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Brass Razoo: Shop Tour

Good morning peeps and a big TGIF to ya! It’s nearly the weekend so let’s enjoy a few inspiring posts before I sign off, sound like a plan? First up… Are you ready for a little retail therapy? Kirsten Grove wrote in today to share her brand new business adventure with her pal Elise at Brass Razoo. Try not to drool.

Brass Razoo

Kirsten just joined forces with an existing boutique in Nampa, Idaho (near Boise) called Brass Razoo and launched a vintage and repurposed furniture and home decor line. Her partner-in-crime is an established fashion and jewelry designer,Elise Vaughn, who is from Australia but now calls Idaho her home. She specializes in vintage clothing and accessories at her shop Brass Razoo — both designer clothing and repurposed. Then a new shop concept came back in January over a simple cup of coffee between friends Kirsten and Elise. They were hanging out discussing shop ideas — what could be, what they wanted to offer, bringing in a more green approach to home decor and furniture locally for a good price without sacrificing style, adding home decor and furniture to Elise’s existing clothing and jewelry lines — stuff like that. And that coffee talk grew, in a just a few months, to all this gorgeousness below.

Brass Razoo

Brass Razoo

Brass Razoo

Brass Razoo

Kirsten (left) and Elise (right).

The original Brass Razoo whop was a tad too small for Kirsten’s work so when they heard about a nearby boutique that wanted to downsize to a smaller building they swapped and took the larger space for themselves. They opened their doors last Saturday and above is just a glimpse of it – but a nice glimpse it is! What an inspirational story – women collaborating and sharing a business rock, don’t they? I am so inspired by women who collaborate in order to bring forth their dreams. You don’t have to do everything by yourself — in fact, often it’s best to partner up on certain business ventures because of finances but also it makes something like shop ownership more enjoyable as you have someone else to mind it while you are off doing the books or at a trade show and vice versa. I’m all for collaborating and hope to someday own my own shop and work with a partner or two myself. Gooooo team! Rah!

A warm congrats Kirsten and Elise and I wish you all the luck in the world.

(photos: amber fischer)

Posted in Shop Tours on May 07, 2010

Urban Outfitters Goodies

I’ll confess, I don’t recall purchasing a single item for the home recently from Urban Outfitters but how many times I’ve wanted to! I bet the UO people will wonder why I’m telling you this but it’s not you UO, it’s me. The core reason has to do with crowds. Whenever I visited their stores in Boston they were so jam-packed that I couldn’t even think, which I’m told is a sign of old age as everything seems louder to me lately anyway, but I prefer shopping in environments sans mobs that are a bit more laid back. Their big sister, Anthropologie usually fits the bill. I guess thirtysomething geezers who despise shopping fast and furious can always hit the UO online shop for a little shopping zen which is exactly what I’ve done this morning. And here’s what I found…

Urban Outfitters

one. quilt :: two. magnetic photo frames :: 3. apple bowls :: 4. shells + stars bowl.

Urban Outfitters

a. wooden bulb :: b. bird feeder.

I found so many great things in their shiny “new” section – from wooden waffled bulbs made by the fabulous design collaborative Suck UK to a wooden cat bird feeder (cheeky, eh?). I also liked this reversible quilt that I found. One side is a bit graphic and edgy while the other is a little romantic romp in country fields.

Wouldn’t those wooden bulbs look great over sleek white lacquered dining table with rustic wooden chairs and white wooden floors with a large seagrass rug beneath? Oh yes… Maybe a black and white geometric patterned runner on the table that mimics the lines in the waffled bulb? Maybe three zinc black pots down the center of the table with succulents inside and some wooden plate chargers with crisp white plates on top and Belgium linen napkins tied with black and white baker’s twine and a yellow stem of something pretty – like button flowers? And a black feature wall with lots of lovely art? Just sayin’.

(images: urban outffiters)

Posted in shopping on May 06, 2010

Kitka Blog

Do you have a crush on clean, modern Japanese and Scandinavian design? Yeah, I know… who doesn’t? It’s quite hard to resist especially since their less-is-more approach is so alluring… the attention to detail, practicality, focus on using natural materials. Thanks to the lovely Irene Hoofs at Bloesem, I have discovered the new decor8 blog of the week: Kitka. Irene talked about this lovely couple, Juli and John, who are shop owners — they own Mjölk which has a retail location in Toronto and a website for the rest of us — who love and specialize in Japanese and Scandinavian design. They show lots of beautiful products on their gorgeous blog, here’s a glimpse of the interesting things that you can see and learn about on Kitka.

Kitka: Blog of the Week

Kitka: Blog of the Week

I’m in love with their black and white Corona globe designed by Nendoglobe in Japan – it’s gorgeous. Juli and John recently visited Tokyo and shared their journey on their blog which I spent the entire morning reading about — drooling at times — over their finds and experiences there — like those delicious donuts in glassine paper. You can read all about their Tokyo adventures here. Fun!

(images: kitka)

Posted in Bloggers on May 06, 2010

Massucco Warner Miller Design

I recently spotted Massucco Warner Miller Design and had to give you a glimpse of their portfolio as they have such swanky (yet warm and livable) rooms that I’m really liking… If you’re keen on color and pattern, you may enjoy these spaces too. I have a feeling that this firm has a real love affair with one of my favorite color combos – orange and blue!

Massucco Warner Miller Design

Interior designers Julie Massucco, Melissa Warner, and Carrie Miller make up the firm of Massucco Warner Miller which has three locations on the west coast — in LA, Seattle and San Francisco. They are popping up on lots of blogs and magazines lately and for good reason — these three ladies are a talented triple threat. I love seeing talented woman working together and making a difference and even though some may call interior design shallow or materialistic I call it essential — a great home that reflects your tastes and passions, one that supports your health and well-being, well this is not a vain pursuit and does make a huge impact on your life.  I find their designs welcoming, whimsical and fresh. It’s hard to not feel happy in rooms like these!

Massucco Warner Miller Design

Today I was reading One Kings Lane and noticed that these three ladies gave some very valuable tips on decorating that I think you may find helpful.

Would you like to know their top 5 tips?

1. When scheming a room, select the fabrics and furniture you love before choosing paint colors. You can always find paint that works with your favorite fabric.

2. Buy the best-quality upholstery you can afford. A well-made sofa will last for years and can be recovered over and over again if you desire a change.

3. Keep a small tape measure and list of your ideal artwork sizes with you. You never know when you’ll spot the perfect piece while traveling or out and about.

4. Before purchasing furniture, place blue painter’s tape on the floor to visualize its actual size. A 90″ sofa looks good in the store but might overwhelm your living room.

5. Size an area rug based on room dimensions, not just a furniture grouping. A larger area rug helps a space feel bigger and makes better use of the room. A good rule of thumb is to allow 6″-12″ of flooring to show between the wall and the rug edge.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about these designing women today!

(images: massucco warner miller design)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on May 05, 2010


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