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Junk Shop Love

I was out walking in the forest this morning and decided to circle back to look in the window of a local junk shop — I mean, why can’t a fitness walk turn into a decorating adventure? :) I’m so glad I took my indulgent detour. I not only found a man selling the freshest watermelon ever along with sweet peaches from France, but the shop was open and even better, I found this lovely solid wood lamp. Nice, right?

Junk Shop Find

It weighed a ton to carry it home, but when you spot something like this for cheap you have to grab it. I love the shape and of course, the shade reminds me of something you’d find in the wallpaper collection over at Cole & Son or possibly in the Florence Broadhurst collection. When I saw this lamp I thought of how this could easily be worked into a beach house somewhere in Australia or something. It also reminds me of designer Shannon Fricke, and I wish I knew why, it just does. I love Shannon’s work and dream of meeting her someday and hanging out in her creative cottage where she teaches. Swoon…

I may or may not eventually paint the base and I may or may not pop a new shade on this or cover this one, but for now I’m going to see where I can work this in at home and once I do, I’ll show you where it ended up. Do you have any latest junk shop/flea market “scores” to share with me?

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Objects on June 07, 2011

Good News!

I have some good news to share. We all need good news on a Monday, don’t we?! Okay so first, I was interviewed via podcast last week by Alison from Craftcast and you know, it came out really relaxed and nice and perhaps even a bit inspirational so you may enjoy hearing it. If you click on this link, my interview begins about 1/4 of the way in and runs for about 25 minutes.

Happy Monday

In the interview I talk about how I got my start in this crazy blogging adventure, how I feel about decorating trends, I even give some decorating advice and I reveal WHO is hosting the US book tour for Decorate, besides the lovely folks at Chronicle who are sponsoring it, of course. I hope that you enjoy “hearing” me as you “read” me so often, and that you’ll be around for my book tour, I’ll be posting all of the dates, times, locations, very soon so you can get it on your calendar. But for now, you can save the following dates:

  • Saturday, June 25th, Amsterdam, 5:00-7:00 pm at The American Book Center. Info here. Please come, hug me, hang out, sign my guest book… :)
  • Saturday, August 20th, Boston (Back Bay).
  • Tuesday, August 23rd, Chicago
  • Thursday, August 25th, San Francisco
  • Friday, August 26th, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)
  • Monday, August 29th, Philadelphia
  • Tuesday, August 30th, New York City (SoHo)

I hope that you enjoy the podcast, I’m running out for a few hours so I’ll see you tomorrow!

(image: holly becker for decor8)


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46th At Grace Blog

Hello and happy Monday to all of you in blogland! How is everything? Are you well? I had a very nice weekend, I finished some work around the house and got to watch a few late night films after I finished (the reward for the hard work). I saw this film and this one. I liked them both, though the Meg Ryan one (she looks as gorgeous as ever BTW) was a bit darker than the Sarah Jessica Parker flick but that was oddly my favorite part of the film. Both weren’t the best films, but I still liked them… especially the Meg one. Seems a dark side lurks in all of us. :)

46th At Grace

46th At Grace

46th At Grace

To begin a new week on decor8, I thought I’d share a super inspiring food blog that I came across recently in Canada with foodie Nikole Herriott heading up the 46th At Grace operation and, what I think is just brilliant, is that she runs a small online shop called Herriott Grace where she sells some of her favorite things. I’ve used images from her shop above to highlight what she sells, but please visit her blog for additional gorgeous food photography and recipes. I appreciate her very casual approach to styling, it’s not all fussed to perfection like some food styling can lean but more approachable and her lighting is superb! Nikole is totally rocking my world right now.

Who are some your favorite food bloggers?

What a lovely way to begin our week here together, don’t you agree? With CAKE and sweets and food… Can’t you tell I’m cutting back on sugar!?

(images: nikole herriott)

Posted in Bloggers on June 06, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I’d like to wish all of you an inspiring and enjoyable weekend. I’ll be working on my window display for the American Book Center and I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am ready to pull together a nice window for them and can’t wait until I’ve installed it so I can share it with all of you! Yesterday I spent time in my studio listening to Ellie Goulding while shooting for Mowie Kay’s new magazine, due to launch very soon — I wrote some decorating tips and produced and photographed a few spreads that will hopefully inspire you. Once it’s out, I’ll let you know!

Local gardens

Local gardens

Local gardens

It was fun to produce something in my home studio, I have a new camera, I shoot tethered now and I’m learning more about my camera settings. I also have a fantastic tripod so I feel confident as I begin to explore shooting more things for my blog and for other projects. I’m no Debi Treloar, but I do love the freedom of being able to take decent photos because now I can better express myself through a new medium.

I wish you all a very nice weekend, make sure you notice and enjoy the details…

(images: holly becker)


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