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London Calls…

This time next week I’ll be packing my bags and flying to London which makes me very happy! It’s only an hour from where I live by plane but I haven’t yet been since moving over so it’s time I change things up a bit! The first thing I will do is review photos for the book with the team that I’m working with, aka the publisher & co. Up until now, our teamwork has been purely virtual so I’m looking forward to sitting around a table and discussing ideas and sorting through images to see what will work in the massive flat plan set out before us. I also cannot wait to meet the co-author, Joanna! She has been a lovely lady on the phone and via email but meeting has been a goal of mine so I’m glad that this will finally happen. We’ll also be going on a shopping trip together to round up products and ideas for the book and I’m quite pleased with this agenda because shopping with someone who really knows their city is always a very special treat.

1st option

Some have asked me if writing a book is scary… So far I’m not scared at all, I’m quite excited to share my ideas and be heard and to change up the pace a little. Honestly, I needed this as being solely online has started to drain me as I thrive more on diversity and spontaneity than I do on being on my computer 24/7 — I need to spice things up! Blogging can be a lot like marriage, you get into your routine of it and then realize that you’ve turned into a crashing bore of a partner! That is when you have to do special things to make your relationship feel fresh and exciting again. My job is this way. I’ve been blogging for over four years now, it was time to try something new — so I guess we can call this book project my naughty teddy or something. :) My routine is about to be completely changed because between next week and July I’ll be in London, Denmark, Sweden, Amsterdam, Paris, Belgium, Los Angeles and New York. Talk about change, this isn’t going from crawling to walking, this is going from crawling to flying!

1st option

I’ll be meeting up with some new friends in London and connecting with some others whom I’ve been dying to meet so this trip will be a very productive 7 days. London is a very special city to me — I had a lot of “first” experiences there back in my single days I flew over so many times from Boston that I actually lost count — I was obsessed with English life and culture and in many ways I still am. I remember flying over “for the weekend” just to see a concert or go out with my friends. Ha! This time my adventures will be much more tame as I have plans to hit lots of stores and to simply enjoy the hustle bustle of the city without sitting before a computer as I usually am quite tied by the umbilical cord to my laptop. I’m going on this trip laptop-free, baby! Though take note: I am bringing my iPod touch to tweet and read my emails. I cannot detach myself from the mothership entirely. When I return from my trip, I’ll have some photographs and tips to share here concerning my impressions of London so while I’m there, I’ll definitely be keeping an out out for things to share on the bloggy blog.

1st option

To get me in the London mood, I thought I’d share these gorgeous shoot locations with you from 1st Option. All of these gorgeous properties are available for hire just in case you are putting together a fashion catalog and need a location for your models, or perhaps you are shooting a book of your own and need some great rooms to style. All of these locations are beautiful and vary in style and period but the theme is consistent – they’re all drop dead gorgeous. Enjoy!

(images: 1st option)

Posted in Decorating Tips on May 05, 2010

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Today for Etsy Take Five Tuesdays I thought I’d change things up a bit and instead of grouping by seller, I’d just toss out a whole bunch of beautiful things and let you have at them! :) I was so inspired by a sunny lemon theme that I saw on the Etsy home page today that I went with a little lemon, green and blue which — if you’ve been following decor8 this week so far — has been a bit of a color theme here on the blog. I usually get into the green/yellow/blue theme in April but this year it didn’t strike me until just a few days ago. But when it hits, it hits me hard because it’s such a brilliant, happy color combination don’t you think? Let’s see some beautiful things by a bunch of fantastic etsy sellers today, shall we?

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Exhibit A: 1. Flores del sol, 2. Depuis, 3. Fleur Fatale, 4. Sleepy King, 5. Bonde and 6. Penny Wishes.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday/p>

Exhibit B: 1. Siiso 2. Printed Pretties 3. Bonte, 4. Wilkintie, 5. Roseau, 6. Siiso, 7. Simply Hue, 8. Pocket Carnival and 9. 3 Lamps Graphics.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Exhibit C: 1. Tortoise Loves Donkey, 2. Honey Tree, 3. Roddy and Ginger, 4. Claudia Pearson and 5. Bonbi Forest.

What do you see that you like? I love that Abe Lincoln quote, don’t you? “Whatever you are, Be a good one.”- how true!

(images: linked to their sources above)

Posted in Etsy Faves on May 04, 2010

Jonathan Adler & Liz Lange

I’m always inspired when I visit Jonathan Adler’s website because he is a real design dynamo constantly showing us something new and cheery in the world of interiors. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday he’ll open a shop in mainland Europe so I can shop more frequently but I know this much: when I’m in New York this summer I’m going to raid his crackhouse of happiness and bring home some goodies for sure because I’ve never been to one of his stores and well, it’s about time I change that!

Jonathan Adler

Have you had a chance to recently view his interior design portfolio? The home of Liz Lange, at least her country home, is shown in glimpses below. I can see most of these things fitting together nicely in a room or in a series of connected rooms – like a living room and an attached dining area, home office, or entryway.

Jonathan Adler

The fresh touches of blue, green and yellow cannot help but let the sunshine in. How could one ever dread mornings with a kitchen to greet them for breakfast like this?

Jonathan Adler

What strikes me most is her owl umbrella holder as I won something similar on eBay awhile back (and blogged about it here). My umbrella stand has a name, I’ve called him Oscar, and when he arrived in my boxes from America I quickly lifted him out to ensure he was crack and chip-free and he was in perfect condition. So now he is perched in my hallway and each day when I arrive home I’m greeted by this sweet ceramic creature. Hey, color me crazy but I love reminders of my favorite things dotted around my home.

Owls have always been my favorite bird, my mother used to bring me to Brookgreen Gardens a few times a month during my childhood to see the birds – the owls were the ones I was most mesmerized by. I could stare at them and try to engage them for hours, so enthralling… The fascination still continues. I often walk into the forest around the corner from my home and I hunt for owls sometimes right after the sun sets, the time of night when there is still enough light to make out silhouettes and a perfect time for owl spotting. I found a massive brown one just the other day, I do not know what kind it was, and wanted so badly to scoop him up and take him home with me. What I would do with this magical creature then, I have no clue, but I’ve always wanted to own an owl and now I do – my ceramic pal Oscar who sits in my entryway day after day holding my collection of umbrellas. And it looks like Liz Lange has one too.

What animal are you naturally attracted to and do you have this animal in your home – perhaps as bookends or a sculpture? Maybe an art print?

What do you connect with in the images above? Any accents that particularly call out to you?

(images: jonathan adler)

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Gary Spain Design

I first found out about Gary Spain in House Beautiful magazine — he is an interior designer based in San Francisco who has some lovely homes in his portfolio that you and I can peek in on today. His work gives a fresh twist to more traditional furnishings and I like how well he layers textures, patterns and colors because the results are welcoming and cozy but also a bit decadent and luxurious.

Gary Spain Design

Gary Spain Design

What elements in these rooms do you appreciate? I like the brown bathroom with that old-fashioned toilet (I know, right — of all things to pick out I like the toilet! LOL) and the round white coffee table with the black base along with all of that pink and black — pretty!

(images: gary spain)

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