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Etsy Take Five Tuesday: Fresh Prints for Spring!

It’s time for fresh prints today that I’ve pulled together from Etsy sellers… And by the way, I’m not sure how it is in your part of the world but here it’s a fantastic sunny day and I’m feeling very Spring-like! It will be 70 this weekend, which is somewhat tropical for this time of year here, so I plan to go out and enjoy the warm air and sunshine at some flea markets. As for this week though, I’m not going to see the light of day except through my office windows because I’m working non-stop. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post. But first, it’s Etsy time! Yay! Here are some delicious prints from Etsy sellers this week that I’m liking, what do you think? These are all very springy aren’t they?

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

One Little Bird Studio in Greece wrote to me weeks ago but I’ve been a bit behind on email since I taught a class that wrapped up last night. I’m finally catching up on emails and One Little Bird prints really stood out as lovely!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Kinrisu is a sweet etsy shop belonging to an illustrator who lives and draws from her home in Paris. Her shop means golden squirrel in Japanese.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Violet May mixes vintage characters with fresh dots in bold colorways for a nice mix of subtle and strong.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Polymorphia is a shop owned by artist Crystal Jackson in North Carolina with prints and paintings that pack a lot of flash and color!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Sarah Ahearn is an artist living in Massachusetts and soon-to-be author of an creativity and art journaling how-to book, Painted Pages, that I can’t wait to buy and read because I want to support Sarah – she’s a sweetheart and we’ve known each other for what seems like forever, at least in internet years! I’ve not talked about her art in a while so I thought to include her today in my etsy round-up. Love ya Sarah and good luck with your first book, it’s going to fly off of the shelves!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Etsy Faves on March 29, 2011

Romantic German Home

Would you like to see romantic and sweet corners of a German home today? This inspiring space belongs to blogger Yvonne Bauer (aka Frl.Klein on Flickr) who is married with two daughters living outside of Munich. She likes to combine things that she finds at flea markets with brand new items from some of her favorite stores. She also loves flowers and ethnic touches along with products from Danish brand Tine K Home.

Romantic Living

Yvonne also has antique furniture that was handed down to her husband from his family that she loves very much. She feels that the eclectic mix of everything living together, cozy, in one space makes for the perfect home. She does not consider her look to be of a certain style, though as an American living in Germany I think it’s representative of the country style that is clean, very white with modern lines, a touch of the ornate, lots of texture and an attention to detail that is prevalent in Scandinavian country styles with a touch of German country combined. Here in Germany we have tons of magazines catering to this style of decoration so it’s no wonder that Yvonne is inspired by books, magazines and blogs for visual eye candy. I don’t know if you’ve ever given much thought to which room in your home is your favorite but Yvonne views her most inspiring room as her kitchen because its the hub of activity and, “I love to cook and chill out there,” she says. From the looks of this table setting below, it’s obvious that she puts a great deal of love and care into meal planning and presentation which is so inspiring to me because I only wish I had the time to lay a table like this on a regular basis… It’s something I aspire to though – what about you?

To view more of her photos, please take a moment to visit her blog and Flickr page – both are filled with lovely inspiration for decorating!

(images: yvonne bauer)

Posted in Decorating Tips, Home Tours on March 28, 2011

Chocolate Creative: New Products

I love the new batch of fresh and modern Chocolate Creative products that are available! Shown below are peeks from her collection including some prints from the Decayed Glamour line that I think look just great (and are styled quite well, I must add!).

Chocolate Creative

Margarita Lorenzo is the designer behind this company, she also authors a fantastic blog, and I had the pleasure of meeting her in January in London during a press event for my book and in addition to her great smile I took note of her adorable tote (I want one now!). It was such a pleasure to get to know the lady behind the brand in person and I’m inspired by what she does. Margarita has a love for vintage textiles, antiques and traditional craft so she infuses her line with her inspirations for a fresh, modern interpretation of these things. Her brand focuses on handmade, sustainable products for the home that combine the traditional skills like embroidery and cross stitch that she loves so much with silkscreen printing. The results are just lovely!

Chocolate Creative

Chocolate Creative

Chocolate Creative

Chocolate Creative

Margarita will be taking part in the Dulwich Festival artists open houses soon so please stay in touch with her via her newsletter to learn more. Nice work, Margarita! xo

(images: chocolate creative)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 28, 2011

Industrial Chic In Buenos Aires

Ready to see a lovely industrial chic loft in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Karina Manghi is a photographer (with an etsy shop) and blogger who authors site Le Blog Secret. Her loft has lots of bohemian elements to it as you will soon see. It’s a happy mix. It’s a home with a creative soul.

Karina and her husband decorated the house around the idea of being industrial with a touch of chic that would accommodate their family and not be too fussy since they have kids and entertain their friends and family often. She said the hardest part, because her taste runs the gamut, was to edit as she decorated. I think that this is a issue many face, especially when you are mixing and matching and have a more eclectic sensibility.

Some of her favorite prints look fresh and modern against that gorgeous vintage tile on the floor.

Her son’s bedroom – love the giant batman!

Her lovely daughter in their entryway, a festive welcoming with the fantastic assortment of colorful balloons! Nice idea for a party.

A quiet afternoon with mate tea…

Karina’s bedroom – lovely quilt…

A simple way to display photos on a wall – tape! No frills! Let the images speak.

Her daughter’s bedroom, complete with adorable dog and vintage bed found at a flea market!

A curious assortment of things.

Her amazing closet. Drool. I love the polished concrete floors, they reflect so much light and illuminate the space beautifully, naturally.

Don’t you love seeing her photographs taped onto that old green folding door? Pretty. And the lighting here is gorgeous. It reminds me of an old film…

Karina admits to not liking clutter but she does love to display illustrations from independent artist, beloved objects, her own photographs and those of others, her kids artwork, and travel souvenirs. Since she cannot fall back on a big box store like IKEA (there isn’t one there), she said she has had to find ways to be more creative and had built many affordable things by hiring a carpenter. She also hits flea markets for one of a kind vintage items.

Karina thank you so much for sharing your home with all of us today!

(images: karina manghi)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 25, 2011


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