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OUD NOW! Old + New Furniture

You’ll love this… I can almost promise! Okay so I can’t recall how I found this amazing furniture company in the Netherlands but here is something to really feast your eyes that will no doubt spark your creativity and imagination. The company is called OUD NOW! and is just so cool, I love these fun pieces and find them so unique and daring even. I also am inspired by how some European designers are constantly challenging us to push the envelope and move away from being safe and mass-market friendly. Sure, not all European designers are challenging themselves or their clients, but I seem to find way more who are not ashamed or scared to play around with new concepts than ever before.




Dutch designer Theo Herfkens created this mash-up of traditional meets modern furniture using vintage cabinets and new construction. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and numbered, making them special works of art that are also practical for the home. From what I gather from my travels it appears as though the more edge or shock value something has the more people want to know about it and in some cases, own it. I just love this spread in VTWonen magazine above showing a OUD NOW! cabinet in-situ, it’s gorgeous and spirited!

Do you like these cabinets? Would you own them? I’m not sure how or where you can buy them, but Tuttobene Designshop seems to be a good start…

(images: oud now and vtwonen)

Posted in Objects on June 29, 2011

The Charming French

I wasn’t sure what to call this post since I’m writing about two French companies with names that are too long for a proper blog post title. As I thought it over, the word charm just kept popping into mind along with quirky as I think lots of the French design that I see is very charming but also quite quirky, which is a very positive thing as I am quirky myself and tend to like things that are unusual way more than the typical stuff you can find in any store. It seems that French design, as least their more homespun stuff, is so delightfully charming that you often sit in your chair thinking, “How is it that that hasn’t become a global trend yet?” because it’s just so, well, cute and almost in a contagious way.


Since the French seem to be big on torn and shredded fabric, making things by hand and flea market finds, as am I, I thought I’d share two companies with you who have me really charmed today. The first is Desaccord which means disagreement in English and I’m thinking they came up with that name because their products are very untypical and even disagreeing with what is out on the market as they are anything but normal. They partnered up with Les Petits Bohemes, another French business that specialized in vintage furniture, to do some lovely photo shoots together mixing their products (mostly handmade knits and sewn things like animal heads) with Les Petitis Bohemes’ vintage finds that range from antique carriages to old metal beds from France. I’m so glad that I visited the MILK website today and found both of these shops because seeing these products made me feel very energized!



I love the branch wrapped with fabric – I tried this for my shop window in Amsterdam before even seeing this but I couldn’t figure out how to get the branches to Amsterdam so I decided not to do them. When I got home and saw this I was reminded that I have to try it again, perhaps just for a home installation above a window or my guest bed. I would spray paint my branches white though and wrap more fabric around them but the idea is along the same train of thought.


I love the marriage of hand craft with vintage finds along with that element of forward thinking, for instance a knitted cable cozy for a light cord, because then you have old, traditional and innovative design rolled into one product which is an amazing joining of things in my opinion. Aren’t all of these products in this post just delightful? Oh, Oui, oui! If you see anything that you like, please also visit their big cartel shops below and support these small companies because I imagine the people behind them are just sooo creative and wanting to make more and more things so by supporting them, we can continue to see this creativity and to become inspired by it.

Desaccord – online shop
Les Petitis Bohemes – online shop

(images: desaccord + les petits bohemes)

Posted in uncategorized on June 29, 2011

Nordic Design Blog

I had a chance to meet the founder of the Nordic Design blog recently, Catherine Lazure-Guinard, and she was so nice but her blog is also gorgeous since she is a talented curator with great vision. Catherine is a public relations and communications manager by day and a blogger by night who is from Quebec, Canada but now lives in the Netherlands and writes a blog about Scandinavian style. Hey, good for her for being so open-minded to change and new culture! Love it! Here is just a glimpse of some of the things she shares on her blog…

How sweet is this bedroom with those gorgeous painted wooden floors, the wonky lamp on a stool near the bed and that messy bed? This is so typical Scandinavian to me, casual but something to envy.

I like this messy work area that I’m thinking, doubles as an eating space or perhaps a client meeting area. The mismatched chairs in lacquered black are simple, understated beauty along with that vintage table.

Another wonky little lamp, this time with some taxidermy – a duck! I like the openness of this space and how welcoming it feels.

With Catherine’s strength being in corporate branding and public relations, I can see why her blog is so well laid out and designed. Catherine is obviously drawn in to the homespun charm that Scandinavian design embodies — something so many of us love — and that is all about hygge – the Danish word for cozy, acceptance, well-being. I think that’s why when you see a Scandi home, you can smell fresh rolls, flowers, see magazines laid out on the table, a sweater draped over a chair, a casual lived-in elegance that is imperfectly perfect as I always refer to these casual styles as being on decor8.

I hope that you’ll visit Nordic Design and check out Catherine’s finds today – it’s the decor8 blog of the week so enjoy!

(images: femina, lucky boy sunday, Mikkel Adsbøl and stylist Katrine Martensen-Larsen, Fritz Hansen and Bolaget.)

Posted in Bloggers on June 29, 2011

All The Buildings In New York

I’m so in love with the illustrative style of the amazing Aussie James Gulliver Hancock who is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York where he is working in a super cool project called All The Buildings In New York. His goal is to draw all of the buildings in New York, and I’m thrilled he has taken on that challenge as the architecture there is just so diverse and beautiful and I know so many would love to see their buildings drawn by him – how nice to own one of his prints if you happen to live in the building that he so nicely sketched and painted.

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

There’s no question, illustrations are a huge trend at the moment. You see them everywhere now, on books, on magazines, on fabric, product packaging, cd covers, on magazines, inside of them, more than ever before illustrations are on and in everything. It’s a trend I love! What do you think of James’ work? I can’t get enough of what he’s doing personally and I feel so inspired by it and his gorgeous colorways and how he embellishes his images beyond the house to create doodles and such. I wish he’d come to Germany and draw some of the Jugenstil buildings where I live, or can you imagine him drawing the buildings in Amsterdam or Greece or perhaps modern homes in LA? I wonder what he’ll draw after he finishes his New York project?

I’m sooo lovin’ James at the moment though… you too?

(images: james gulliver hancock)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 28, 2011


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