinavian and I can see it on a white wooden desk with a black and white striped throw rug beneath and misc. decorative accents in emerald green or perhaps even an emerald green wall behind the desk. I’m really liking the color combination lately of green, black and white for some reason. Oh that would be pretty. Here are few lamps from C&B that caught my eye, but I’m going to wrap this up with a budget tip for those of you who aren’t looking to lay down the bucks on a lamp right now…

Crate and Barrel Lamps

a.Mod aqua table lamp, b. Pagoda table lamp, c. Swell lamp, d. Marina table lamp and Lasso desk lamps.

Crate and Barrel Lamps

Some of these shapes make you think twice about those ugly lamps sitting in the second hand shops for $5 don’t they? What I mean is that if a lamp has a good shape to it, why not imagine it in your favorite color — take it home and transform it into something special if you cannot always afford a brand new lamp – just spray the base with paint – bring blue, pink, white, orange… You can even buy a simple white drum shade to top it from a store like IKEA or Target and if you want to coordinate the lamp shade with the base, glue some grosgrain ribbon around the top of the lampshade and again around the bottom and there you have it – a lovely lamp for a low price.

(images: crate and barrel)

Posted in Objects on May 07, 2010

Modern Düsseldorf Home

I just spent a few inspiring hours with my friend and whenever I see her, I always feel like coming home and writing because she inspires me so much! I love being with friends who give me a lots of creative energy! So let’s see… how about a little home tour for you today? Well, it’s mostly a glimpse of just a few rooms but this home is so nice that I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you for several days now. It’s located in Düsseldorf, Germany and I found it because one of the owners, graphic designer Andrea Schreiber, is a flickr contact of mine. She and her family, two teenage daughters and her husband along with Lotte their dog, reside here — she is originally from Bremen and landed in Düsseldorf for her studies and ended up staying there. I really love the architecture and though they just moved in and have a bit more decorating to do I think she’s well on her way to having a lovely home. See what you think… First let’s look at some of her graphic designs and then, her home.

Andrea Schreiber

Düsseldorf Home

Düsseldorf Home

Düsseldorf Home

Andrea Schreiber

If you like what you see, there are more photos here. Andrea likes to crochet in her spare time so some of the pieces that you see in her living room are by her own hand like the colorful crochet pouf above that I think is just the sweetest, don’t you?

Thank you so much Andrea for sharing glimpses of your home with us!

(images: andrea schreiber)

Posted in Home Tours on May 07, 2010


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