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Press Event For Decorate In London!

Hello friends, are you doing well this weekend? I hope so! I am packing for a quick trip to London, I fly out tomorrow and back home on Monday so it will be a real whirlwind for sure. Lucky for me, the flight is only 45 minutes from where I live so I don’t have to go that far… My publisher in London has arranged for a lovely press event where I’ll meet journalists and some UK bloggers to show them my new book, Decorate, and discuss it with them… I’m really honored and look forward to it as making connections in person means so much to me and it’s not often that someone throws you a press event, is it?

MY BOOK arrived today!

I’m also going to discuss with my publisher the idea to have a book launch party in London sometime mid April, so if you’d like to come (or host it in your shop?) please email me at holly AT and I’ll put you on my guest list so if/when it happens, you’ll be the first to receive an invitation. It will be a book party/reader meet up so we can all get together and have some fun because I’m dying to meet so many of you and know that it would be nice to do something like this to get us all in the same room.

So! I will be back on Tuesday to tell you all about the press event and to share some photos… I wish you could all attend with me, but maybe next time if we do a fun party in April. Yay!

See you soon… xo

P.S. That is the US version of the book shown above, to be published my Chronicle in May. I haven’t seen the UK one yet, but I’ll photograph it on Monday!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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Uncommon is the design studio of Vincent and Jessie Leman, a husband and wife duo who run their creative business together full-time. “Put together a classically trained mechanical engineer and a dabbling graphic designer and what you get is, well… uncommon”, says their bio, which explains better the reason they selected uncommon as the name of their brand. With modern lines and beautiful silhouettes, they create interior accessories and furniture in soft, modern colors that really speak to me.



You can find their work on etsy — my favorite products are the square doily coasters, modern numbers clock in white and their fancy chandelier in white. What are yours?

(image: uncommon)

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A Alicia + Styling Ideas

I was out in twitterland chirping from my nest when I heard a distant tweet from blogger Erin at Kind and learned about A Alicia Handmade. This eco fashion and home brand is small and sweet, and though I’m not turning into a fashion blogger anytime soon, I do love to share what inspires me outside of home decor from time to time because so much of this fuels my passion for interiors even more.

a alicia

The things I see in the fashion world tend to creep into my home in other ways, for instance a skirt may inspire an idea that I have for a patterned shower curtain in my bathroom or the trim on a sweater makes me think of how I should add some trim to my guest towels. I would love to execute more of my creative ideas at home for this year, it is part of my resolve as the clock struck twelve on January 1st. So far, so good — I made a curtain for my office out of Liberty fabric and I am soon to wallpaper my hallway. I also bought a ton of beautiful beads from my last two trips to Morocco and Turkey and now they are displayed on gorgeous hooks on the wall because jewelry so beautiful shouldn’t be hidden away in a drawer and most of these necklaces I won’t wear on a daily basis (especially the large felted beads from the medina in Marrakesh).

Displaying fashion and accessories in the home is also a huge trend in styling and has been for a long time now. You must notice the occasional flowy dress hanging from a closet door or the beads on hooks in some of your favorite books and magazines? Of course, a handbag over a chair and high heels on the floor are common styling tricks of the trade as well.


Because they warm up interior photographs and bring a certain feeling of home to a shot. You frequently see these tricks more in magazines than in books though but they’re still there and if styled casually they can add warmth and life to a room. If styled perfectly however, they can make a shot seem lifeless because then the room looks like a catalog or the focus can be on the items and not the room, giving the appearance of a product shot.

You see, styling is an art just like anything else and though I do not consider myself an expert in this area I did learn quite a bit last year while I was traveling around styling rooms for my book. One thing I learned is that to make a room come to life — well, it requires a special awareness in my opinion at least — for instance, when you style a room for a book you have to not only think of the editorial angle but also what feeling you want to bring to the reader while still making sure that home reflects the personal style of its inhabitants. You have to consider the senses and how you can help the reader to tap in to some of them. Food stylists know the art of making the viewer’s mouth water because they introduce certain elements to a shot — steam, the bubbles in foam, drips, smears, all done expertly to make you crave what you see. You have to capture that same craving with the photos that you style for interiors — the viewer should want to live there.

But back to fashion and accessories to use in the home as decor. Yes, it’s a great idea and an affordable way to change up a room – your coat rack in the hallway, if better organized, could serve as a beautiful display of coats, bags and scarves in addition to providing a practical storage space. Why not pretty up functional storage areas in your home so that these otherwise mundane areas can look nice and inspire you?

Now back to the talented A Alicia. About A Alicia her bio says, “Anna Alicia took a round-about route to accessory design, via a degree in Art History at the University of Kent and an MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins, London. Her background in Art History and her practice as an artist play a huge role in inspiring her collections, as do the travels of her childhood, and the buzz of living and working in London. Alongside these influences, Anna Alicia also explores a fascination with historical craft and particularly Japanese craft and design. Ethical and environmental concerns are central to her collections – all A Alicia accessories are made by hand in Anna Alicia’s London studio, using fair trade organic cotton and vintage elements wherever possible. Far from finding it restrictive, Anna Alicia feels that working with limited materials inspires her to make the most of their possibilities.”

Psst: She has a second shop for wedding accessories and she is on Etsy.
(images: Anna Alicia)

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Noa Noa For Spring

I can’t resist showing some of the colors that are part of the palette for Danish fashion brand Noa Noa for Spring 2011. Their shop around the corner from me never ceases to provide a spot for instant inspiration — I just walk in and enjoy being immersed in their dreamy world of cool colors and warm textures.

Noa Noa Spring


Seems they are right on the mark with their colors, at least according the Pantone Spring color forecast for this year. Yum. I’m looking forward to seeing how this translates into the world of interiors in the months to come.

Noa Noa Spring

Noa Noa Spring

You can allow Noa Noa fashion to inspire you to dream up a bedroom color scheme, some new pillows for your sofa, the wrapping paper that you’ll use to gift a friend, the outfit that you will wear to a lunch date with your honey…

(images: noa noa)

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