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New Work By Samantha Hahn

Who can get enough of fashion illustration, am I right? That is why when Brooklyn-based illustrator Samantha Hahn wrote in to share her latest work I couldn’t resist showing them to you. Colorful, cheerful, energetic, whimsical… and just in time because this is when we need color the most to boost our spirits — the dead of winter! Looking at her images reminds me that Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait!

Samantha Hahn

Alice Revists Wonderland

Samantha Hahn

That Girl
Samantha HahnWaiting For The Parade

Samantha HahnSitting Pretty

If you like what you see above, Samantha is part of a fashion illustration gallery show at Gallery Hanahou in New York City that opens January 20th and these four pieces above are part of that show. The great part is, that if you like one of them you can buy it before the show opens — you have first dibs! Each illustration is 16 x 20″ and comes framed and matted in white gallery frames and are $500 USD each. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Koko: koko AT to help with the process.

The name of each print appears above and I’m sure that you’ll agree that they are very special pieces. What a lovely job Samantha and good luck with the show!

(images: samantha hahn)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on January 17, 2011

Interior Styling Favorites

Good morning friends and happy new week to you! Guess what? My UK publisher will host a press conference for me in London in just two weeks, I just saw the official invitation this morning and am quite excited and very nervous — shaky knees for sure! :) I heard that some journalists and bloggers will be there to talk about Decorate and to view the book in person, which releases in the UK during the same week as my birthday in March. Oh my goodness you guys, what will I wear!?

Ohhhh Mhhh….

I’m very excited to see the book in two weeks myself — I keep wondering what it will feel like to hold it in my hands and flip the pages… I’ve been reading decorating books since I was a child so it’s still a very surreal feeling for me to have my own book and I am feeling very emotional about it. Lots of my friends tell me to “work it” and “have fun” and all I want to do is praise all of you for making this happy because I’m smart enough to know that it is through your support that I got a book deal in the first place. It’s such an honor for me to create a book for you, and when I have a copy I will make sure to give you a preview in a few weeks. Speaking of decorating…

I thought that it would be fun to share a few photos from my Interior Styling group on Flickr each Monday, a few highlights along with some links to Flickr members that you may or may not follow yet. The reason I selected Monday for this is because at the dawn of a new week lots of us need inspiration and ideas to carry us through the work week.

The Interior Styling group on Flickr has some lovely images submitted by members of the group and so there are always lots of photos to enjoy of real homes decorated by people all over the world who just love to decorate and possess a real knack for it. I curate the group to ensure a cohesive look and feel and to make sure that no odd submissions leak through (I sort through plenty of questionable content that’s for sure) so you can be sure that the images will be inspiring and diverse to fit many tastes. Members of this group also know that if they submit their photo to the group that I just may use it on decor8 because good work needs to be shared!

Interior Styling Group Inspiration

Pops of red and yellow with white and gray… Top left: Lillian Day knows that a little bit goes a long way. |  Top right: i l’aria brightens up her white bedding with a vibrant patchwork quilt and colorful crochet pillow cover giving this room a handmade feel. |  Bottom left: Nest decorating adds a bold floor rug to her kitchen making it a strong focal point in her Vermont farmhouse.  |  Bottom right: maedchen style lifts a mostly neutral palette with shots of country red in checks, dots and stripes.

Gorgeous workspace that looks soooo inspiring by ishtar olivera in Spain.

Super organized and a beautiful, nature-inspired theme by Dora iz Londona.

Interior Styling Group Inspiration

Top left: ninaaribena1 mixes several bold black and white patterns (a risk) but placement and scale is key and she gets it right. |  Top righti l’aria makes a crochet lampshade to give her otherwise pastel decor some energy which is always nice in winter months.  |  Bottom left: ish & chi is never afraid to take a risk. She is a very courageous women in more ways than one. Vivian, you go girl! |  Bottom right: Ninaribena1 painted her front door with black and white stripes for a bold, graphic statement. You can really have fun in small rooms like this so why not mix and match?

Elsa’s shelf of vintage and vintage-inspired notions makes me smile and feel creative just by looking at it. Isn’t this how it is sometimes? Even when we do nothing with our little crafty bits, it still makes us feel more creative just by collecting them and having a few around to jump start our creativity now and then… Plus lots of crafty things look extremely sweet when used as decoration in the home, don’t they?

This living space by lakbdesign is so inviting in blue tones and tactile elements (wood sculpture above fireplace, coffee table and natural sisal rug) but surprise, there is a gorgeous lime green table in the corner to introduce playfulness to this otherwise sophisticate decor. This look is very relaxing and inviting. The curved armless sofa is divine.

Look for “Interior Styling Favorites” each and every Monday on decor8 going forward where I’ll pick my weekly faves from the group and share right here. Enjoy!

