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Thank You DIY Dish

Here I am dishing about decorating with the DIY Dish.

Posted in uncategorized on October 31, 2011

Fraulein Klein

I’m amazed at the blogs out there, especially in the decorating category – my goodness! There are countless numbers of them and more popping up all of the time. I love it – this endless inspiration coming at us from all corners of the globe is such a gift. Have you ever walked through a favorite neighborhood at night hoping to sneak a peek into some of the homes to see how they’re decorated? I’ve been a sidewalk peeker since I was a kid, forever fascinated by how people arranged their interiors… And now here we all are — viewing blogs where we can peek but also linger and make friends with all of those in our virtual neighborhood who love to decorate and share their homes through their blogs and I just love it! I can’t get enough!

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

In fact, I ran out for a quick coffee about an hour ago and since it’s dark now where I live, I glanced into a few homes on the way back home and thought about how lucky we are to have our global communities online where we can share decorating ideas and inspiration all at the click of a mouse. Again, what a gift!

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

Speaking of gifts… I came across some lovely new blogs today but one really stood out from the pack since the blogger, Yvonne Bauer of Fraulein Klein, takes her own photos and does such an amazing job curating her life from what she wears to how she cooks and I find it quite beautiful to look in on. This lady is amazing.

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

From creating and sharing her own recipes (here) to sharing wonderful DIY projects (here), decorator, mother and all around talented blogger Yvonne Bauer inspires me so much. I was delighted to know that she lives in Lübeck, Germany because I’m hoping that I’ll get to meet her someday since I live in the northern part of the country too. I have a feeling that we’d have a lot to talk about!

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

Gorgeous Blog That I Love

I hope that you are as inspired by Yvonne and her work as I am. How can you not be. Make sure you look at her blog and go ahead, you have my permission to linger over there as long as your heart allows you before you pass out from the gorgeousness. What a beautiful way to begin your Monday… right? Aren’t we lucky that we get to peek in on all of these wonderful bloggers?

By the way, Yvonne is my blog of the week – you’ll see her highlighted above in my blog banner until next Monday.

(images: Yvonne Bauer)


Posted in Bloggers on October 31, 2011

Berlin Blogger’s Meetup + Book Party!

I’m so excited to invite you all to a PARTY at the Soho House in BERLIN on Saturday, November 12, 2011 – in just TWO WEEKS! Here are all of the details below…

You're Invited!

With Brigitte magazine as the official sponsor along with Callwey, Etsy, Dialogue Books and of course, yours truly… This will be a lovely day!

Who is speaking?

ME! I’ll share my story from the very beginning – way before blogging, then I’ll talk about how blogging changed my life, how my book came about, the inspiration behind it and then I’ll give tips on how budding authors can communicate their vision to their publisher in a professional manner and how to be taken seriously when you do! I’ll also discuss some ideas for promoting yourself – whether it’s a book, blog, your shop, etc.!

Stefanie Luxat, Brigitte managing editor, will discuss how Germany’s top lifestyle magazine, Brigitte, has embraced the world of blogging and what they are doing to promote them. She’ll also talk about how you can get YOUR work into the big print magazines from how to approach editors to what they are looking for, along with lots of great tips and tricks.

Caroline Ditting from my German publisher, Callwey Verlag, will talk about book writing and publishing, how to get your book idea in front of a publisher, what works, what doesn’t and more!

Matthew Stinchcomb, the European Director of (they have over 9 million members worldwide) who is originally from Brooklyn (his former roommate founded the company) but now Matthew lives and works in Berlin with his wife and baby boy. He’ll talk about everything from building your brand online to how to sell your products through sites like Etsy, how to become part of an online community and why community matters, and more. Matthew feels strongly about connecting humans first and commerce second. I am a huge fan of this way of thinking and can’t wait to hear him speak — he is so passionate on topics relating to independent design and small business.

If you are attending this event, PLEASE help us make it a success by doing two things, the first is the most important:

1. RSVP by November 7th so you are guaranteed a seat, a goody bag and your food & drinks. You can RSVP by sending an email to [email protected]

2. Email me with any questions ([email protected]) that you have for the speakers above so I can make sure we address your questions during the event. We want to make sure the audience gets the most out of being part of this meetup!

and… if you want to spread the word about the event on your blogs, we’d like that very much! You can post the graphic above and link back to this post, that would be great. You can also use the little graphics below on your blogs if you are attending this event. Again, please link it to this post so people know what the little graphic means! :)

Drag and drop any of these below and link to:

See you in Berlin on November 12th everyone! :)

(graphics created by tara hogan from ink + wit)


Posted in uncategorized on October 29, 2011

Inspired by Calm, Casual Interiors

EST Magazine makes me happy. Mainly because I’ve been into black and white interiors lately, not that I’d ever try a 100% b/w monochromatic scheme at home, but because I absolutely love the idea of bringing more black into my home to warm it up for winter. Especially soot black, that gorgeously yummy matte — it’s a favorite of mine at the moment and I’m trying to think of what I can paint to include it in my living room scheme. I already brought in a big recycled rubber tote for my living room for storing magazines and a matte black Eames rocker… So I’m thinking what else can I add. Which brings me to EST magazine – it’s packed with ideas for those of you who want a calm, casual interior. Sand, charcoal, dove gray, navy blue… all paired with cream or pure white. Heaven.

EST Magazine

EST just announced their 3rd issue that just rolled out on monitors worldwide and of course, I’m smitten… Look at that table above – could it be much better than that?! I use PTMD paints out of the Netherlands because they are mostly chalky neutral colors and recently I painted a wooden bookcase a medium gray matte and I love it. I mean, I really, really love it. There is something so tactile and real about chalky surfaces on furniture and walls. I’m not sure how well it will hold up over time (I may need to add a clear top coat) but for now, I dig it completely.

EST Magazine

From LA to the Hampton’s, from the inner city of Melbourne, Australia to Scandinavia — you can find lots to make you drool this month in EST. But I want to focus on the black I’m seeing in so many of their spreads… Gorgeous!

EST Magazine

Did you notice the huge white paper lantern above? It may be one of those cheap ones from IKEA… and if so, what a great idea to add painted on details – spots, stripes, anything goes. Love the black organic spots! By the way, that table above is the exact gray I was telling you about – that is the color of my bookcase.

EST Magazine

EST Magazine

EST Magazine

I’m really into feathers and anything in black white and or/brown that looks very modern but also Native American. A headdress, antlers, reindeer furs, feathers, a dream catcher in white… but all very muted and organic looking. I first noticed one of my favorite Danish stylists using them in her home about 5 years ago and started to like it then but most recently, I’m finding Native American influences in design very fresh and beautiful. It seems that Europe gets more in touch with this trend than we do in America and I’m not sure why. I think we may associate it with the typical Southwestern style in the rust tones with blue and yellow… but in Europe, particularly the Netherlands and Scandinavia, they interpret Native American style into something quite amazing — they make it very neutral and tactile and pay special attention to the details. I find it completely inspiring.

EST Magazine

EST Magazine

EST Magazine

If you recall, I first told you about EST when they launched, and I loved what I saw, but most like digital magazines you wonder if they’ll have what it takes to stick around or if they’ll just become another e-mag that looks and feels like everything else on digital newsstands. EST is different and they are really proving it – their consistent, gorgeous editing and fresh, clean take on design is both inspiring and motivating. I can’t wait to see how far they go and how popular they become – they have the potential to be a huge success and hopefully, if you like what you see, you’ll become a regular EST reader and support them. Enjoy!

(images: est magazine)

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