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Furniture Trends That I’m Loving

I was recently on a business trip in Hamburg doing some consulting for a top magazine here and was able to break away a bit from the boardroom to pop into some favorite shops like Eden Living. I spotted lots of furniture from Italian design firm Gervasoni that I really liked and wanted to highlight so you can see a few of the local trends in my part of the world.

Furniture finds

First, I see rattan, wicker and cane in furniture and lighting again this year — especially since it’s nearly summer and we’re having an amazing spring ever since mid March with warm temps and sunny skies. Most are out shopping for furniture to “spring-up” their home, balcony, patio, garden… and rattan and other nature materials curated from nature, in addition to synthetic “faux” versions that are water-safe, are all the rage. You see them used both indoors and for outdoor furnishing. It’s common to find them in grey-brown finishes, or just gray, or natural, but also black or white — you’ll occasionally see them in bright colors like red, yellow and hot pink, too. I love the chairs shown above that are both white and natural… that’s a look you don’t see very often is it? Oh, and rattan and metal combined is something you can see too.

I’ve also notice seating (sofas in particular) with unusually high backs (seen above, bottom right). Have you spotted any of those in your part of the world?

Furniture finds

Another pretty trend I’ve noticed more and more is relaxed, cozy seating in stone gray, white and black with exposed seams. You can spot this “exposed seam” trend in both modern sofas and seating as well as the more country styles. If you look at the images above, notice the gray and eggplant chairs with the exposed seams — I love this look. When you sew, it’s normal to hide the seams by tucking them in and then sewing on top but for this trend, the edges are sewn on the outside for a rough “exposed seam” and I totally love this look right now, especially when the sofa has clean lines and is kind of squishy or the chair has nice lines like the one shown above.

Furniture finds

Chunky tables, gray-brown and gray wood, exposed seams, rattan, round backs on chairs, rattan lighting painted in high gloss black or white (or gray), these are things that I’m liking at the moment in the world of interiors trends. Of course, that gray headboard with the white edging is gorgeous too – wooden headboards with exposed boards are also a trend – though mostly kept natural and left with a straight edge — but I love how the one above is so fancy – quite a nice look I think, especially if your bedding is kept simple yet layered, with the focus more on texture and materials over pattern. Stripes would look amazing on a bed like that!

What trends in home interiors are you spotting where you live? Do you like any of these things shown above?

(images: gervasoni)

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A Clever Desk For Standing: INSEKT

I recently came across the INSEKT desk by designers Buisjes En Beugels in Rotterdam in a copy of VTWonen magazine and bookmarked it… BUT I then put the magazine down and forgot all about it as I normally do with magazines until today… When Buisjes En Beugels contacted me. I really, really love their desk for so many reasons — but first, let’s get something out of the way…

Love this work table

It’s being marketed as a kid’s desk because it is available in three sizes, two sizes made for sitting and one size made for standing or using a stool and the desks for sitting are more for children…. so when I read that this was a kid’s desk I nearly deleted the email until I looked at their press release and found the image I had seen in VTWonen shown above. That is definitely not a desk for only kiddies, but definitely for someone like me who hates sitting all day online and enjoys standing to sort through paperwork, email and even have lunch or a cup of tea.


Sitting all of the time is such a growing issue for web freaks like most of us because once you hit thirty (or even sooner these days) you start to pay more attention to your posture, overall health and things like slouching and sitting for hours and hours start to take their toll on your health. I love the INSEKT desk because it’s good looking, has great storage beneath it that is open so it’s easy to find things, and it comes in several nice colors and three sizes – one being the taller model that I’m a big fan of.

I have a desk in my office and a very long work table where I stand to sort through things but it’s standard table height so after awhile of bending down to sort things I notice that my back starts to hurt a bit — so a desk like INSEKT is what I need for sure.

What do you think, do you like having the option of standing more often to use your laptop? To craft? To work on miscellaneous administrative tasks?

(images: vtwonen tear sheet with permission via Buisjes En Beugels)


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Meet Me In Amsterdam

If you’d like to meet me, you are invited to this event!

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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Hey everyone, how are you today? I’m doing great, very busy at the moment but I always look forward to times when I can be on decor8 sharing my finds and interacting with you because it’s my escape from the chaos. :) Blogging is such therapy, isn’t it!? Today is Tuesday and as you know, it’s time for me to highlight five Etsy shops that I’m enjoying this week so let’s get started and see what talent awaits us over on Etsy today!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

First up, I’m mad for prize ribbons, badges and paper crafting so the Saratops shop had my attention the second I found Sara’s sweet little crafty heaven. I love her map ribbons and library book card notebooks and that she’s into recycling – she’s quite clever I think!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Arminho in Portugal has the best notebooks – I’d love to have a bunch of them for my office as I refer to travel size notebooks so often and carry them everywhere I go. Do you use notebooks too?

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

The next little shop keeper is Love, Maude and I really like her sweet hand-embroidered felted wool creations, especially her embroidery hoops-as-decor. So pretty and created so expertly – I appreciate her attention to finer details and her limited, sophisticated color palette.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Illustrative watercolors from Gennebra in Portugal is another pretty find that I discovered this morning while browsing Etsy. Her focus on animals and soft pastels is quite sweet. Her animal paw art is my favorite – I’d love to frame them for a kid’s bedroom.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Kirbee Lawler in Sydney is a graphic designer and illustrator who creates nice wooden brooches and art prints that you can frame and display with a feminine look and feel.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my round up, I’ll be back in a moment with a few more inspiring posts for your decorating pleasure… :)

(images: linked to their sources above.)

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