(images: linked to their sources beneath each image above.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on January 17, 2011

Lighting Round-Up

Before I share my favorite lighting with you, I must confess upfront that I realize most of these lights are white. I’m not sure whether I should apologize for this in advance but the truth is, I really like white pendants and pretty chandeliers with crystals (as long as they are vintage and not overly ornate), and I love clean and modern lighting that isn’t fussy or distracting from the overall decor too much. I’ve been trying to cross over to the dark side (ha ha) and grow to love bold, colorful lighting but I just can’t seem to do it. I usually go back to white, though black also works. I’m not exactly sure why I love white lights so much but you know, I just do and that is really my fancy explanation. I’m not sure if white lighting catches your eye but perhaps after this post I’ll make a white light lover out of you, too! Here’s my collection of lights…

Fave Lighting Round Up

The Patrick Townsend Orbit chandelier is my #1 favorite light in the world (top right and bottom left) I am dying to own this lamp (ever since it was released, I am sure Patrick recalls my emails!) but it’s not being made for the EU yet. Oh Patrick, please consider it! Also shown: Bertjan Pot Not Random light (lower right), Luncheonette pendant lamp from Anthropologie (upper left).

Fave Lighting Round Up

Here is dream light #2, this one is the 6-globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman (top). Umbu lighting on Etsy is rad and affordable.

Fave Lighting Round Up

Ahhhh, the Paper Chandelier by Moooi (my ultimate dream light for my entryway). Another nice pendant is the Moooi Random light.

Fave Lighting Round Up

Cargo Pendant (top left), a cluster light by Impressionen (bottom) and Lolita by Moooi (top right).

Fave Lighting Round Up

Modernica Bubble lights in any shape or size, though my favorite is the Cigar CC.

Fave Lighting Round Up

Tine K Lamp (top left) Solano by Zia Priven (top right), hand wrought chandelier from ABC Home (bottom right) and the Foscarini Cage pendant light for Diesel (bottom right, though the photo depresses me a bit).

Fave Lighting Round Up

Rie Elise Larsen pendants with fabric cords (a big trend here at the moment is fabric cords in multiple covers) and patterned accordion shades. Her white table lamp too (not shown, which I have).

Fave Lighting Round Up

Le Klint pendant 101 (top left), Teapot lights from Anthropologie (top right + bottom left) and the Relief Drip light from Jonathan Adler. While we’re at it, any light by Jonathan Adler makes me happy. I have the Giraffe lamp (not shown above) but need to get him rewired since he doesn’t work over here. I also need a new shade because mine was crushed when shipped over by my moving company. :( Eventually the giraffe will be up and running again, though! I miss him… Speaking of animal lights…

Fave Lighting Round Up

Miffy and a Rabbit Light — I have it on the floor in my office and yes I’m aware I don’t have children. It’s fun to have a bun bun!


Cornet Pendant Lamp by Tse & Tse (bottom right), Bulb by Sofie Refer (top right). MHY by Muuto (top right) and the Acquamiki Suspension lamp by Michele De Lucchi (bottom left).

I have many others that I love but this is a great snapshot of some of my favorites. Plus,  in addition to all of these new lights I also LOVE  lighting from the mid century and also chandeliers from 1920’s France. I have a two chandeliers in my home, both are French from the 20’s and I love them. I currently have a vintage floor lamp in mint green from the 50s and a 50s table lamp as well. I also like the massive paper globes that you get for a few dollars at IKEA, I see them in some of the smartest rooms and they always look great. The best look is to have several on the ceiling in a three season porch, it looks lovely! I also love twinkle lights (also called fairy lights) in big, clear vases displayed around the house, but only one or two, not in every room. I like natural wood lighting too — the Muuto Wood lamp sits proudly on my desk. My lighting taste is a bit eclectic and I love circles so I tend to love globes. I also like square or rectangular shapes as long as they have somewhat of a rounded detail on top. I like quirky lighting — especially cups and teapots but also bird cages. I love ANIMALS as lights. Giraffes, elephants, rabbits, dogs, foo dogs, owls…

What about you? What do YOU like when it comes to lighting?

(images: linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Objects on January 14, 2011

Color Inspiration From Sweden

I think we could all use a little color inspiration today! I’m already seeing it in stores here, but mostly in pastel tones for Easter. I’m thinking we turn up the volume this year and make the pastel-filled Easter a bit more graphic and strong. Perhaps mix your pastels with some stronger shades of the same hue (pale yellow with mustard, for instance, adding in some black for strength). These colorful rooms from Swedish magazine Skona Hem may spark some ideas for you.

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Do any of these looks excite you? Spot any corners that you’d like to try at home this Spring?

(images: skona hem)

Posted in Color Inspiration on January 14, 2011


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