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Sparrow & Co.

Sparrow & Co. is a big hit on the blogs these days so I figure I’ll throw my opinion out there as well and join the masses in applauding this lovely new homewares collection by Scottish online shop owner Samuel Sparrow. Samuel is inspired by his travels and traditional crafting skills so his collection has an emphasis on, “Unique, handmade products from countries including Morocco, Uzbekistan, Asia, Central America and of course Scotland.” I love what his is doing to merge all of his inspirations in a cohesive, inspiring product line…

His recent trip to Morocco is highlighted in his product shots above, if you didn’t already notice, and I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia as I miss my lovely new friends + students and the teaching trip to Marrakesh last October… That was a very special 10 days that I’ll never forget. Samuel is also inspired by Morocco, the sensory overload seemed to intoxicate him as well and I love how he interprets Moroccan design in way that feels very fresh. It’s a bit rustic but also modern and clean with a dash of country style — rolling hills, stone houses, wide pine floors, antlers, furs, leather poufs… it can all work so nicely with the texture and earthy colors in his collection along with deep indigo, Majorelle blue and teal. Ah, yes.

(images: sparrow & co.)

Posted in shopping on February 04, 2011

Leela Cyd Ross Photography

I know, I know… I just mentioned Leela Cyd Ross in a previous post, but I found this image in her online portfolio and it grabbed me hard and wrestled me to the ground with emotion – I love it and wish I could frame this pretty pic for my kitchen – this is such a gorgeous piece of work. I love photographic storytelling and a diptych photo like this one below really opens your heart and mind to what stories lurk there, doesn’t it? To me it’s the perfect blend of beauty and melancholy. It’s serene and hopeful but also a bit sad.

Leela Cyd Ross is a features writer for Kitchn but also a wonderful photographer with a great online portfolio that you must browse for a moment today… You’ll find images that just may transport you into a space and time with lots of sun, cloudless skies and warm temps like this…

Leela your work is beautiful, thank you for sharing it on decor8 today.

(images: leela cyd ross)

Posted in inspiration on February 04, 2011

Lodekka in Portland

So, this women loses her job and has the genius idea to turn a double decker bus into a vintage shop. Really? Sounds like a lady that I want to know!

Lodekka is a restored British double decker bus (a 1965 Bristol Lodekka, hence the store name) that was transformed into a vintage dress shop and photographed by the talented Leela Cyd Ross who happens to be a great photographer AND a writer for Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn site. Located in northeast Portland, Oregon the owner, Erin Sutherland, has created quite a unique and lovely shopping experience for those looking for their next party dress or some sparkly shoes. This whole concept makes me happy, a great space and a women who is so creative and just goes for it. Yay to Erin Sutherland!

Psst: Like jazz music? Erin is also part of a band – The Stolen Sweets. What a talented lady!

Thank you Leela for writing to me to share this gem of a shop!

(images: Leela Cyd Ross)

Posted in shopping on February 04, 2011

Gretal Home

I talked about online shop Gretal Home last Spring but I have to write about them again because they have some unique new items that deserve the spotlight. Plus, I love pretty stuff and seriously, can this book light below be any sweeter? Nah. Not really.

gretal home

gretal home

Gretal Home is an inspiring online shop that is wonderfully curated. Whenever I visit, I am instantly charmed by their product shots, cohesive collection of goods collected from various sources around the world and their eye for quality products that are also beautiful. Be sure to check them out. My wish list includes the Distortion Candlestick, Joy Table Light, Large Vitriini in Clear Glass and Oak, Large Mocha Helene Vase, Gomitolo Oversized Knitted Clock in White and the Book Table Light. Spot anything you love? I think that distortion candlestick is my favorite though because it’s affordable but also very quirky. Imagine a bunch of them on a big wooden table in a dining room? They definitely make guests feel like they’ve had too much too drink before the cocktails are even poured!

(images: gretal home)

Posted in round-ups on February 03, 2011


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