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Spotlight On: Silken Favours

Okay so here is the designer in London that I told you earlier about — I am so completely inspired by British textile designer Victoria “Vicki” Murdoch of Silken Favours right now! Seriously, the lady walks on water. Do you know her? She creates hand-drawn silk scarves inspired by nature and they are available exclusively at Liberty. You have to watch this video, she is positively lovely!

Silken Favours

Silken Favours

Silken Favours

I’d love to buy a ton of them (I wish!), sew them together, and create a gorgeous curtain for my guest bedroom or stitch them on top of a quilt for duvet… Imagine? But I think I may just buy one and frame it for my bedroom…

Her designs could so easily work in the home — throw cushions, shower curtains, I see a big future for this lady! I love the cushion that she made for one of her clients shown above. So sweet!

Here is a great article about her as well in the Daily Mail and this video shows her modeling for L.K. Bennett as part of their real women campaign. Gorgeous!

(images: silken favours)

Posted in fashion + accessories on July 27, 2011

Spotlight On: Noa Noa For Fall 2011

Today’s spotlight is on Noa Noa and later on, I’ll post a fashion accessories designer in London whom I’m just nuts about at the moment. Why fashion on a design blog? Why not? Fashion and interiors go hand in hand, one inspires the other. I encourage you to check out Noa Noa for Fall 2011 and visit their new website and blog.

Noa Noa Fall 2011

Noa Noa Fall 2011

Noa Noa Fall 2011

This Danish brand is a favorite of mine and with their shop around the corner from my house, you know where I go for inspiration. I appreciate their sense of style, gorgeous color palettes, how well the clothing is made and their attention to detail from trims to sequins and beading. It’s divine.

Isn’t the children’s clothing just darling? The layering of patterns makes me think of doing something similar on a daybed or sofa. Also notice the colors and think of ways you could introduce a few of them into your Fall room scheme.


(images: noa noa)

Posted in fashion + accessories on July 27, 2011

Spotlight On: Fiona Wallpaper

I love this website and wallpaper company, Fiona, which doubles as a play zone for people like us who like to experiment with different wallpapers in-situ to see how they could look in our home. This site is so brilliant, I love the locations – you can choose between Danish country or Danish city – and then different rooms in each location which give you a chance to play around a bit more. The Danish country location is the home of Tine Kjeldsen, also found in my book, so some of the rooms may look familiar to you — if so, that’s why. :)

Fiona Wallpaper

Interesting to see the same wall five different ways above, isn’t it? My favorite one ended up being the last one – funny!

Have fun playing and hopefully you’ll find a beautiful wallpaper to use in your home – you can buy directly from Fiona online.

(images: screenshots from fiona wallpaper.)

Posted in Rooms on July 26, 2011

Spotlight On: Catherine Hammerton

Today begins the Spotlight On series, which will run a few times daily until I’m back from vacation. Let’s visit English designer Catherine Hammerton and her fabulous line, including the new “Flight” series, to debut at the Vintage show in London this weekend. This is a fitting name for the season since many of us will be up in the sky flying to our vacation destinations.

Catherine Hammerton

Catherine Hammerton

You may recall seeing Catherine’s lovely apartment in the April 2010 issue of Elle Decoration, you can visit this page to read and enlarge it.

In London? Don’t miss “Vintage”, a special pop up show over at the Southbank Centre from July 29-31, 2011. Catherine will be showing her new Flight collection so for more information click here.


(images: catherine hammerton)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on July 26, 2011


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