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New York City Here I Come!

Whew! My book tour in the U.S. is coming to a close now and the last stop is New York City and I’m super excited about it! Tonight was the Philly event and it was really nice – I was so glad that I made it up after my flight canceled, train canceled and my glass shower door at my hotel fell off its hinges and trapped me in the shower – LOL – my goodness, right!? Total drama. But I made it to my event! Yay! I want to thank Kate from the Anthropologie Visual Display team at the home office for being my special guest – she did such a nice job presenting. I’ve known her for 5 years so it was great to see her again as well. She is the lady behind one of my favorite blogs called This Love Forever so please visit her blog!

Anthropologie Philadelphia

Anthropologie Philadelphiame posing near a big poster they had made in-store for my event. :)

Book Signing Event Only

Thank you all for coming tonight and on Tuesday night I’ll be in New York City for an event at Anthropologie in Soho. It’s going to be really nice to connect with the New York crowd!!!!

Date: Tuesday, August 30th

Time: 7:30 pm

Address: Anthropologie, 375 W Broadway (Soho)



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Next Stop, Philadelphia!

Hello everyone! The LA event was excellent – I had so much fun! I want to thank my two special guests, interior design extraordinaire Betsy Burnham of Betsy Burnham Design and Instant Space along with stylist/photographer Leslie Shrewing for being such great speakers – they did such a great job and to meet Betsy was a total dream come true for me as I’ve followed her for years. A big thanks to all who came out to meet me – it was great and I loved all of the warmth and enthusiasm in the room. An extra big thanks to the ladies who took me out afterwards too —  you know who you are, and it was totally sweet of you.

Book Signing Event Only

Okay, so! I thought I was stranded in Los Angeles since my flight to Philadelphia this morning had been canceled and I couldn’t get another flight over to the east coast or even Chicago until September 1st. This scared me so I kept talking to the airlines (United) and they were THE BEST – I am forever a United Airlines fan after this experience… I explained that I was on a book tour, I just had taken multiple flights with them, and to pretty please help me get to the east coast. After at least an hour on the phone, the manager told me he could get me to Washington, D.C. because there was one open seat and that they wouldn’t charge me a dime extra. Thrilled, I took the flight, and was seated in Economy Plus which was such a huge seat and extra comfy… and I  found a hotel in D.C., bought an Amtrak ticket and here I am! I’m on the east coast and I’m READY to finish my book tour on schedule. YAY!

Tomorrow I’ll be on a train to Philadelphia in the afternoon and though I’m cutting it close, I’ll be ready for all those coming to the event in Philly! I have a special guest who I know you’ll love and lots of people are coming from Anthropologie headquarters so I’m very excited to meet everyone and be a part of such a fun event. After Philadelphia I’ll be taking the train to NYC to wrap up my book tour, flying home on August 31st. I can’t believe it’s almost over — I’ve had SO MUCH FUN.

See you in Philadelphia – the details are shown above, I can’t wait to meet you guys!

(image: anthropologie)

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Thank you, LA!

Last night was my book signing and mood board demo at Anthropologie at The Grove and it went so, so well. I had a really good time and loved meeting everyone so thank you for coming out despite how amazing the weather was and that it was scheduled at a rough time given LA rush hour. For those of you who couldn’t make it, the event was just great and I met lots and lots of wonderful people. I want to especially thank Betsy Burnham for speaking (she is so amazing) and sharing her mood boards and process as well as Leslie Shewring for talking about how she maintains her creative side despite being a busy mother. It was really fun to speak alongside of these very talented and creative ladies.


NOTE: My flight to Philadelphia was canceled due to the hurricane so I’m not 100% sure that I’ll make it to Philadelphia in time for the Monday night signing, but we’ll see if the weather cooperates and I’ll definitely keep everyone posted here on decor8 so you know for sure whether or not my Philly stop is still on schedule for Monday evening. Until then, I’m going to go out and enjoy warm + sunny LA today and I wish all of my dear friends on the east coast a nice weekend, I know it’s pretty stressful over there currently with the hurricane and I hope you stay safe and sound.

(image: Lindsey Sherrod)

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Meet Me Tonight in LA!

The San Francisco event last night was amazing! A big hug to Lorraine and Peter first of all, from Chronicle, for being so awesome and helpful (love you guys!) and next a big thanks to Anthropologie who put on quite a gorgeous event for Decorate! I’m off to the airport now to catch a flight to LA so tonight you can meet me at The Grove from 6:30-7:30 so stop by and say hello, get a copy of Decorate (they are sold out online and in most stores), and I’ll sign your book and you can meet and mingle with my special guests and others who are coming by to join me. I am really looking forward to this evening so I’ll see you all in LA!

Book Signing Event Only

THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO for such a mega welcome to your city – I felt so honored to meet all of you.

(image: anthropologie)

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